Father-Mother Principle part 2

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Electricity is the active, attractive Force within Mind which appears to concentrate, contract and compress the non-compressible substance of Mind into the forms created by the process of thinking, and to evolve those forms by raising the potential, or power dimension, of energy by accumulation.

Magnetism is the reactive, repellant force within the substance of Mind which appears to expand the forms created by Mind in the process of thinking, and to accomplish their dissolution through lowering the potential of energy by releasing the accumulation.

Positive electricity is the generative energy of thinking Mind registered in light units which are gravitationally or centripetally resisting magnetic influence by expelling it. The light units are contracting, registering their contraction and their resistance to magnetism in heat. Their electric orbital motion is toward a closing spiral in one plane.

Positive electricity is that state of motion in which electricity dominates magnetism.

Positive electricity is that state of motion in which centripetal force dominates centrifugal force.

Negative electricity is the radiative energy of thinking Mind registered in those same light units which are radially, or centrifugally, yielding to inflowing magnetic influence. They are expanding, registering their yielding and their expansion in cooling, and their electric orbital motion is toward an opening spiral in many planes, culminating in nebulosity?.

Negative electricity is that state of motion in which magnetism dominates electricity.

Negative electricity is that state of motion in which centrifugal force dominates centripetal force.


All mass is both electric and magnetic.

All mass simultaneously expresses both opposites of all effects of motion, and each opposite is cumulatively preponderant in sequence.

All electro-magnetic mass forms into systems of units which revolve in spiral orbits both centripetally toward and centrifugally away from nucleal centers.

All preponderantly charging systems are positive systems.

All preponderantly discharging systems are negative systems.

All preponderantly contracting systems are positive systems.

All preponderantly expanding systems are negative systems.

All systems whose spirals are preponderantly closing spirals are positive systems.

All systems whose spirals are preponderantly opening spirals are negative systems.

All systems of preponderantly lessening volume are positive systems.

All systems of preponderantly increasing volume are negative systems.

All systems of preponderantly increasing potential are positive systems.

All systems of preponderantly lowering potential are negative systems.

All preponderantly integrating systems are positive systems.

All preponderantly disintegrating systems are negative systems.

All preponderantly generating systems are positive systems.

All preponderantly radiating systems are negative systems.

All preponderantly heating systems are positive systems.

All preponderantly cooling systems are negative systems.

In other words, electricity is the inhalation, or inbreathing generative action while magnetism is the exhalation, or outbreathing radiative reaction.

Electricity is the plus half of the One universal force which has apparently divided itself into two forces, and magnetism is the minus half. Electricity and magnetism exist as separate appearances only when opposed. In non-opposition they disappear. They become one. See Scalar

Electricity desires to gather its half together as one force and substance, while magnetism, on the contrary, desires separation into two forces and exerts itself to the utmost to bring about this separation.

Electricity accumulates power while magnetism dissipates it.

Positive electricity is the plus half of electromagnetically charging light units which are seeking higher pressure zones.

Negative electricity is the minus half of electromagnetically discharging light units which are seeking lower pressure zones.

Pressure zones are those states of increasing density of integration which are caused by the power of positive electricity to attract and to accumulate energy.

Electricity is the power force of the universe. Electricity accumulates power into high potential from the universal constant at the sacrifice of one of its time dimensions.

Electricity is the force of resistance to the established speed of the universal constant of energy.

Magnetism is the speed force, the time force, of the universe. Magnetism dissipates the high potential power dimension and transforms it into time dimension of low potential. Magnetism is the force which works toward a return to the established motion of the universal constant of energy.

Electricity and magnetism move in opposite directions, their departure from each other being 180°.

Modern science believes the departure of magnetic and electric lines of force to be 90°. This is a wrong interpretation of that illusion of motion.

Electricity is the force of gravitation and moves spirally toward the nucleal center of its mass. It moves as though it were starting at the base of a cone and travelling around its surface in an ever-contracting spiral orbit, to its apex.

Magnetism is the force of radiation and moves spirally toward the extremity of its mass. It moves as though it were starting at the apex of a cone and travelling around its surface in an ever-expanding orbit, to its base.

Electricity is therefore centripetal and its acceleration of orbital speed is in proportion to its distance from its generative center.

Magnetism is therefore centrifugal and its deceleration? of orbital speed is in proportion to its distance from its generative center.

Each force balances itself as well as its opposite force.

Electricity is the generative force.

To generate means to decelerate an established motion in order that it may be accumulated.

Magnetism is the radiative force.

To radiate means to accelerate an accumulated force in order that the accumulation may be dissipated into its established motion.

Electricity and magnetism are not two separate forces, nor are they two separate substances.

They are merely two different dimensions of motion. They belong solely to motion and not to substance.

Neither are positive electricity and negative electricity two kinds of electricity.

A cold piece of solid iron is the result of electric deceleration? of the universal constant, and is power accumulated by the formation of closely packed atomic systems and restricted orbits.

This cold piece of solid iron will disappear into gases if its atomic systems are accelerated sufficiently to dissipate them by radiation.

Positive and negative electricity are but two differing potentials of the same force which must move in opposite directions for reasons which shall be made clear later in this chapter.

Positive electricity can become negative and negative can become positive by a reversal of their potentials. They are but relative in accord with their respective pressures.

