Clustered Water

By William French Smith III


When we are born, our trillions of young cells are filled with a special kind of water. This special water is "clustered". Even the DNA in each of our cells, which determines how we grow and what we look like, is folded around a core of this remarkable water.

Why is this special water unlike other forms of water? Why do we lose it, and thus dehydrate, as we age? What does it look like and how does it behave? And what does it do when we drink it?

These are some of the questions this paper will endeavor to answer in lay terms. This is by no means a scientific treatise. It is written for the well-informed reader who may not have a technical or scientific background. In fact, I am not a scientist myself. But I have had the distinct please of knowing and working with Dr. Lee Lorenzen for more than twenty-five years, and I write this as someone who, first, knows how difficult it can be to explain even the basics of such a complex water technology and, second, I write as one who continues to be fascinated day by day with the new Clustered Water results and developments.


The world is now blessed with many different Clustered Water solutions because of a terrible illness. Many years ago, Dr. Lorenzen's wife Penny, became seriously ill. When no known treatment or therapy could help her, Dr. Lorenzen began adapting and applying various resonant techniques to water, in an effort to find something, anything, that would help her. Over time and much prayer, research and experimentation, Dr. Lorenzen was able to replicate and stabilize that special water which is present in high concentrations when we are born. It is a long and wonderful story, which space does not permit here, but Penny remains fit and healthy to this day.

Dr. Lorenzen was recently honored at the University of Paris and also the University of Oslo, Norway. In Norway, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Medicine for developing alternative therapies in the Healing Arts.

Dr. Lorenzen has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry and is licensed in Clinical Nutrition with the American Licensing Board of Nutrition. In February 1991, he became a founding member and Vice Chairman of the Japanese American Resonance Research Society in Tokyo, Japan. He is a member of the German American Society for the Advancement of Biological and Oxygen Therapies in Bad Fussing, Germany and he is a member of the Price Pottinger Nutrition Foundation in San Diego, California.

Dr. Lorenzen has written and narrated many video and audiotapes on nutrition and health care for the general public, and he has lectured extensively on the life sciences around the world. He has published articles on Clustered Water and Resonant Field Theory in the Proceedings of the Western Pharmacology Society, Life Sciences (London), Food Technology Japan, up-to-date Food Processing and La Vie Japan.


Clustered Water molecules are organized into compact, geometric (and beautiful) ringed shapes that look like snowflakes when they are frozen. Billions of these molecular snowflake shapes bind themselves together in a watery world that looks and behaves far different from the tap water or spring waters that all of us drink.

This beautifully organized water (scientists also call it "structured" water) is important because it is more efficient than other waters. It is more mobile than other waters.

We are able to think, run, work and play because of all the remarkable tasks our cells perform. Think of your cells as little factories… and you possess some ten trillion of them. From the day you are born, truckloads of nutrients and vital compounds, such as oxygen, are being delivered to each of your factories. Each cell factory uses the delivered nutrients to build valuable products, like energy, for you to use. Waste and by-products must be separated and trucked out of the factories for disposal or recycling.

And who or what delivers needed nutrients to the factories, and who manages production of the energy, and who removes the waste? WATER! And the water that performs these tasks most efficiently and with the greatest speed is Clustered.


The efficiency and speed of Clustered Water is due to the design and shape of the water molecules and the design and shape of the cell itself. Small, hexagonal water clusters fit into and through the hexagonal channels in the cell membrane and inside the cell. In our "factory" example, the delivery trucks move easily in and out of the delivery gates, swiftly delivering their goods and removing wastes.

When we are young, we have high concentrations of this highly structured water. As we grow older, as we are subjected to stress, contaminants, free radicals, air pollution, etc. we actually begin to dehydrate (thus those wrinkles). At the same time, our God given geometric cell water begins to destabilize, it loses its efficient shape, and unwelcome compounds become bound to the water molecules.

The result is that our delivery trucks have a harder time moving in and out of the factory gates. Because nutrient delivery and waste removal is impaired, we experience a decrease in cell health and a loss of cell communication.

Picture the elegantly designed seabird flying, diving for fish, building its next and feeding its young. It moves smoothly and efficiently within its environment. But even a small amount of oil from a spill will impede its movements and its lifestyle, and will eventually cause illness or death. The same is true for the water molecules that move smoothly and efficiently within their cellular environment. When they become bound with unwanted proteins and other compounds, their mobility and effectiveness become impaired.

Why drink Clustered Water? The answer is twofold:

First, the idea is to replenish the body with the special, small ringed water with which we were born, to allow the delivery trucks to once again pass through the gates freely and deliver needed nutrients… to allow the seabirds to freely feed and fly.

