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"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.” Herman Melville?

That which connects vibration to vibration is harmony, unison, sympathy and Love resulting in entangled entities. Sympathetic Vibration or the connecting link, harmony, is best understood through the Laws of Harmony or Laws of Music. Connection is made by/through etheric level sympathetic vibration or sympathetic oscillation between frequencies which frequencies may be resultant tones or simple overtones (Overtone Series) or undertones of a fundamental tone.

Sympathetic Vibration

"Force and energy is accumulated and held latent in interstitial space by corpuscular aggregation, otherwise the progressive disintegration of water could not induce increased volume and pressure. The sympathetic latent power is held in interstitial corpuscular aggregation by the incalculable velocity of the molecular etheric capsule and the atomic etheric capsule, which rotate at billions of times per second.

"Corpuscular activity represents the outflow of the ether from the luminiferous toward neutral centers of aggregation, revealing the connecting link between mind and matter. This luminosity has no thermal accompaniment, yet all thermal conditions evolve from etheric vibration."

"The mighty forces latent in corpuscular matter are held in oscillating vortex action by this latent power exchanging sympathetically with the celestial radiating stream - the inflow attracted by receptiveness and the outflow impelled by expressiveness - giving light, heat, magnetism, electricity, each in its different order, by positive radiation." The Snell Manuscript (external link)

"Mr. Sinclair is as firm in his belief as is Mr. Keely that this element [sympathy] is the great connecting link between the Creator and the created, and that it is capable of rendering more marvellous services to man than all the discovered uses of electricity." [A New Creed]

"There is no conductivity in the ether lines", writes Sinclair, "for selfish desires and motives; for they are not of the soul, but are only sounds of the lips" (or wishes of the material part of us), "so that the established connecting-rod between the living soul and the source of life is insulated from desires that are not begotten in sympathy, and they at once run to earth. Where there is no connection there can be no communion. Without the natural sympathetic etheric connection between the Source of Life and the soul, there can be no communication". "A New Creed", like the sympathetic etheric philosophy of Keely, reveals the connecting link between the finite and Infinite, and teaches us that the primal law of evolution? and of progress is slowly but surely preparing our race for the time when Christianity will be something more than a mere profession, and the brotherhood of humanity will no longer be the meaningless phrase that it now is. We are led to see, by this pure philosophy, that "our solar system is a type of a healthy social system; that in it each one affects, binds, controls, sustains, helps, makes free each other; that no star lives for itself alone; that man was not made to mourn; and that our sufferings arise from our ignorance of the laws governing the innate motive power within us." [A New Creed]

Law of Harmony
"When one looks in nature of every character, the first law is harmony, and is of divine origin, even as life, and when same is not in accord WITH that of the Creative Energy, or God, discord is the result." Cayce (4733-1) (underline added)

"... music that spans the distance between the finite and the infinite." Cayce (3621-1)

"For music alone may span the space from the realms of the divine to the spheres of activity." Cayce (3509-1)

"For remember, music alone may span the space between finite and infinite." Cayce (3659-1)

"Music is the one element which may span the distance between the sublime and the ridiculous." Cayce (5253-1)

".. music, - that is of the nature that brings into association those forces of the celestial as well as the mental and spiritual..

"Then, give particular attention to the music in the experience of the entity; not only as the channel, but as an outlet for itself in its desires for expressions in the mental and the spiritual. For, hath it not been said that only music may span the space between the finite and the infinite? The entity's music maybe the means of arousing and awakening the best of hope, the best of desire, the best in the heart and soul of those who will and do listen. Is not music the universal language, both for those who would give praise and those who are sorry in their hearts and souls? Is it not a means, a manner of universal expression? Thus may the greater hope come." Cayce (2156-1) (underline added)

"Music is what appeals to the latent and the creative force within the entity. For music alone may span the sphere from the sublime to the ridiculous - from the finite to the infinite - from the spheres of activity to realms of the divine. Music is like color, like tone, in that it is a destructive or a creative force - depending upon that to which it appeals, in its influence upon individuals." Cayce (622-2)

"Do learn music. It is part of the beauty of the spirit. For remember, music alone may span the space between finite and infinite. In harmony of sound, in harmony of color - even in harmony of motion itself - all beauty is akin to the soul - self's expression of harmony of the mind. That is, if all these are used properly in relationship to body.

"Not that music is to be made the major portion of thy life. But let much of thy life be controlled by the same harmony which is in the best music - yea, in the worst music also, for it too has its place. But cling to that which you experience by listening and watching a mother sing the lullaby? of Brahms. Catch something that is shown in the love and emotion of the body as it sings the Song of Songs?, or in the pure, true notes of Songs My Mother Taught Me." Cayce (3659-1)

Chinese physicists measure speed of Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’: At least 10,000 times faster than light

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