Experiments Described on His New Sympathetic Attraction



PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 25.- The new Board of Directors of the Keely Motor Company met to-day in the office of the company, 911 Walnut street. It was the first meeting of the heard since the acceptance of the resignations of the three Philadelphia Directors. The meeting was secret and was long drawn out. It was expected that the board would take action upon the decision of the stockholders, at their recent meeting, unqualifiedly endorsing Mr. Keely's proposition for a reorganization of the company's affairs, under a scheme to increase the capital stock and provide funds for the working out of the inventor's alleged new discovery. After the meeting had adjourned it was said that matters, had not reached a climax in that direction. The court proceedings in the case of Wilson? against Keely came in for a share of the time of the meeting, and it was stated that it would be conclusively shown tomorrow that the machine which Wilson? says he has a claim on and the machine Keely is now working on are entirely different.

Inventor Keely has informed the experts that he will be ready to show them his machine and explain its working tomorrow, according to decree of the court. The decree does not compel him to put the machine at work. The experts will have a drawing belonging to Wilson?, which, he says, is the machine he has a claim to. The drawing is made partly by Keely himself and partly by Wilson? as the dictation of Keely. When the meeting adjourned, one of the Directors said it had been decided to investigate a "point" in the matter which, it is believed, will place everything right between Keely and the Directors. Everything is expected to run smoothly after the examination by the experts tomorrow. During the meeting William Boekel, who, it is said, outside of Keely, knows more about the machine than any man living, gave the Directors a description of several interesting experiments recently made by Keely on his new "sympathetic attraction." (The New York Times)

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