Gann VI Lecture Notes

Notes On W. D. Gann's Hidden Material
Gann VI Lecture Notes
by Julius J. Nirenstein?

1987 These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams & Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: Financial Astrology - Numerical Astrophysics; Concept of Mass; Einstein: E=Mc2; Mass = Energy; Centripetal & Centrifugal Forces; Galactic Centre Is Not Where Everyone Thinks It Is; "Apocalypse of the Golden Mean"; Mounds of the World As Time Markers; Pyramids & Churches & their Alignment With Galactic Center; Bayer's Equinox Points Different Than What You Think; Mitchel "Stellar Worlds"; March '84 Soybeans; Hambidge's "Dynamic Symmetry"; Complementary Rectangles; Analyzing Areas Using Reciprocal; Everything Mathematical Points Of Force; Relation of Length & Area; Time Is Measuring Stick; Yin & Yang; Gann's Lost Motion; When Price Doesn't Apply to the Square of Nine; Geometric Transformations of the Square of Nine; Manly Hall; Min. - Max. Area Under Curve; 3 Points on a Curve; Inner & Outer Circle; Cardinal & Equinox Points; Davidson's Great Pyramid; Solar Declination & Gann Angles; Gann's Top & Bottoming Formations; Lower & Higher Orders Always Existing Ad Infinitum; First & Second Order Recurring Phenomena; Distances of Repetition; Double Beats; Higher Revolutions; The More History The Better; Gann Lacked History So Went To Astrology; Comparing Like to Like; Addition Series; Time Only; History Repeats Itself; Comparing Vector Changes; Gann's Instructions for Comparison; Tandy Example; Computing Average Rate of Change In Cotton Market; 10, 7 & 2 Year Cycles; Astrological Readings; "Law of Cycles" & "Law of Periodicity"; "Law of Proportion"; Time Intervals; 7 Major Planets; Components of 60 Year Cycle; 120 Year Cycle; Unusual Aspects of Sepharial; Sepharial & Bayer's Major Insight; Tangents to 3 Bodies; Planetary Trigger Mechanisms; Jupiter Effect; Four Planet Model; Alcyone 29 Degrees Taurus; Order of Suns In The Creation of Ellipses; Johndro's Carrier Waves; Planetary Absorption & Reflection of Energy; Nelson's Planetary Effects On Weather; Sun as Transmitter; Jupiter The Great Reflector; Bayer's Planetary Distinctions; Geometric Planetary Configurations; Faster & Slower Planets; Gann & Tubbs: beds of Accumulation & Distribution; Silver; Polarity; Gann's Master Circle Chart for Eggs; Directing the Poles; Midpoints; Electromagnetic Flares Related to Planetary Synodic Periods; Fixed Zodiac; Interior Angle of Pentagon; Gann's Circles on His Spiral Charts; Relations of Ellipses & Circles; Inner & Outer Circles & Squares; Transformations of Area to Volume; Squaring the Circle & Doubling the Cube; 3/Root 2, Phi, Pi, i, All Extremely Important; Socrates; Root 2 Growth; Slicing a Conic; Point of Observer; John Wilson's Series Summed - A Locus of Points Describing a Certain Phenomena; Use of Bayer's Ellipse; Axis of Bayer's Polish Ellipse; Gann's Egg Chart; Zero Point & Triangulation; Accell - Decell Model; Whip Effect & Inertia; Rectifying the Horoscope; Use of Heliocentric & Geocentric Astrology; Jupiter, Saturn & Soybeans; Uranus' Opposite Rotary Motion & the Unexpected in the Markets; Nuclear magnetic Resonance - Electron Spin Theory; Effects of Uranus Couplings; Tectonic Plate Shifts; Sunspot Cycles, Jupiter Effect & Neptune; Synodic Pairs; Time & Configuration; Energy Shells; Damping Effects; Time Series Progression.

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