Free Energy Pioneer - John Keely

This book is an authoritative volume on Keely and his life (but not his science), the people he associated with and his ill-fated motor company. Over a century ago a man in Philadelphia made the most important discovery of all times: a mysterious source of unlimited, everlasting energy. For more than a quarter of a century he experimented with this force. He built a staggering 2,000 machines and devices that ran on the energy he had discovered. More than a century ago he experimented with antigravity, and contemporary accounts state that he found a solution. Others claim to have witnessed how he disintegrated solid substances with the help of his esoteric force. Many came to know of his discovery and witness his demonstrations, including Nikola Tesla, Jules Verne and Thomas Edison. The occult underground reverberated when they learned of his discovery. Theosophical society founder Madam Blavatsky and the founder of the anthroposophical movement, Rudolf Steiner, wrote and lectured on his mysterious energy. Early science fiction still owes a debt to him and his work. The name of the enigmatic inventor: John E. Worrell Keely.
Introduction by John Keel, 472 pages, 60 page bibliography of source documents, Index, many unpublished photographs and diagrams, 6" x 9" quality paperback. ISBN 1-881532-15-1

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