"The atomic force within an atom was placed there at the birth of the molecule by the LAW of SYMPATHETIC ETHERIC FOCALIZATION? towards the negative centers of neutrality with a velocity as inconceivable in its character as would be the subdivision of matter to an ultimate end." Keely and His Discoveries pg 299

"Each atomic force of a physical body is made up of its units of positive and negative forces, that brings it into a material plane. These are of the ether, or atomic forces, being electrical in nature as they enter into a material basis, or become matter in its ability to take on or throw off. So as a group may raise the atomic vibrations that make for those positive forces as bring divine forces in action into a material plane, those that are destructive are broken down by the raising of that vibration!" Cayce (281-3)

"Just as there may be with the tungsten in a portion of a vacuum that may raise those sound waves that through their relativity of activity of the electrical vibration that makes for the activity of the atomic forces in same give that which is gathered from the ether waves." Cayce (707-1)

"Not only able to build that as able to transpose or build up the elements about them but to transpose them bodily from one portion of the universe to the other, through the uses of not only those recently rediscovered gases, and those of the electrical and aeriatic formations - in the breaking up of the atomic forces to produce impelling force to those means and modes of transposition, or of travel, or of lifting large weights, or of changing the face or forces of nature itself..." Cayce (900-17)

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