▸ noun: perception of that which is obscure
▸ noun: the trait of judging wisely and objectively ("A man of discernment")
▸ noun: delicate discrimination (especially of aesthetic values)
▸ noun: the cognitive condition of someone who understands
▸ noun: ability to make good judgments
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The ability to discern what is real or not is a cultivated trait. It is the seeking from within one's own consciousness for Greater Truth as opposed to blindly believing what some outside authority presents such as unelected authorities as parents, news media, movies, coaches, teachers, preachers, science or political leaders. Developing discernment is a major part of Awakening. Most of everything we think we know comes from outside sources and not from within and is suspect and therefore questionable as to veracity. Cultivating the ability to discern or know from within is the only way to know what is actually real or true.

Three good books that clearly explain this talent and ability are (and why you need it):

Handbook for the New Paradigm, volume 1
Embracing the Rainbow, volume 2
Becoming, volume 3

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