The sound of the human voice, for example, is an electro-positive action. Its radiation into space, or along a wire, is its electro-negative reaction.

The reproduction of the voice by radio, or at the other end of the wire is an electro-positive reproduction of the negative reaction which is rapidly expanding into the disappearance of lower potentials.

The sudden impact of the radiating sound against the higher pressures of higher potentials reverses the process of radiation.

Negative, expanding, centrifugal force becomes positive, contracting centripetal force and we hear the sound again. See Principle of Regeneration

Electricity is the basis of the atom.

Within every atom of the One substance is all the power of the universe.

It is dynamic.

The dynamic power of Mind is due to the activity of thinking.

The dynamic action of universal thinking is the cause of all creation and decreation.

Universal thinking is the beginning of all energy.

Universal thinking is the foundation of all natural law.

All of nature's laws are absolute and periodic effects of their cause, which is the energy of thinking. See 15.19 - All forces in nature are mind forces

The "created" universe is but an effect due to the positive, concentrating, generating, integrating energy of the dynamic action impulse of thinking, which, in its turn gives way to the negative, expanding, radiating and disintegrating energy of the dynamic redaction impulse of thinking.

The mystery of growth is within the comprehension of the man who knows the orderliness of the opposition between the positive action and negative redaction of the two apparently opposite forces of generation and radiation set up in the process of thinking.

All creating things are growing things whether they be giant suns, or violets, or man, or elements, or compounds of elements or the atoms of elements.

All growth is simultaneously integrating and disintegrating. In the beginning of all growth integration is preponderant, then in its turn, disintegration dominates.

Disintegration begins with integration and continues until it, in turn, becomes the conquering force.

Death is born in the cradle with life.

The alternating pulsations of the process of thinking are controlled by two apparently opposing forces.

One of these forces is a generating, integrating force of action, while the other is a reactionary radiating and disintegrating force.

One force is that which controls evolution while the other is that which compels dissolution?.

The word of man for the concentrating, generating and integrating force which controls evolution is "electricity." Electricity is the active, attractive, generative, gravitative, positive principle of creation.

All decreation is the radiating, disintegrating energy of dynamic thinking.

The mystery of that which man calls death is within the comprehension of the man who knows the orderliness of radiative thinking.

There is no death. Death is but the beginning of life.

Decreation is continuous, as thinking is continuous.

Decreation is but the degeneration of that which has been generated. It is but the reaction of action.

Man's word for this radiating, disintegrating force which compels dissolution? is "magnetism." Magnetism is the separative, repelative, radiative, negative principle of creation.

Electricity is the vitalising property of matter. Magnetism is the devitalising property of matter.

Electricity is the father, the male principle of thinking Mind.

Magnetism is the mother, the female principle of thinking Mind.

Magnetism is born of electricity.

Electricity and magnetism are One.

That One is the father-mother principle of thinking Mind.

Their apparently opposite desires, merged together, make One.

They are not two opposite principles, they are but the One dynamic principle.

In the entire universe there are no opposites.

Each is of the other and is the cause of the other; and the energy of thinking, in which these two forms are in apparent opposition, is the cause of their apparent separability.

Electricity is magnetism revitalised. To be vitalised means to be unequalled, or opposed in relation to surrounding pressures.

Magnetism is electricity devitalised. To be devitalised means to be equalised or nonopposed in relation to surrounding pressures.

The activity of vitalised force is the desire to attain a state of increased opposition.

The inactivity of devitalised force is the inertia of a balanced state of non-opposition.

Radiation is but the separative reaction of the cumulative action of generation.

Radiation is but the lowering of a higher potential. Radiation is the exact opposite of gravitation which is the raising of a lower potential.

Disintegration is but the separative reaction of the cumulative action of integration.

Action and its reaction, added together are but one.

If Mind were not a thinking substance, both electricity and magnetism would not appear to be opposites.

Their apparent opposition is the cause of that complexity which man calls "creation." The father principle of Mind is the electro-positive force and the cause of centripetal force of motion.

Centripetal force is born of decelerative resistance to the established universal constant of energy.

The mother principle of Mind is the electro-negative force and the cause of centrifugal force of motion.

Centrifugal force is born of accelerative returning to the established universal constant of energy.

The electro-positive force is that in which electricity dominates magnetism and accumulates power by transforming speed into power.

The electro-negative force is that in which magnetism has conquered electric opposition and by doing so has released power, by means of expansion, into lower potential of greater speed.

The desire of electricity is expressed as action in motion-in-opposition.

The desire of magnetism is expressed as the reaction of action in motion-in-inertia.

The active force is the positive force. It is the force which stands for what man calls "power," or high potential.

The reactive force is the negative force seeking a state of negation, which stands for what man calls “weaknesss,” or low potential.

The active force is the creative force of the universe. See 18.13 - Mind is the Active Force

The reactive force is the decreative force of the universe.

The active force is the integrative, generative force of the universe.

The reactive force is the disintegrative, degenerative force of the universe.

The active force is male, the father force of the universe.

The reactive force is female, the mother force of the universe.

The creative force is the dynamic, expressive force of thinking which gives apparent form to all idea of thinking Mind.

The decreative force is the passive force of thinking which causes the disappearance of form from actuality into potentiality.

The father force is the positive force.

The mother force is the negative force.

The father-mother force united is the reproductive force. See Principle of Regeneration

The mother force is born of the father force. It is merely its negative reaction.

