Full Harmonic Chord

"The full harmonic chord travels in a straight line and governs the magnetic sympathetic terrestrial flow?." Keely See Longitudinal Wave

"The vibratory velocity governing the magnetic flow ranges from 300,000 to 780,000 per second and comes under the first interatomic. This is the first order above odor and permeates the molecules of glass in the compass cover as air passes through a sieve. Being governed by the full harmonic chord this flow moves in straight lines free from molecular interference." The Snell Manuscript (external link)

NOTE: It is assumed this Full Harmonic Chord to be the undifferentiated triune stream. It is the Dominant Current because it is One and unrefracted. It is unmanifested, unseen much as light is unseen. Light can only be acknowledged AFTER it strikes something and becomes demodulated. Its full harmony can be seen by virtue of the refracted (differentiated) light of a rainbow.

This Full Harmonic Stream is interpreted as being the same as Tesla Wave? or Scalar Electromagnetic theoreticals.

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