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A false god is an outside authority appearing to be real and powerful (more powerful than you). Such a position engenders a sense of victim or helplessness in self. A false god then can be almost any seeming authority that appears real, powerful and instills fear when not obeyed without question. False gods can be but are not limited to bullies, bosses, politicians, police, laws, rules, regulations, guide lines, government agencies, fictitious beings, beliefs, religions, sacred texts, symbols, political correctness, etc. The most venerated false gods of all are power, fame and fortune - attributes of the ego, the supreme false god.

Insanity appearing sane

Who is Destroying Whom?
It could be rightly said Hitler (external link), Mao (external link) or Stalin (external link) never actually killed anyone with their own two bare hands. These socio-psychopaths created organizations of people willing to do their bloody killings of millions of their family, friends and neighbors for them. These organizations were such because of the people they hired to follow the rules for a paycheck. These conscienceless drones, minions and peons turned off their rational minds, common sense, conscience and feeling hearts to perform their bloody duties. It can be accurately stated these 9 to 5 minions worshipped, obeyed and supported false gods of boss, rules, corporate or agency Mission Statements, job description and paycheck. These false gods were put in place by the organization owners/controllers for minion focus and control purposes. Without the non-thinking and non-feeling willing efforts of the false god worshipping 9 to 5 minions NONE of those slaughtered millions would have been damaged, imprisoned or killed. The obedient and mindless minions give their personal power over to the organization and its false gods thereby empowering and enabling mass extermination of their own families, friends and neighbors. The rationalizations of these minions is founded in atheistic materialism which holds human beings are nothing more than soulless parasites, viruses or accidental freaks of nature therefore it is right and their duty to open the gas valve or pull the trigger. The power then that is and maintains these evil and satanic destroyer organizations of humanity in place is nothing other than the willingness of the 9 to 5 minions to "just do their job" according to the dictates of their false gods. Should these people grow a heart and conscience and refuse to be the trigger man or woman for the owner/controller psychopaths these terrible centers of horror and human destruction would evaporate over night. This principle was used by Mahatama Gandhi to bring the mighty British Empire to its knees without firing a shot. We don't want to bring down government - we just want it to obey the laws and safeguard our precious rights which are our most valuable property. Our work with Sympathetic Vibratory Physics absolutely destroys the false and bogus atheistic materialism paradigm.

Just Doing Their Jobs

What's the difference between Stalin (external link) ordering his 9 to 5 minions to kill millions and the psychopath leaders of religious organizations to tell their followers/believers to kill those who think different than their Belief System? It all boils down to people looking to outside authorities (persons or sacred texts) to tell them what to think and believe instead of looking within for Divine direction.

These same observations pertain to corporations and companies that willingly impose the false gods of rules and regulations of governments and pseudo-government agencies - going along to get along.

"Anti-social behaviour is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists." Nikola Tesla

What false gods want done and many are all too happy to do...
  • Non-thinking - Impose laws, rules and regulations without Common Sense or just because they are the laws, rules and regulations.
  • Dehumanize - Label individuals as part of a group then condemn the label.
  • Cowardice - Go along to get along; "just doing my job".
  • Selfishness - Turn one's brain (conscience) off to the consequences of one's actions for the sake of personal gain.

Straight Truth, a bitter pill hard to swallow

Just Doing My Job
  • You know you live in a totalitarian dictatorship (mindless inhumanity) when enforcing rules overrides common sense.
  • "Just doing my job (enforcing the rules)".
  • Or when obeying rules become as obeying or serving false gods.
  • The rules were originally constituted to SERVE people - not people to serve the rules.

Just Doing My Job

Just Doing My Job

The Problem is Unquestioning Obedience

The Problem is Unquestioning Obedience

Way Out
Not every 9 to 5 minion is heartless and soulless. Some actually hate doing what they feel they are being forced (by their false gods) to do. They want desperately a way out. The Reservation of Rights contained herein is their moral, legal and lawful way out. A false god is an outside authority appearing to be real and powerful. The real God speaks to each and every person from within through their conscience or Heart. The 9 to 5 minion of good conscience can then say when the order to release the gas or inact something abusive to their family, friends or neighbors "Sorry, I cannot do that. We are under legal and enforceable contract obligation to "acknowledge, honor, guarantee, and defend in perpetuity MY, YOUR and THEIR rights".

As one learns to go within and commune with their Higher Self learning who they are (Love), fear is destroyed, peace is found and happiness restored. Stand up, be the strong adult you were meant to be.

"You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul." Mahatama Gandhi

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