Reaction is opposed to action, not attracted to it.

Reaction leaps away from action, not toward it. If reaction, which is negative, leaps away from action, which is positive, then the theory of positive and negative electric charges attracting each other has no foundation.

Reaction is born of action. So then, is negative force born of positive force.

As magnetic flow is but the reaction of generation, therefore magnetism is born of electricity.

The greater the action of generation, the greater the reaction of degenerative magnetic flow.

Magnetic flow is radiation. Radiation is the emanation expelled from electro-generative, contractive action. It is the outgoing breath, the exhalation of the living corpuscle, or system, or mass. Radiation is degeneration.

The creating universe is a generating one.

The decreating universe is a degenerating one.

The generating universe of solid matter is an accumulation of tenuous matter. Generating is charging.

The degenerating "physical" universe is a disappearing from the appearance of solidity through states of tenuosity to disappearance. Degeneration is discharging.

Generation is the winding of the cosmic clock for the accumulation of one time dimension.

Degeneration is its unwinding by the release of the other stored up time dimension.

Radiation is radiative activity. Modern science calls it "radioactivity?.'" Radioactivity? is merely the reversing of the time dimensions of the universal constant. It is the exothermal, exhalation of the One universal Being, of which every existing thing is.

The more positive the system or mass, the more genera-active and radioactive is that system.

The more generative the system or mass, the more cohesive it is.

Cohesion is born of generative decelerative, gravitative, centripetal force.

The more radiative the system or mass, the less cohesive it is.

The more cohesive the system, or mass, the more compact it is. It is what man describes as "harder," which means more impenetrable.

The atoms of all of the hard and closely integrated elements have ejected magnetism with greater speed and in smaller streams than the atoms of the less closely integrated elements.

Resistance to integration is the cause of this increased speed, and the contracted atomic volume is the cause of the smaller magnetic stream.

It is as though a certain volume of water, which has been pumped through a four-inch pipe, had to be pumped through a one-inch pipe in the same amount of time. To do this, the pressure behind that volume of water would have to be vastly increased and the speed of the smaller stream would also have to be vastly increased.

Resistance to integration has generated much heat which in its turn has been radiated, thus reversing the magnetic pressure from the magnetic field within the system to the magnetic orbit outside of the system.

This process has gradually cooled the systems by the pressure release from within and the consequent radiation of their heat, and allowed them to become more densely packed so that their more closely rotating units could create the illusion of solidity or hardness.

Hardness is due to deceleration? of rotation and acceleration of revolution which allows a closer integration of light units in their systems.

It might be said, concerning the illusion of solidity, that if a cobweb could be woven with sufficient density and revolved with sufficient rapidity, it would appear to be a solid disk of silver.

Genero-activity? is the opposite of radioactivity?.

Genero-activity? is the resistance set up against one time dimension of the universal constant in order to transform it into power. It is the endothermal inhalation of the One universal Being.

The positive force of motion-in-opposition is that which produces all idea of thinking Mind and gives it the appearance of form.

The negative force of motion-in-opposition is that which tears apart the appearance of form and carries the soul of it, or the memory of it, back into motion-in-inertia.

The union of these positive and negative forces of motion-in-opposition reverses radiative dominance to generative dominance and thus causes a reproduction of the idea and the form of the idea through re-integration.

The positive electric force is the creating force.

The negative electric force is the decreating force. The union of positive and negative is the reproducing force.

Reproduction means the re-integration of form back into that octave in which it has once appeared, but from which it has disappeared by disintegration into motion-in-inertia. In motion-in-inertia the soul of all idea awaits regeneration.

The soul of all idea is registered in the seed of idea.

In the seed of man is the whole of man, and so also the seed of all idea.

All idea and all form of idea is electrically conceived and electrically evolved to its highest limitations of potential. It then becomes magnetically dissipated and devolved to its lowest potential.

The desire of electricity is divisibility of the indivisible Mind substance into parts.

Electricity craves separation from magnetism.

Electricity desires itself alone and shares company with magnetism only because it is fatigued by resisting it.

Electricity would tear the Mind substance apart in its desire to materialize divine idea into form. It would make of this universe one solid non-elastic mass if its desire could be gratified.

Now it must be remembered that the substance of Mind is a perfect, homogeneous, indivisible one.

Electricity cannot separate from magnetism and its attempts to do so give only the appearance of separation into parts.

Magnetism does not desire companionship or union with electricity, nor does it desire its own continuation as a separate force. It desires to extinguish electricity as a separate force by separating its particles. Its own extinction would be the consequence of the gratification of this desire.

Magnetism desires? an equilibrium of motion and absolute inertia, while electricity desires action, and is not concerned with the reaction which adjusts that action in an equilibrium of motion-in-opposition.

The force of electricity is the generative, centripetal force of contraction into the appearance of form.

It is the opposite of the reactive force of magnetism which is the force of radiative, centrifugal expansion into the disappearance of form.

Evolving matter, or idea, or form, is electrically preponderant. This means that positive charge predominates.

Devolving matter, or idea, or form, is magnetically dominant. This means that negative charge predominates.

Evolving appearance of form in matter is a periodic integration, due to positive-electromagnetic opposition, in which the generative force of electricity is preponderant.

That which man calls "growth" is merely periodic integration, during which the generative force of positive electricity is preponderant.

