Keely's Original Etheric Vapor Generator

Keely's Original Etheric Vapor Generator

The device pictured above is one of Keely's original unsophisticated etheric generators. Today we might call this a plasma generator. His generator was not the same as his Liberator apparently a different device. They are not the same because we find both terms used in one sentence:

"After a succession of interesting but laborious experiments, he produced in March 1885, what he termed a liberator, which could be operated in conjunction with the generator, and was a vast stride in advance of anything accomplished hitherto." Keelys Change of Base

"With his Generator, which was invented for the purpose of multiplication of vibrations, he secured higher frequencies by disturbance of equilibrium of mediums of different specific gravities, air as one, water as the other." [VIBRATORY MULTIPLICATION]

Generator = Dynamo

Electric Generator

"In electric lighting, the velocity of the dynamos accumulates only the harmonic current - by atomic and interatomic conflict - transferring one-two hundred thousandth (1/200,000) of the light that the dominant current would give, if it were possible to construct a device whereby it could be concentrated and dispersed." The Snell Manuscript (external link)

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