Gann IV Lecture Notes

Notes On W. D. Gann's Hidden Material
Gann IV Lecture Notes
by Julius J. Nirenstein?

1987 These Notes Present A Detailed Record of Baumring's Teachings, Theories, Diagrams & Market Applications as Presented In The Seminars. Contents: Chart Applications of Principles; Swing Analysis; Gann Time Counts; Reactions; Tradable Time Periods; Median Lines; Composite Top; Causes of Reactions; T-Bonds; Trading vs. Calendar Days; Directional Movement; Where to Count Form; Vector Variations; Intervals; Symmetry on Z Plane; Andrews' ML Line; Vector Analysis; Electron Shells; Distortion In Commodities; Must Use All Charts At All Times; Gann's 1955 Work; Momentum Gaps; Proportional Measure; Bond Charts; Defining Interval Lengths; Roto-Centers; Measured Move; Acceleration Model; Maximum Linear & Parabolic Movement; Bonds; Determining Vector Changes; Sequences Repeating in Time; 60 Year Sections; Mirror Aspects; Rotation on 4 Axes; Transformation of Circle into Ellipse; Symmetry Is The Law; Dynamic Symmetry Above & Below; Gnomonic Growth; Sequential Morphology of Repeating Patterns; Sepharial; Theoretical Composite; Changes of Direction; 8 Year Interval; Cracking Cycles Through Intervals; Vectorial Force Change; 6, 8, 9, 12 Intervals; Perfect Harmonic Sequence; Gann's $ Value Chart 7 Stock Splits; Slanting Tops; Configurations - Patterns - Signatures; Cash Soybean Examples; Yearly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily Time Counts, How To Take Them; Gann's Great Time Cycle, 56 Years, 9 Months, 23 Days; Square of 144; Periodicity; Equilibrating Roto-Centers; Time Counterpoint; Z Plane & Gnomic Growth; Polarity Alteration; Radius Vectors; Chart Analysis; Force Over Time; Vectorial Multiples; Serial Progression; Wheels Within Wheels; Fundamental Units; S & P, How Much Data Needed To Find Periodicity; Node of Node; Where To Begin Measurements; Wave: Unit of Force Per Day; Long Waves vs. Impulse Waves; Accumulation; Pressure; Velocity & Acceleration; Impulse - Reaction; Vibration; Proportions; Chords; Super Cycles; Waves Not always Sinusodal; Wave Mutation & Planetary Connections; Law of Periodicity; Divisions of Master Components; Symmetry Vectors; Pivotal Points; Matching Acceleration & Deceleration; Damping; Carrier Waves; Beats; Minimum & Maximum Time Counts; Center Of Gravity; Calculus; Dead Lows; Squaring Lowest Price; Numerological Significance; Definitions of Time Lengths; 90 Degrees in Time; Finding Waves on Monthly Chart; "Supply" Bull Market: Inverted Market; Straddles & Spreads; Astrological Cycles In Market; Planetary Transits & Trigger Mechanisms; Eclipse Points; Popular Misconceptions of Moon Cycles; Time Swings & Price Swings; Gann's "Reactions Against The Trend"; Wave Phasing; Parabolic Arc; Logarithmic Spiral; Major & Minor Axis of Ellipse; Resultant Vectors; Momentum vs. Price Top; Bayer's Egg of Columbus; Floor & Ceiling; Defining Mass Pressure; Playing Off Old Highs & Lows; Multiple Views of One Reality; Time Markers; Rate of Change; T-Bond Examples; 3 Orders of Swings; Angle of Attack; Market Moves Down Faster Than Up; Strategy, Book of 5 Rings; Swing Theory: Gann, Cole & Tubbs; Deviant Vectors; Gann: Time More Important Than Price; Pattern Recognition - Universal Ordering Process; Look Hard At Macro Before Micro; Bisection In Time; Tangents To Curve; Area Under the Curve; Directional Growth on Square of Nine; Growth on Rotational Axis; Bohr Model Quantum Mechanics; Fibonacci Growth Factors; Growth Controllers; Plane of Cleavage; Vanishing Point; Radial Axis; Seeing Picture Over Crunching Numbers; Clockwise & Counterclockwise Rotation; Tetrahedron Is Cube; Inscribed & Circumscribed Squares & Circles; 3 Rings of Gann's Square of Nine; Unfolded Pyramid; root Ratios as Generators of Growth; Fixed & Cardinal Crosses as Axes of Galactic Rotation; Uranus; Pluto Calculations; Johndro; Jupiter Major Mass of Solar System; Alcyone, Nearest Large Sun; Solar System is Sphere; Markets Grow 3-Dimensionally; Square of Nine a Solar Return Chart; Polar vs. Cartesian Coordinates; "Building on the Square"; Growth Vortex: Electric (Kinetic) & Magnetic (Potential) Energy Interchanging.

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