Devolving disappearance of matter is a periodic disintegration, due to negative-electromagnetic opposition in which the radiative force of magnetism is dominant.

That which man calls ageing, or fading, or declining, is merely periodic disintegration, during which time generation continues, but with lessened energy, for the radiative force of magnetism is dominant.

The vigor of youth is due to electric preponderance and the weakening of adolescence is due to magnetic dominance.

Youth, the growing period, is the life inhalation period.

It corresponds to the first five octaves of the universal ten octave cycle.

Maturity is the turning point of the life inhalation period toward its life exhalation period.

It corresponds to carbon, the turning point of the universal ten octave cycle.

Ageing is merely the life exhalation period.

It corresponds to the last five octaves of the universal ten octave cycle.

Electricity is always preponderant in all dimensions, but it is both preponderant and dominant in the positive half of the reproductive wave of the universal energy constant. Magnetism is never preponderant but it is dominant in the negative half of the universal energy constant.

Youth is preponderantly generative, or power accumulative.

Age is dominantly radiative, or power releasive.

Youth is preponderantly electropositive, or integrative.

Age is dominantly electronegative, or disintegrative.

The perfume of the budding rose is a disintegration of the preponderantly generating, growing rose, but because of electric preponderance, integration so exceeds disintegration that growth continues despite that disintegration until both forces are equalised in that which man calls "death." Just as soon as the gravitative forces of Electro-positive preponderance have carried the growth of that rose to the fourth gravitational tone of electro-magnetic opposition, which is the maximum point of inhalation in its life cycle, then magnetism begins to dominate and the rose begins to fade.

Just so with all integrating idea, whether it be man, or planet, or flaming sun, or minute atomic system. The law for one is the law for all.

Death is a disappearance of form, but not of the idea of that form.

Growth is an effect of gravitation. Growth means that forming things pass down the octaves in gravitative periodicity.

During that periodicity, electricity gives form to the idea and magnetism gradually nebulizes that form back into idea.

The form of idea is of no import, it is but a manifestation of the idea itself.

Form is fleeting. Its appearance and disappearance are periodically repeative throughout eternity.

Idea is the eternal record of form, the soul of form.

Out of motion-in-inertia comes a new-born idea which runs the course from electro-positive motion-in-opposition into electro-negative motion-in-opposition and back again into motion-in-inertia. There it is stored as the chemical registration of the idea, which man calls "memory," until man needs to recall it again. This he can do at any time by regenerating it.

The idea of the rose differs from the new-born idea of man's thinking in that the rose is a very much evolved old idea, the memory of which in its millions of generations of evolving through motion-in-opposition is stored in the seed of the rose in motion-in-inertia ready for re-generation or reincarnation at any time.

All evolution of idea of Mind into form is electric and is limited to electro-positive motion-in-opposition.

Evolution of idea ceases in the master-tones of motion-in-inertia with the disappearance of evolving form, and begins again its evolution of idea from these samemaster-tones with the re-appearance of evolving form in motion-in-opposition.

The master-tones are a record of all motion and a storehouse of the memory of it. From the master-tones the evolution of form of idea starts, and in them, at the next octave's end, the record of the evolution of that idea is again registered in memory of form.

Evolution is but the inevitable effect of periodicity which is characteristic of all phenomena of this creating universe.

All growth and declination, also all evolution of a million generations of growth and declination of form, are but stages in the periodicities resulting from the electro-magnetic, oscillating process of thinking.

The universal Mind substance of matter, or light, could not be anything but a thinking substance because of its possession of electricity and magnetism as attributes of energy.

Electricity and magnetism are those apparently opposite principles or qualities of Mind which cause it to be a thinking substance.

The apparent points or centers of disturbance throughout the entirety of the substance of Divine Mind?, due to the process of thinking, are electro-magnetically registered in light, which is energy, which is matter: all One and the same.

Evolving and devolving forms of matter are but changes of various dimensions.

The law of the growing rose is the same for man, or giant sun, or stellar galaxy. Electricity attracts, magnetism repels.

Electricity and magnetism move in opposite directions, their departure from each other being at 180°. Electric lines of force approach each other at 180°.

Magnetic lines of force depart from the line of direction of electric force and also of magnetic force at 180°. Electric energy reproduces itself by induction and dissipates itself by conduction, at an angle of 90° to the lines of direction of induction and conduction." The Universal One (external link), Book 02 - Chapter 02 - Electricity and Magnetism

"Reproductive waves of electro-magnetic motion-in-opposition are made up of corpuscles to register, as dimensions in matter, the idea of thinking Mind.

Corpuscles are the children of generative energy, born of generative energy and continued by generative energy, even as you and I; and they "die" of old age through lack of it, even as you and I.

They are living, thinking beings, male and female, even as you and I.

They organize and integrate into complex forms of matter through the elements of matter which register the idea of all thinking.

Elements of matter are orderly periodic dimensions of the substance of matter.

They are living, breathing, pulsing children of light, children of the father-mother substance of Mind, even as you and I." The Universal One (external link), Book 02 - Chapter 01 - Dynamics of Mind - Concerning Light Units of Matter

"Light is the Holy Spirit, God, father-mother, nature, man, the oak, the rolling hills and mountain chains, the pounding sea and the sands of the sea, the babbling brook, the red apple hanging on the tree; the autumn haze, the storm, the stars in the heavens, the blade of grass and the kindly dew in the opening rose." The Universal One (external link), Book 01 - Chapter 16 - Universal Oneness


Sir Oliver Lodge? points out that man has long been familiar with force and motion, but that some third intangible, undiscovered force is recognizedly necessary to complete a logical universe. Force and motion infer that the third undiscovered force is existent somewhere back of, or with them.

