"Cohesion is electromagnetic negative attraction." See Keely and His Discoveries page 302; also (Tyndall, John; "Sound"; Longmans, Green, and Co., London, 1893, page 179).

As governed by Law of Force

Cohesion increases as molecular motion decreases. Also called molecular magnetism?.

"Cohesion is SYMPATHETIC NEGATIVE ATTRACTION. It is the negative, vibratory assimilation, or aggregation, of the molecules, acting according to the density or compactness of the molecular groupings on their structures. The differing character of the molecular densities, or molecular range of motion, represents differing powers of attraction. The lower the range of motions on the molecular vibrations of these structures, the greater is the attractive force that holds them together; and vice versa." Keely and His Discoveries pg 272

"This is also a form of attraction. Keely states cohesion is sympathetic negative attraction, its degree corresponding to the character of the molecular density. The differing powers of attraction represent differing molecular ranges of motion; the less the molecular vibratory range, the greater the cohesive force and vice versa. Elsewhere he states: "Cohesion is electromagnetic sympathetic attraction?."

He classed molecular cohesion as the dominant order of the electric stream, in other words, the resultant from the polar current of the individual molecules, and says that the negative attractive? property of the molecules, causing their combination in crystalline aggregates, is simply another phase of cohesion.

"If the sympathetic negative polar stream was cut off from the earth the individual molecular neutral centers would float away into space like a swarm of bees." The solidarity of matter is, then, caused by the polar stream, which acts as the medium of attraction. The juxtaposition of unit-matter causes the ethereal atmosphere to become confluent and this polar stream flows through this ethereal atmosphere. The combination of all the molecules in the earth-mass causes a certain degree of confluence of all their ethereal atmospheres and this confluence constitutes the dynasphere of the earth, with the polar stream flowing through this dynasphere.

"If a disc of proper proportions of silver, gold and platinum were used with the Trexar in connection with a "negative focalizer?" (an accessory used in his magnetic engine, which he also calls his "polar radiator?") the alloyed disk would exhibit high induced cohesion by adhering to this focalizer? with such affinity as to become inseparable from it, notwithstanding any force which might be mechanically applied to pry them apart." The Snell Manuscript (external link)

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