"ORGONE" Energy Utilized For Weather Engineering Purposes


Cloud seeding with chemicals is no longer necessary or justified. A superior and more versatile technique already exists in orgone energy weather engineering. This means of weather control - in the wildest sense of the term - takes account of, and works in harmony with, the underlying primary energy continuum out of which all weather emerges into the phenomena world.

NO chemical containments, agents, vaporous infusions or electro magnetic radian are utilized in any way in orgone energy weather engineering. This means of weather control is environmentally pure, versatile and highly effective.The new techniques are also inexpensive when contrasted with the multi million dollar operational costs of Federal cloud seeding programs.

Simple apparatus undetectable except by direct visual sighting or aerial photography, can easily produce regional weather modification - by no means restricted to mere rain making. Such apparatus can be assembled, and has been assembled many times in recent years by the writer, for less that $100. The operational reports covering the use of this apparatus are the most solid evidence of Weather modification-according-to-plan yet published anywhere. The information has been freely supplied to the relevant Federal agencies, in an effort to reduce or eliminate the chemical seeding juggernaut. Ruination of the functioning of the biosphere may well ensue if such action is not soon taken.

History Of Orgone Energy, Weather Engineering

Orgone energy is the name given to the cosmic life energy by its 20th century discoverer, the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, psychiatrist and pioneer of orgonomic weather engineering. Reich was a protege and student of Dr. Sigmund Freud, the distinguished founder of psychoanalysis, and served successively as first clinical assistant and director of Freud's Psychoanalytic Polyclinic in Vienna from 1924-32.

Reich called the physical energy he discovered orgone to identify it permanently with life, organic functioning and with the orgasm, which may be termed the root of physical life. The discovery of this energy was the long term result of the first study ever taken by any scientist of the function of the orgasm. Reich made this study in the 1920s. Discovery of the orgone energy in living systems and in the atmosphere in 1939 - 40 was rooted in Reich's pioneering investigation into human sexual functioning during the previous two decades.

Orgone energy demonstrably exists in everything living as a pulsatory, specific biological Energy of non-electric character. Externally in nature, orgone energy exists as a primordial mass-free energy in the soil, water and atmosphere of the earth. In the latter medium, it is accessible to, and manipulable by extremely simple mechanical contrivances known as cloud blusters (CLB's). Control of the weather in all its functions is a resultant here-now reality.

Reich demonstrated the presence of the energy visually including lumination in vacuo, thermically electroscopicaly, and at the Geiger-Muller counter. His published experiments are replicable by anyone with training in basic scientific method. Dr. Reich also invented a series of devices for detecting and further objectifying this universal physical energy. These devices include the orgone field meter, the orgonoscope for the visual detection of the energy in the atmosphere, and the orgone energy accumulator for producing concentrations of the energy. The continuous liberation of heat - in and above the orgone accumulator - contradicts the Second Law of Thermodynamics, considered by Einstein to be one of the central pillars of modern physics.

The cloudbuster, with its power to manipulate atmospheric orgone energy potentials, is probably the most potent device ever to come into human ken. This potency has two main aspects:

1. Ability to create, shift and destroy major weather systems.

2. Simplicity of construction that makes it available to everyone.

A detailed description of the origin of Reich's discoveries, and the years of painstaking work from which they arose, lies beyond the scope of this article. Suffice it to say that the discoveries were made through consistent application of accepted scientific procedures. Reich's biological discoveries were drawn from verified and re-verified clinical findings, and were carried over into repeatable physical experiments. His discoveries were neither happenstance nor sudden, but the yield from organic, unrelenting concentration upon objective facts and processes.

All Reich's experiments, save those leading to the development of the orgone motor, have been published for replication by other scientists. The energy itself, as the experiments will demonstrate emphatically, is physical.

A small group of professional and amateur workers has continued since Reich's death to consolidate and extend his discoveries. This cadre of experienced orgonomic investigators and workers, should be a major asset in carrying this work forward with official sanction and official legal support. The orgone discovery has emerged as the universal energic principle underlying all otherwise impenetrable paranormal phenomena that not impinge on the outer perimeters of scientific knowledge. The indecisive theories of paraphysics are functionally unified and solidified by Reich's discovery of the orgone energy, and his establishment of its basic determinism.

Orgone Energy Weather Engineering:

While the literature listed at the end of this article will provide the background necessary for understanding the state of the art in orgone energy weather engineering, a substantial investment of time and effort is required for its mastery.

Formal knowledge to the highest academic level is no more than a foundation for beginning the study of orgonomy. In many areas of this new field scientific fundamentals are often reversed or negated, as in the case of the negative entropy of orgone energy. Expertise in any formal discipline of science is not by itself a basis far valid criticism of orgonomic science. The books must be studied. The apparatus must be built. The published experiments must be repeated or attempted before criticism is advanced.

To obviate the time problem posed by the lone studies required, and to open a new field to open minds, this survey requires only that the reader take for granted certain facts concerning orgone -energy in weather control. These facts may be verified from the literature and by actual experiment by the reader. if he should so desire. Orgone energy weather engineering may be understood by accepting tentatively the following basic facts:

  • 1. Orgone energy forms an envelope around the earth, where its concentration is greater than in extraterrestrial space. This envelope moves around the earth from west to east, slightly faster than the physical-material planet. The orgone energy envelope may be envisioned as a bioenergenic torque drive imparting spin to the planet, such torque arising from the heliotropism of living organisms.

