Gann II Lecture Notes

Notes On W. D. Gann's Hidden Material
Gann II Lecture Notes
by Julius J. Nirenstein?

1986 These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams & Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: Cleopatra's Needle; Universal Number Set; Gann's Reference to the Book of Revelations; Perfect Numbers; Zero As Place Holder; Natural Opposite Numbers; Musical Scales; "13 Lucky/Unlucky Number"; Numerology; Ratio & Proportion; Lumber, Platinum & Copper; Time Compression; Spectral Density; Polar Coordinates; Square of Nine; Pitch; Slope; Forces; Liquids - Pressure, Volume; Torque - Work , Potential Energy; Theoretical Wave Mechanics; Components of Vibrational Energy; Cycle Phasing; Cycle Low vs. Momentum Low; Translation; Star Pentagram; Patterns of Growth; Volume = 3rd Dimension = Cuboid; Pressure Gradients; Tonal Ratios; Velocity; Wyler's Market Physics; Volume = Mass; " Mass Pressure Kinetics"; Vector Analysis; Energy; Wheat Charts; Nodal Lines; Irregular Beats; The Saucer Bottom; Energy Levels; Ionization Potential; Tetrahedron & Pyramid; Overlap of Chemistry & Music; Consolidation; Electron Stability; Dow Nodal Points; Parabolic Growth; Parabolic Equations; Lost Motion; Slope; Vectors; Retracements; Trigonometric Functions; Numbers Are Symbols; "The Longer the Stronger"; Gann's Square of 52 Really a Pentagon; Geometric Addition & Symbolism; 5 & 7 Year Cycles; 2-D vs. 3-D; Order The Key To Gann; Macrocosm - Microcosm; Geometrical Series Progression Thru Polygons; Phi; Concentric Circles & Logarithmic Spirals; Trigonometric Series; Curvature of Light; Quadrature Of Circle; 2-Fold Symmetry; Conic Sections; Gann's Coffee Rio Chart; Time Is Curvilinear; Square of Range; 2 Vesica Piscis; Wavelength; Dominant Cycles; Wave Phasing; Elongation & Compression of Waves; Cycles; Difference Between Price Reactions & Rallies; Axis of Symmetry; Hexagonal Growth; Kinds of Series: Summational, Square, Hexagonal, Co-Serial, Trigonometric, Parabolic; Gann Angles; Gann Angles As Asymptotes Of Parabolas & Hyperbolas; Gann's Horizontal, Vertical & Diagonal Angles & What They Measure; Spiral Vectors; Quanta Shells; Music & Chemical Valence Levels; Harmonic Composition & Decomposition; Price Element & Time Cycle; Star Pentagram; Benzene Configurations; "Everything Builds On Itself"; Polygonal Order; Diamonds; Stability; Garret & Wyler; Trajectories; Pressure; Polarity; Periodicity; Charts; Pitch & Slope; Measurements for Analysis; Gann Combines Different Series In His Work; Cycles Are Progressional Series; Everything In Nature Combines In Certain Ratios To Form Progressional Series Which Repeat In Periodicities Forming Certain Patterns; What Looks Like Noise Has Periodicity; March Wheat; Forces of Nature; Defining Tops & Bottoms; Soybeans; Measuring Snap-Backs; Rotocenters; Diamond Cutting; '79 Hogs.

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