Can anyone count the galaxies in these pictures? Each galaxy is held to have 100,000,000,000 stars/solar systems. The universe is a big place...

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https://www.sflorg.com/observatories/hubble/hubble_39 (external link)

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https://www.sflorg.com/observatories/hubble/hubble_32 (external link)

Charted Galaxies - This poster displays the 75 SINGS galaxies arranged in a tuning fork based on their optical morphology?. The color images of each galaxy were created from the SINGS IRAC 3.6um (blue), IRAC 8.0um (green), and MIPS 24um (red) images.

http://sings.stsci.edu/Publications/sings_3col/sings_3col.jpg (external link)

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