He also states that, when discovered, it may prove to be something with which man is already familiar.

Sex is the great third principle. Sex is the controlling cause of both force and motion. Without it, neither could continue.

To say that Mind is the motive power back of force and motion, is but stating a generality; but to state an attribute of Mind by means of which force and motion are controlled, is being specific.

Sex is the motive power behind force and motion.

Sex is the apparent division of the father-mother substance of Mind into apparent oppoposites. This division is due to the opposite desires of electricity and magnetism, expressed in the action and reaction of the thinking process.

Sex is the active desire of Mind for division into opposites, and its reactive desire for unity.

Sex is that motive force which demands separability into two, and equally desires union of the apparent two into one.

Mind, being One, cannot yield to the desire of Mind for separation into two.

Sex desire of Mind for divisibility into two succeeds only in producing an appearance of divisibility into two.

Likewise, sex desire of Mind for unity into One succeeds only in reproducing an apparent composite of the two. Sex is of all things from the beginning.

Sex begins when light begins.

Sex is the desire for the appearance of being which constitutes the appearance of existence.

Nothing can be, without the desire to be.

All things are which desire to be.

Desire dominates all thinking.

Desire dominates all matter.

All desire is sex desire.

All desire is for the continuance of existence in the orderliness of existence.

Sex desire is that force in thinking which continues thinking.

Existence is continued only through thinking.

Sex force is that quality in the electromagnetic impulse of thinking which continues one impulse of thinking into the next impulse of thinking.

Sex force, like all phenomena of motion, is periodic.

Sex periodicity continues the simple beginning of idea into the complexity of idea.

Sex force is the builder of the apparently many things out of the reality of the One thing.

Periodic variance of sex is the father of desire for the creation of the idea of many things.

Remove the image making faculty of the father force of Mind, and the production of idea would discontinue.

Variance of sex is the mother of desire for unity of sex.

Remove the sex desire of Mind for the unity of One-ness of the mother force of Mind, and reproduction of the idea of Mind would discontinue.

Matter cannot continue its appearance of existence as form, without the desire to continue such an appearance of existence.

The material substance of Mind cannot evade its materialization into the form desired by Mind.

This is an immutable law to which there can be no exception.

Man's concept of sex as beginning with organic life is a wrong concept.

Sex is as absolute in the elements as in the complexities and compounds of the elements.

Man's concept of the beginning of sex and the beginning of life is a concept founded on conditions of temperature.

Sex and life and light and intelligence are in and of all things from the beginning.

The sex principle is as much a part of the granite rock or bar of iron as it is of man.

The great hot star called Argo?, blaming away at a temperature of thirty thousand degrees, knows sex in its fiery heart, and cannot continue its appearance without it.

The Martian ice cap knows sex in its frozen depths, and retains its appearance because of sex.

Sex is an electro-magnetic equalizer of matter in motion.

Sex is the apparent division of the One force into electricity and magnetism, two opposite forces, positive and negative, which are in reality but two pulsations of the One force.

Sex is the apparent division of all things into their opposites, male and female.

Sex is evolutionary in all things.

All things are both male and female.

All creation is first male in preponderance, then it is similarly female.

All light units and systems of light units are first male-female, then they are female-male.

Apparent opposites of the indivisible substance of universal Mind are not content to remain in the state of apparent opposition.

Unity, or Oneness, inherent in all things, asserts itself in dissatisfaction when electromagnetic forces of matter in motion are sufficiently generative to cause too great an inequality between the apparent opposites. Sex is unsatisfied when the electro-magnetic forces of matter in motion are unequal, and it is satisfied when those forces are equal.

A lightning flash is the power of sex equalising positive and negative electro-magnetic disturbances of equilibrium between two oppositely and unequally charged storm clouds. See Voiding, 2.22 - Voiding - an Effect of Desire and Will Force, 13.03 - Voiding Polarization

In motion-in-inertia, sex desire is negative.

In motion-in-opposition, sex desire is positive. It is dynamic.

Sex first asserts itself in form.

All form appears through sex, passes through a progressive change called "growth'' and disappears.

All growth is impelled by force and motion, and controlled by sex.

Neither sex, nor force, nor motion is of itself alone. Each is of the others.

Nothing is of itself alone.

There can be no force without thinking.

There can be no motion without the force of thinking.

There can be no idea of Mind without sex opposition. There can be no continuity of idea without sex union.

Without union in mating, the idea of any one thing would be extinct as an appearance.

Thinking and working are the causes of those elements which man calls sex, force and motion. Without all three of these there could be no appearance of existence as man knows existence.

Thinking and working continue the appearance of all idea from the high to the low octaves of creation.

All creating things are but the ideas of divine Mind.

The whole idea of all things is in the seed of all things.

In the seed of idea is the whole of idea.

In the seed of the oak is the whole of the oak.

In the seed of the rose is the whole of the rose.

In the seed of man is the whole of man.

The seed of all idea is in thinking.

