Dawn Stranges

Dawn Stranges (external link) is a world-class medical intuitive, member of Mensa (external link) and has a PhD. She resides in upstate New York. She has been the main consultant on all the Dynaspheres and related matters and projects.

An interview with Dr. Dawn Stranges

"My observations lead me to understand that we are surrounded by spirits of many kinds, who may be supportive, loving beings, or sometimes confusing or misleading. These messages (external link) are from the first kind. I perceive spirits by a sort of spiritual 'feel' and frequently see images which represent the story that needs telling. Once in awhile I may hear some words. I may feel urgings and feelings from the spirits who seek to communicate.
"I am fully conscious during the process, and a sort of impartial translator. Being conscious allows me awareness and full capacity to 'converse' between them and the client(s). Often the spirits ask for questions, wanting people to take an active role in the process. Being fully aware allows for a deeper level of interaction and discernment. During my years of spiritual exploration, the work of Rudolf Steiner has touched a special place in my heart." Dawn Stranges

Dr. Dawn Stranges at Niagara Falls

Dr. Dawn Stranges at Niagara Falls

Dawn Stranges and Altea

Dr. Dawn Stranges and Altea

"I remind you, yet again, that we in the spiritual realms stand ready to assist those who but ask." Keely, Atlin Project, 1997

Awarenesses Contacted (not a complete list)
Jerome Baumring
H.P. Blavatsky
Clara Bloomfield-Moore
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
Richard Feynman
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
W.D. Gann
John W. Keely
Phineas Quimby
Walter Russell
Spirit Communication
St. Michael
Rudolf Steiner
Nikola Tesla
George Washington?

Books, Articles, videos
Atlin messages
Ether and Sophigurate
Etheric Forces and the Sophigurate Device (The Theory and Device for Vibrationally Repatterning Ourselves) (external link)
The Five Loves - A Message from Mary to You - Accentuating Your Goodness & Putting It into Action (external link)
Friendly Advice from the Universe - Hope Unlimited (external link)
How to Tap Centropy (external link)
Keely messages
Spirit Messages from John Keely, Atlin and Others as told to the Musical Dynasphere Project Team (external link)
Tesla messages
The Structure of Ether and its Subtle Forces

Contact Dr. Dawn
Phone: 585-465-1460
email rejuvelution@gmail.com

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