Heaviside Component

Also known as Heaviside energy flow component, "giant curled EM energy flow", etc. See Heaviside Component detailed in Bearden on Tesla and EM Source Charge.

"And if you really wish to get at this matter of energy flow really well, then read the original papers of Heaviside and Poynting?, who independently and simultaneously in the 1880s discovered the propagation of EM energy in space, after James Clerk Maxwell was already dead. Before that, the concept did not even appear in physics. The primary energy flow connected with a circuit actually flows outside the conductors, in the external space. A tiny bit of it (the Poynting component) is diverged into the circuit conductors to power the electrons. The huge remainder (the Heaviside nondiverged energy flow component, which is in circulation form) is not diverged into the circuit at all, but is just wasted and ignored. Lorentz in the 1890s stated that, well, it has no physical significance (because it does not do anything), so he originated a clever little integration trick to get rid of all accountability of it. The abandoned and unaccounted Heaviside component may have a magnitude up to a trillion times or more, of the magnitude of the Poynting component?." Bearden

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