The whole idea of the oak, or the rose, or man is the result of thinking and working for perhaps a billion years of continuing the idea of the oak, the rose or man in the seed thereof.

This is the law of evolving existence. It is as true of complex, as it is of simple things.

All idea is registered in the little particles heretofore referred to as light units.

These units of light, heat, sex, electricity and magnetism, are all male and all female.

Every unit is either preponderantly male or preponderantly female.

Just so is every unit either preponderantly electric or preponderantly magnetic.

Just so is every unit either preponderantly negatively, or preponderantly positively, electro-magnetic.

Just so is every unit preponderantly generative or preponderantly radiative.

And each unit is all of these.

And each unit is variable, becoming preponderantly one or another of these in its turn, from the beginning to the end of its being.

And the variability is orderly, and governed by measurable laws of periodicity, which are also the laws by which motion is governed.

It must not be forgotten that all that man calls creation is the result of motion which is due to the opposing impulses of thinking.

It must not be forgotten that a continuance of motion causes a creating and not a created universe.

The electro-magnetic action of the impulses of thinking is continuous in its opposing, and therefore are the effects of that opposition continuous.

Opposing desire in sex expression is the cause of opposing motion.

A cause cannot evade its effect.

Opposing electro-magnetic impulses are sex expression in creative thinking.

Opposing electro-magnetic impulses reproduce all effects of creative thinking.

Form is born true to the rhythm of thinking.

All thinking is rhythmic thinking.

Idea is synchronous with the rhythm of thinking.

All thinking is sex thinking.

"Creation" is the transforming of the One substance by the rhythmic thinking of idea, into apparent opposites, and into that which man calls form.

Beyond this there is no more.

Creation is but a concept of Mind. It is but an illusion, an effect of thinking.

All thinking is registered in light.

All light is sex expression.

Light is the language of all thinking. See Language of Light

Light is the energy of all thinking.

All energy is the energy of sex expression.

There is no other energy.

Through evolving sex, light causes the transition of the universal substance into form.

Through sex periodicity, light transforms form into variety of form. This universe of motion is a universe of PRODUCTION, DESTRUCTION and REPRODUCTION.

All form is produced by the male, electro-positive, plus action of the charging, electric oscillation of the universal life principle, is destroyed by the female, electro-negative, minus reaction of the discharging, magnetic oscillation, and is reproduced through the union of both by radio-active regeneration in inertia." Russell, The Universal One (external link), Book 01 - Chapter 08 - The Sex Principle

"The myriad whirling spheres of the nebula?, its integrating suns and solar system, its planets and moons, its asteroids and meteorites are all whirling forms born of the churning propeller of the One Mind thinking out this universe of ours. Similarly the whirling spheres of the steamer's wake, with its big bubbles, its lesser bubbles and its milky foam, are a line of white against the deep blue sea, but not separate from the sea in substance.

From One Mind comes all. All goes back to One Mind.

The temperature in the wake of the steamer is higher than that of the surrounding water. Similarly the temperature of the spiral nebula? is higher than that of the surrounding "ether" matter, because of the heat energy generated by thinking and transferred to the whirling spheres.

The law governing both bubbles and nebula? is the same. The difference between them is only relative in point of time.

Both disappear when they cease to whirl, for their appearance of existence is due solely to the heat energy of motion.

A bubble may whirl for a few moments and a sun for a hundred billion years before their generated heat becomes radiated into their father-mother? substance which gave them birth.

The difference in time is but relative, for time is nothing in eternity.

When the bubbles have radiated their heat to the temperature of the surrounding water, they cease all appearance of individual existence. Their forms have disappeared with cessation of motion, but their substance is as existent as the ocean is existent.

When giant suns have radiated their heat to the absolute zero of the surrounding ether substance of Mind, they cease all appearance of individual existence. Their forms have disappeared with the cessation of motion, but their substance is as eternal as Mind is eternal." The Universal One (external link), Book 01 - Chapter 03 - Mind, The One Universal Substance

"Those tones which follow hydrogen are man's visible or "physical" universe of matter and continue into the tenth octave. Here elemental integration and disintegration have ended the cycle by the attainment of the equilibrium of its beginning.

All motion is oscillatory, swinging in sequence between two apparently opposing forces, gravitation and repulsion, which are respectively electric and magnetic.

This oscillatory motion is a pulsating in-breathing and out-breathing, an inhalation and an exhalation, which is a characteristic of all matter, whether it be in units, or systems of units, or mass.

These two apparently opposite forces are the father-mother? forces of Mind, which, added together, make but the One force.

There is but one pendulum to the cosmic clock?.

Figure 12.05 - Russell's Cosmic Clock (color added)

Showing correspondences and relationships of Locked Potentials as Indig numbers, colors and solfeggio music notes.

All the so-called "created" universe of matter is but the effect of these two apparently opposing male-female forces exerting their opposition.

All motion-in-opposition is both gravitative and repulsive. This is characteristic of all matter.

Motion, at the inertial line or place where mass disappears, is neither gravitative nor repelative. Hence the master tones, which register effects of motion on this line or plane, should not be included in the table of the elments.

All matter is characteristized by periodic and alternating opposites of motion in sequence, each opposite being preponderant in sequence.

Each opposite force is the cause of the other.

