Ennead - Group of nine; any of several groups or cycles of nine gods that were considered to be associated in the mythology? and religion of ancient Egypt. (source unknown)

An enneagram, or nine-pointed star. This enneagram is not drawn in one continous line but as three triangles on top of one another. It is used in Christian symbolism? to indicate the nine gifts of the spirit: love, happiness, peace, patience, leniency?, benevolence?, loyalty?, humbleness?, and temperance?. See in Group 23, also called an enneagram. Inscribed in a triangle? is the symbol for the revived Order of the Temple Knights?, which has lodges in all Scandinavian countries. In their symbol, however, is plaited. See in Group 28 for facts about the medieval Order of the Temple Knights?. (source unknown)

The enneagram, "nine-graph", a symbol denoting the essence of being in Cabbalistic? mysticism. Through its womb-like form and the number nine it is associated with the conception and foetal development of new human beings. With the circle closed this ideogram? has been used as a symbol for the esoteric philosophy of Gourdieff?. Enneagram is also the name of the different structure, used in Christian symbolism?. See that sign in Group 27 for more data. (source unknown)

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