Secondly, we drink Clustered Water to enhance "cell communication", to allow the resonant transfer of vital information between cells at an optimal rate. This is one of the aspects of Clustered Water research that I find most fascinating. Dr. Lorenzen's discovery has made possible the storage of information in pure water, much like information is stored on a CD (water), and processed by microchips (the cells of the body).


In October of 1994, Alfred G. Gilman of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Martin Rodbell of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences received the Nobel Price for determining how the cells of the human body communicate with one another by sending and receiving "radio" signals. Other reputable scientists, including Dr. Lorenzen, have demonstrated that this signal "transduction" was facilitated by the clustered of "ringed" water that is present in the cells of all living things.

Nobel laureate David Baltimore, a molecular biologist at Rockefeller University in New York, is quoted as saying, "Signal transduction is a whole New World of biochemical interactions, the ones we've always been looking for, because these are the interactions that control cell behavior."

Robert Bell, head of the Department of Molecular Cancer Biology at Duke University, is quoted as saying, "Signal transduction is the single most important unifying concept in modern day biology and medicine."

There is ample reason for these dramatic statements. We now know that water plays and active role in cell communication and thus thousands of metabolic functions, and we know that the cell is not the cartoon-like little circle and nucleus we once thought it to be. Rather, it is an extremely complex structure that utilizes organized water not only for enabling chemical reactions, but also for the receiving and sending of vital information.

The DNA (you're familiar with the spiral staircase, double helix illustration) in each of our trillions of cells is constantly transmitting information at lightening speed via resonant frequencies. And, most interestingly, the core of each DNA double helix is a column of water clusters. In addition to the clustered core of the helix, copious amounts of water are organized in multiple layers at the surface of intracellular structural proteins and membranes.

Because of the role played by this highly organized water within the cell, cells possess individual and cooperative resonant patterns that change with age, and vary relative to metabolic efficiency. Through his Clustered Water discoveries, Dr. Lorenzen has demonstrated that these cellular resonance patterns can be enhanced, or "tuned", producing beneficial effects on tissue and organ homeostasis.


The patented Clustered Water Template Induction Process creates rings of water (5, 6 and 7 membered rings) which are collapsed around organic complexes such as proteins, amino acids and other compounds. High frequency vibration is applied to the water-protein complex using the latest in ceramic and laser technology. Prior to the end of the Process, the protein base is removed.

The result is a semi-liquid crystal that resonates at a designed and predictable frequency. The specific frequencies of each crystalline Clustered Water solution are designed to be amplified by the cells of the human body, and transferred through resonant paths to tissues in need of "tuning".

Most present day medications react with the body chemically, very often with complicating side effects and lengthy periods of prescription. The goal of the Clustered Water Template Induction Process is to create non-toxic water solutions that favorably impact biological systems through completely safe coherent energy transfers, using cell systems themselves, much like a fiber optic cable transfers data.


Japanese research utilizing magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated that aging results from dehydration and significant changes in the structure of tissue water. In other words, as the years go by, we not only lose water content, but the structured cell water we do possess becomes bound to unwanted biological macromolecules, resulting in a decrease in the beautiful water clusters with which we began life. Cell communication, nutrient delivery, detoxification, diffusion and molecular movements all suffer with age.

Dr. Lee Lorenzen was bold enough to challenge the accepted notion that this decline in metabolic efficiency was an inevitable result of aging. He reasoned that the decline in water content and the breakdown of water stucture might not simply be an effect of aging, but that it may also be a cause of aging. He believed if he could create a way to replenish bodily fluids with the proper structure of water, then metabolic efficiency and signal transduction could be enhanced throughout the body. Dr. Lorenzen has been proven to be correct.

The result is Clustered Water.

When Clustered Water is consumed, high frequency information is transmitted to proteins in the mouth, esophagus and gastrointestinal tract. These proteins amplify the signal and send it in a cascading wave to other connected cell systems. This wave of information flows throughout the body, acting like a "wake up call" to restore normal bodily function.


Clustered Water is far more than a drink! It is one of many unique consequences of a process filled with limitless applications and endless excitement. Clustered Water is a door that has opened onto new frontiers in medicine, agriculture and industry.

Like most men and women who make significant discoveries, Dr. Lorenzen has in the past been ridiculed, and worse. No more, I'd wager. People of faith who persevere, people who win U.S. patents, people who unselfishly enhance the lives of others, deserve our enduring respect and admiration. God bless him and others like him.

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