Opposition is a characteristic appearance of all effects of motion and has no existence other than as an appearance. In inertia, this appearance always disappears." The Universal One (external link), Book 01 - Chapter 02 - The Life Principle

The Cyclic Theory as The Cause of Solar Regeneration

The energy stored in the sun is degenerating by the gradual radiation of its heat.

It is simultaneously generating. In the attempt to answer the riddle of the cause of solar regeneration let us also consider the cause of its degeneration.

Let us write down a series of effects of motion which represent the tearing-down-wearing-away processes of Nature, all of which are either synonomous with Radiation or accompany it.

Then since "every action has its equal and opposite reaction" let us write down those effects of motion which represent the building-up-storing-away processes of Nature which are synonomous with, or accompany, effects of gravitation.

The presumably
The presumably
repellant forces
attractive forces
which decomposes
which composes
matter radiatively
matter generatively
Ionization - Evaporation?
Increasing volume
Decreasing volume
Lowering melting point
Rising melting point
Lowering potential
Rising potential
Wetness (hydrous)
Dryness (anhydrous)

Are not these two series Nature's expressions of motion in opposing, balancing and sequential oscillations?

All motions in any direction are resisted. Are there any other directions than two, one of which is the direction of gravitation, confined only to condensed bodies of greater potential than their surrounding environment, and the other of which is the direction of radiation, confined only to expanded bodies of lower potential than that which they displace?

Resistance to all motions of condensing bodies headed toward the high pressure at the gravitative centers of maximum density, increases every one of the effects of gravitation within themselves and within the masses toward which they fall.

Condensing bodies mutually charge each other, thus increasing their density, pressure, potential and all kindred positive effects.

Condensing bodies are attracted to condensing bodies.

That quality we call weight begins to be added to them. Weight is not a fixed quality of matter. It changes in every mass according to its distance from its high pressure point.

Weight is maximum at nucleal centers and lessens as the distance from those centers increases.

A pressure gradient evolves which also is maximum at nucleal centers and lessens as the distance from those centers increases.

This is the process of condensation whether it be in a rain drop, planet or giant nebulae.

Condensation is resisted by the pressures generated by the contracting process of condensation.

Resistance to condensation generates heat. See Law of Cycles

Radiation of generated heat increases condensation.

An effect of pulling inward from within is produced.

This effect of pulling inward from within exactly corresponds to the effect of an electric action which tends to shorten a line of force in the direction of its length.

This effect of electric action exactly corresponds to the attraction of gravitation.

This effect of gravitation exactly corresponds to the pulling-inward-from-within-contracting effect of generation.

The gravitation action of pulling inward from within meets with its reaction, the resistance of the force which pushes outward from within.

There can be no expression of force without resistance.

Neither man nor cosmos can pull or push against a void. The cosmic force develops pressures against which it pulls and pushes.

The entire universe is made up of variable pressures running in gradients from high to low. See 12.06 - Mid-Tones and Neutral Centers

Along these pressure gradients of forming and formed masses, every mass of every system finds a proper orbit for it's potential.

Radiative energy, such as the sound of a human voice for example, centripetally girdles the globe in these pressure gradients until it gradually loses itself in the low pressures of space and reproduces itself again in the next mass.

This effect is as applicable to the atom as to the planet.

All energy is transformed in this manner and is repeated by the resistances set up against the effort to transfer.

It is due to resistances that every action of free energy expresses itself in curved lines and makes an action in straight lines impossible.

Resistance to every action or reaction bends the line of direction of either of the opposed forces away from a straight line into a centripetal spiral.

The vortex of each spiral is the high pressure gravitative center of a mass, or system, so formed.

The high pressure so developed is the result of the contracting effect of condensation which stores energy from large volume to small volume by winding it up centripetally into systems of spheres.

Each consecutive sphere decreases in density from its gravitative center outwards to its surface.

Each separate sphere decreases in density from its gravitative center outwards to its surface.

The action of that phenomenon of motion which pulls inward from within is the cause of the closing, or centripetal spiral. The centripetal force of motion is the generating force. Centripetal spirals might be generalized as male and centrifugal, or opening spirals, as female.

We have accounted for the regeneration of the male, positive force which condenses, contracts, generates, integrates bodies which mutually charge each other in the action of contraction.

Resistance reproduces both sexes.

Let us consider the other sex.

That which is generated must be radiated.

The action of generation raises the potential of the mass by charging it.

Charged bodies eventually discharge their stored energy into the lower pressures of their environment.

All motion is seeking the equilibrium of an inertial position.

Charged bodies seek to discharge to the low pressure inertial position of equilibrium which lies between it and the next mass.

Charged bodies therefore discharge slowly into the insulating medium of poor conductivity which surrounds dense masses near the nucleus of a system, and quickly in the more tenuous masses far out in the system where the insulation? against discharge is poor.

The environment of a mass acts as an insulator to protect its stored energy from discharging.

The more dense the mass the dryer and hotter is its insulating environment, therefore the poorer the conductivity for discharge and decomposition, and the greater its inductive quality of absorption of outer energy.

The less dense the mass the cooler and wetter is its insulating environment, therefore the better the conditions for discharge and decomposition? and the poorer its inductive ability to generate.

The degenerative reaction to radiation is born in the same cradle with its generative action, and resistance is the father-mother? of both.

The degenerative force of the repulsion of radiation is the decomposing force which destroys.

The generative force of the attraction of gravitation is the composing force which "creates" or produces.

