As governed by Law of Force

"Gravity is the mutual attraction of atomoles." John Keely

"Gravity is polar propulsion the sympathetic concordant of the ninths and but one of the triune combinations. Magnetism is polar attraction, while gravity is polar propulsion. By proper vibrations, the action of both magnetism and gravity can be intensified or accelerated." [MAGNETIC ENGINE - Snell]

"Gravity is an eternal existing condition in Etheric space, from which all visible forms are condensed. It is inherent in all forms of matter, visible and invisible. It is not subject to time or space. It is an established connective link between all forms of matter from their aggregation. Time is annihilated by it, as it has already traversed space when the neutral centers of the molecules were established. It is nothing more than an attractive, Sympathetic Stream, flowing towards the neutral center of the earth, emanating from molecular centers of neutrality, concordant with the earth's centers of neutrality and seeking its medium of affinity with a power corresponding to the character of the molecular mass." John Keely circa 1886 [see law of etheric compensation and restoration]

"The sympathetic outreach of negative attraction is the power that holds the planetary masses in their orbital ranges of oscillatory action." Keely, The Snell Manuscript (external link) [see Sympathetic Negative Attraction, Quantum Entanglement]



"Gravity is not subject to time or space. It pervades the Universe? without reference to time or space, instantaneously and without intermission. It is, however, a sympathetic flow, proceeding from the molecular or mass neutral centers to the earth's neutral center with a power corresponding to the character of each individual molecular mass." He [Keely] believed gravity dependent on the medium of the polar stream, for he says "If the sympathetic negative polar stream were cut off from the earth the molecular neutral centers would float away into space like a swarm of bees."

"Under my system the gravital flow comes under the order of the "sympathetic concordant of the ninths" and is that third of the triune combination called the "polar propulsive." Gravity is polar propulsion while magnetism is polar attraction. Both magnetism and gravity can be accelerated by proper vibrations."

He believed gravity to be the result of a law which provides for a reversion of attraction in repulsion, and which acts by transmission of force under immense etheric vibration through the "interetheric subdivision." He also showed that gravitation acts "as a lever." MacVicar states "Every individualized object assimilates itself to itself in successive moments of its existence and all objects tend to assimilate one another." Keely says "Gravity is an ever existing eternal force, coexistent with the compound etheric? or high luminous (seventh subdivision) since it entered into, and is an inherent property of, all forms of aggregated matter from their birth. It is the source from which all matter originated and each substance-unit or neutral center is a concordant link, attractive and dispersive, to all other neutral centers. Each neutral center is the nucleus of what we recognize as substance and is potentially the nucleus of a planet." [GRAVITY - Snell]

"The force of gravity may be considered to have elements in octave of density, and these in relativity to same force of the object being acted upon. See, as to how the octave of forces - Now let this apply not only to what is commonly considered as octave (meaning vibration thrown off as sound), but as an octave or a vibration as would be set in motion by this very activity of the gravitation in its activity - as pushes up as well as pushes down. Not until you have overcome gravitation. Now you are beginning to understand the law of gravitation. So as the raising power, there must be the opposite power, understand these, then we begin to see how the vibratory forces is the active principle all radiates from. What is gravitation? The centralization of vibratory force, ready to be changed in power by non-activity, see?" Cayce (195-54)

"Gravity is nothing more than an attractive, Sympathetic Stream, flowing towards the neutral center of the earth, emanating from molecular centers of neutrality; concordant with the earth's center of neutrality, and seeking its medium of affinity with a power corresponding to the character of the molecular mass. Gravity, he (Keely) defines as transmittive? interetheric force under immense etheric vibration. He continues: - The action of the mind itself is a vibratory etheric evolution, controlling the physical, its negative power being depreciatory in its effects, and its positive influence elevating." Chapter 5 of Keely and His Discoveries

"Gravitation is the generative force of increasing potential and the regenerative force of decreasing potential.

"Gravitation is the power within the electric force of action to attract the electric force of action.

"Gravitation is the contractive power within Electricity to divert the universal constant of energy into centripetal vortices of closing spirals of increasing speed, thereby attracting similar states of motion into an accumulation of mass, the pressure of which increases toward its center.

"Gravitation is an expression of the power of Electricity to accumulate by induction and, by so doing, to force magnetism to increase its resistance to that accumulation.

"Gravitation is the (electric) inductive force." Russell, The Universal One (external link)

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