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God Particle

In my researches I've also pursued identity of the so-called "God particle". "Particles" are effects so how can a particle be "Causative" as in "god particle"; God being Creative? My findings indicate there is no such particle however there is the Neutral Center or point of coincidence of other forces. According to Keely the Neutral Center is the unseen and unseeable point about which all particles and things are established and maintained with life and being. In other words, the Neutral Center is the presence of what some call God as Creative Force in everything (particle) that exists, giving them life and sustaining them. To me this makes sense and is supported by SVP. See Compound Interetheric

There is but One Substance from which all other "things" or matter are derived. This One Substance is Mind a Compound Interetheric or scalar element. The omnipresence of this Creative Force is propagated via Sympathy from center to center. See Mind The One Universal Substance

A hypothetical "god particle" can only exist within the unsupported atheistic materialism belief system which deals in effects and not causes. This is a belief system that holds energy originates from matter - but we all now know energy precedes or creates matter which, over time, returns to energy:

"Matter is bound up energy and energy is liberated matter." Keely, 1893

See Rhythmic Balanced Interchange, Matter

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