Resistance of these forces to each other in their efforts to overcome inertia, is the reproductive force which repeats.

This so called "created" universe is one of production?, destruction? and reproduction in endless cycles.

Terms synonomous with these are generative?, degenerative? and regenerative?.

The term "created" is not applicable to this universe of motion. It is a creating - destroying - recreating universe of continual change.

Let us write down a new terminology as follows: "The contraction of gravitation", and "the attraction of generation".

Are not these terms as exactly applicable as the familiar transposed ones?

Is not a cold condition necessary to produce the effect of condensation?

If a cold condition condenses, cold must therefore generate?.

The greater the condensation, the greater the heat generated by the pressure exerted from the opposite direction as resistance to generation.

The greater the radiation of heat, the greater the contraction of mass by the cooling of radiation.

Cold contracts;
contraction generates;
generation heats;
heat radiates;
radiation expands;
expansion cools and
cold again contracts. See Cycle of Temperature

Thus we have the cycles of generation, radiation and regeneration, which continue forever and forever throughout endless ages.

Through these repeative cycles, form is "created" by the pulling inward from within pressures of generation, and is decomposed by the pushing outward from within pressures of radiation.

Vortices are formed which develop into striations.

The heavens abound with vortices and striations.

They are the whirlpools of generating or condensing matter winding themselves up around their nucleal centers of high pressure. Our sun is the high pressure center of such a whirlpool.

If condensing bodies are charging bodies and if condensing bodies fall toward condensing bodies in lines which eventually meet, it is logical to conclude that they are attracted toward each other. (See Sympathy) All bodies which approach each other mutually charge each other. It also follows that if condensing bodies are charging, and if charging bodies are endothermic, energy absorbing, contracting bodies, then they are increasingly plus, or increasingly positive, their increase being in the ratio of condensation toward greater density.

If approaching bodies mutually charge each other, and the evidence of it is indisputable, this mutual charging must be the cause of the attraction of gravitation. If this is true then that force which, through condensation, causes matter to store itself in less volume of greater solidity?, must be the generative force. See Syntropy

On the contrary if receding bodies mutually discharge each other, this mutual discharge must be the cause of the repulsion of radiation. Is it not true that discharging bodies repel each other? Does not every effect of decomposition? or radiation depart from high to low pressures in mutually repellant lines as though pushed outward from within? If this is true then the word 'charge" belongs only to the positive or plus force of gravitation and the word "discharge" belongs only to the negative or minus force of radiation.

In this gravitative effect of charging let us see if we haven't found the secret of generation in the storage of energy through the mutual attraction of positively charging, condensing bodies.

Is it not logical to conclude that condensation is a generative effect as that dissipation is a degenerative? effect?

Let us examine the effect of resistance on a falling condensing body.

We know that the greater the resistance to condensation, the greater the heat generated by resistance.

Does not heat always radiate? Is not radiation always accompanied by expansion?

Is not expansion the opposite of condensation or contraction?

Does not expanded radiation seek the direction opposite to that of condensation?

Radiation is the degenerative? reaction to the generative? action of exerting force.

The reaction of radiation expresses itself centrifugally by pushing outward from within.

The purpose of radiation is to dissipate or decompose that which gravitation has integrated or composed.

The result of radiation is the distribution of mass into formlessness of the so-called voids of space.

On the other hand, gravitation is the generative centripetal action of force caused by resistance to the expression of universal force.

The action of gravitation expresses itself centripetally by pulling inward from within.

The purpose of gravitation is to assemble or compose mass from large volume to small volume.

The result of gravitation is to accumulate energy into systems of relatively dense mass of "matter".

Matter is the dimensional evidence of the result of gravitation.

The desire for expression of force in the universe is resisted by an opposing desire for an inert universe.

The expression of force in overcoming inertia, being resisted, results in the apparent division of the one force into two opposing forces.

These two forces are not different forces. They are but opposite expressions of the same force, for each one is part of a cycle and each one eventually becomes the other. (emphasis added)

These are the sex divisions known as male and female, which divides every expression of force into apparently unstable "pairs of opposites", which, when united, become one bi-sexual force. See dipole, Polar

These two opposing forces are the generative? and degenerative? forces of gravitation and radiation.

Degeneration is merely dissipation or expansion of accumulated energy into larger volume of lower pressure and potential. Then, if the law of equal and opposite action and reaction is true generation must be the accumulation of energy by contraction into smaller volume of higher pressure, greater density and higher melting point.

The attraction of graviation? is the cause of solar generation as the repulsion of radiation is the cause of solar degeneration.

"The father-mother principle is fundamental in every expression and both are simultaneously manifested in every expression, each being preponderant sequentially during half of each cycle." The Secret of Light (external link), page 125

"God is the fulcrum of man, and of the universe. Neither man nor any moving thing in the universe, has power within himself to do anything. All power expressed by man must be extended directly from the Father in heaven to His father-mother lights of earths and heavens which manifest Him." The Secret of Light (external link), page 115

"It (the principle of rhythmic balanced interchange between father-mother lights of gravitation and radiation) is the principle of two-way equal giving which manifests the quality of Love in the Light of the One." The Secret of Light (external link), page 150

"This principle of rhythmic balanced interchange between father-mother lights of gravitation and radiation is fundamental in all creating things." The Secret of Light (external link), page 150

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