Gann II Course Manual

"Gann Harmony" The Law of Vibration
Gann II Course Manual
Compiled By Dr. Jerome Baumring

1986 375p. Contents: How To Make Profits Trading In Puts & Calls; Practical Geometry; Analytic Geometry; Logarithmic Growth; Vectors; Kinetic & Potential Energy Applied To The Markets & Its Symbolism; Polar vs. Rectilinear Coordinates; Curvilinear Time; Squaring The Circle; Lambda Determination; Number Series; Angles; Vibration; Understanding Cycles; Composition of Cycles; Vectors; Harmonic Motion; Market Analysis; Symphony of Life; Divine Proportion; Commodity Futures Contract As A Business Instrument; Placing & Executing Orders; Mechanics or Physics of Market; Commodity Charts; Simple Harmonic Motion; Symbolic Geometry.

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