  • 2. The orgone energy envelope is the agency by which the world's weather is carried on its generally west to east motion around the earth.

  • 3. Orgone energy motion takes place in the waveform of the spinning wave of kreirelwclle (KRW). The KRW appears in this form when perceived in the orgone accumulator. Similar motion on a huge scale in the atmosphere imparts a specific shaping effect to cloud masses that is directly observable as a "KRW signature." This signature is not identified in any cloud atlas or other work on cloud physics known to the writer of this survey, but is objective over thousands of square miles of ocean and can be readily photographed The KRW signature in clouds is independent of wind movement.

  • 4. Orgone energy has a powerful affinity for the liquid state of matter, especially water.

  • 5. Orgone energy is negatively entropic, following the law of reversed or orgonomic potential. Orgone energy flows from low potential states to high potential states. Charged bodies attract bodies of lesser charge, and withdraw that lesser charge to the limit of their own capacity level.

  • 6. Rows of parallel, hollow metal pipes grounded into water and suitably directed into the atmosphere, have the ability to raise and lower orgonotic potentials in the atmosphere. Such a device is known as a cloudbuster. The formal parameters of meteorology may be manipulated and controlled by such devices through such engineering operations at the primary level.

  • 7. The orgone energy envelope - the womb of the weather — is highly sensitive, continuous, and responsive on a vast and elastic scale to stimuli from cloudbusters. Because of continuity of this energy envelope, the effects of such stimuli can extend over millions of square miles. Billions of tons of atmosphere and atmospheric water vapor can be decisively affected in their concentration, distribution and general behavior.

  • 8. Orgone energy engineering deals with a living, non-electric, universal energy to which current formal education, training and physics give only partial access. A successful orgone engineer in weather control must necessarily be perceptive sensitive to movements and changes in the atmosphere induced by his operations, and be able to guide his apparatus accordingly. He must be able to both understand and tolerate the extremely powerful corresponding movements of the orgone energy in his own biosystem. He must be a skilled orgonomic observer, with a functioning First Orgonotic Sense. i.e. with the ability to perceive the energy directly.

  • 9. All the procedures and reactions involved in orgone energy weather engineering are functional and not mechanical. A functional mode of mentation is therefore, an essential prerequisite for responsible and effective weather control. Persons with no attunement to living processes are not suited to engineering operations of the kind described.

  • 10. There are at the present time no reel experts in this field, only a few men whose ignorance is slightly less vast than that of their fellows unexposed to the new principles. Providing that the above ten points can be taken for granted, we may proceed to discuss basic orgone energy weather engineering and the apparatus employed to effect such engineering.

The CLB consists essentially of a row, or rows, of hollow, parallel metal pipes, one end of which is grounded into water. A rack that will support one end of the pipe row at a suitable height above the ground, while the other end of the row is immersed in water, makes a simple CLB known as a "rack unit." All weather modification operations possible through orgone energy engineering can be effected with such a device. For convenience however, CLB's are usually designed so that the rows of pipes may be swung on a pivot on a turntable. The photographs with this article illustrate a typical modem design.

Variants of the CLB which have been designed and used in practical operations include:

a. The chambered CLB - featuring a powerful orgone accumulator in series with the pipes and between the pipes and the water ground. There are also subvariants of the chambered CLB.

b. The tuned CLB. Units of this kind incorporate radionic tuning of the tubes, based on the original discoveries of the late Dr. Ruth B. Drown. Such tuned CLB's have proved their value in original UFO investigation, quite aside from weather engineering

There are two basic conceptions of CLB functioning:

1. The classical concept, formulated by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, inventor of the CLB.

2. The modem concept, formulated by the author of this article.

Classical Concept

Reich theorized that the grounded pipes "drew" orgone energy from the atmosphere into the water. External physical manifestations, fully observable, support this concept. A major manifestation is the generation of local wind movements towards the CLB from the direction of its aim. Another manifestation, startling when observed for the first time, is the verifiable and repeatable cloud "busting" function from which the device originally derived its name.

Weather control and modification are effected by lowering the orgonotic potentials in the atmosphere wherever the CLB is pointed. According to the particular effect desired, regional weather changes ensue from such shifts in orgonotic potential.

Reich demonstrated that the pipes of his CLB drilled holes in the overcast, or in cloud masses, that reproduced the pattern of the draw pipes as mounted in his CLB. If the CLB were so designed as to have seven pipes mounted in a three-over·four configuration, then holes would appear in the overcast in a corresponding, three over·four pattern.

Reich also showed that when the CLB was aimed directly at a cloud, the cloud was rapidly destroyed, i.e., "busted." Aiming the CLB near a cloud would cause augmentation of the cloud, i.e., expand the cloud in space.

The core of Reich's concept of CLB functioning is that the moisture-binding, moisture·attracting orgone energy is withdrawn from the clouds - or the atmosphere - into the water in the CLB sumping arrangement via the draw pipes. Consequent gross effects in the atmosphere were held by Reich to derive from the ensuing orgonotic potential shifts and exchanges initiated by the CLB's action.

While this classical concept of CLB functioning may be subject to revision in the light of extensive engineering experience since Reich's 1957 death, in fairness to him, it should be emphasized that he was given no chance to explore fully and freely the operation of his own invention. His early pioneering in this field roughly coincided with the harassment

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