In Keely's SVP and music: more than one frequency sounded simultaneously. Modern terminology is vibration signature which is a graphical representation of more than one frequency sounded simultaneously or complex waveform.

The combination of three or more tones played at once. Diatonic c. uses only notes proper to the key. A triad is a chord of three notes in which the lowest is combined with the third and fifth above it. Common c. is a triad in root position. Dominant c. is founded on the dominant of the key. An inverted c. uses a tone other than the root as its lowest tone. Harmony is the study of chords and their relations.

Chord Center
"The difference in the condition of the sympathetic nerve centers, and the variations in the chord aggregation of the masses, as established in the man or woman at birth, constitutes the molecular condition of the individual. The molecular state of animals, vegetables, and minerals depends upon the aggregation of their chord centers." Keely and His Discoveries, page 222

Chord of Harmony
"The molecular state of animal, vegetable and mineral matter depends upon the aggregation of their respective chord centers. It is impossible to make two coins from the same die the same in their molecular aggregation. To produce vibratory devices will require instruments more perfect than any now in existence. One of my perfected instruments shows to the eye the 'molecular effects' produced by the chord of harmony between two neutral centers. (Lissajous figures?) Another, connected with the 'sympathizer' denotes accurately by the color of the sound (or sound combination) the number of vibrations necessary to induce `certain mechanical combination effects'." The Snell Manuscript (external link)

Chord of Life
"These as they make for the raising of that from within of the Creative Forces, as it arises along that which is set within the inner man as that cord (chord) of life that once severed may separate, does separate, that balance between the mind, the body, the soul; these three, as accorded within the human forces, are the activities that were carried on by thy self in movement of body in its every motion that made for the uplifting up, the intoning in of self within; that there might come, as it were, the sound as of many waters; or as the morning stars in their circuit about the earth may sing with the glorious coming of the light into the experience of man to raise same to his at-oneness and his attunement with those beauties of the coming of the sons of men into the earth that God in His Oneness of Purpose may bring those activities with the sons of God as an at-onement in their purposes in the earth. The glorifying of Him in the dealings and associations with the fellow man, and these find their attunement in each chord as it rings one with another in all the music that may be heard from every sound that follows in eeiu-u-u-ummmm in its forms, through that attunement along the pineal to the source of light within the self to make for the emotions of glorifying alone." Cayce (275-43)

"For the experience becomes rather as a very delicate instrument of music upon which the chords of life (which is God) are played." Cayce (1436-2)

Chord of Mass Sympathy
"To illustrate "chord of mass sympathy" Keely filled a glass chamber 40 inches high with water and placed in it three metal spheres each weighing about six ounces, and having the respective mass chords of B flat, first octave E flat, second octave and B flat, third octave, which all rested on the floor of the container.

When B flat, first octave was sounded through the transmitter the positive end of which was attached to the cover, the sphere with the corresponding mass chord rose slowly to the top. Upon changing to the negative it descended as gently as it rose. The other spheres moved likewise on sounding their respective mass chords.

This indicates that the conclusion reached by the Scholastic school is correct, in that: "WHEN ONE BODY ATTRACTS ANOTHER BODY, THE EFFECT IS AGGREGATE, THE RESULT OF ONE WHOLE OPERATING ON ANOTHER WHOLE, AND NOT THE SUM OF THE EFFECTS OF THE PARTS OF ONE ON THE PARTS OF THE OTHER." The Snell Manuscript (external link)

Chord, Progressive Sympathy
"The chords will be set in progressive sympathy from the first octave to the fortieth..." Keely and His Discoveries

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