Chapter 5 - Prelude - The Transformation of Man


Prelude—the Transformation of Man

When man shall at last know God he shall then be transformed.

Dynamic knowledge of the Identity and Presence of God within the Soul of Man–and throughout all Nature is a necessary stage for the human race to attain before it is possible for him to build an enduring civilization of unity and brotherhood.

The only reason man has never known God is because he is still in his intellectual infancy and his ideals and practices are still pagan and barbarous.

To know God man must know what Light is, and energy, Magnetism, electricity, gravitation and God’s processes in the building of bodies which manifest His Presence and His purposes. And he must know the mysteries of life, death, and growth, and of the seed into which even the giant oak disappears but still retains its identity. And he must know how man retains his identity when he also disappears.

No man has yet known these things. The concepts of modern sages regarding them are totally unlike God’s processes. The conclusions of man regarding them are the conclusions of his senses. His Mind has never yet pierced their illusions. He still senses EFFECTS without knowing their CAUSE.

These things you shall now know–and when you comprehend them within your Inner Self you will then know God.

We shall now devote this entire chapter to the complete understanding of the Identity and Presence of God. It has always been presumed that God is, and forever will be incomprehensible and unprovable, because He is invisible, and that which will not respond to human senses must be beyond human knowing.

That is not true. The invisible can be KNOWN and COMPREHENDED even though it cannot be seen. One cannot see gravity, but one can know and comprehend it, for one must obey it or perish. Polarity, truth, silence and love cannot be seen but these invisible realities constitute the great powers which rule the universe, and they too can be KNOWN. Climaxing all these is your Mind. You cannot see your Mind, nor ours, but you know that your Mind is the basis of you, and that it controls your visible body. Likewise, you cannot see God’s Mind yet you know that this universe is His creation and that He rules it with a power which you also cannot see, but you must obey it together with all creating things.

Primate man demanded a God who could be seen. He worshipped the sun, then made idols. Our present civilization is still pagan. It has never passed beyond that stage. The great mass of mankind still conceives a huge objective manshaped God with human emotions of wrath and vengeance.

It is time that the human face should know God. as He IS. A happy, progressive and enduring race is impossible until that new dawn of Conscious awareness of His ever-present Being is intimately close to us always. How far away from that day are we? Out of the world’s pagan thousands of millions there are but a few who have begun to comprehend that the path to the Light of the inner kingdom is illumined with Love, and that Love is inevitable and irrevocable LAW which no one can violate and survive. Our present almost primitive civilization is barbarian, in the respect that it is attempting to survive, endure, be happy and prosperous by violating God’s Law of Love. Man has not yet learned that he cannot violate or break God’s Law, but that the Law can break him. When man thinks he is breaking the law by hurting his brother, he is but fulfilling the law of balance which regives to him the hurt which he has intended to inflict upon another.

You shall now begin to know that great mystery which has for ages hidden its face from man. That knowledge of the Identity of God will so increase your spiritual unfolding that your inner-sensory perception will lead you far into the path which leads to the “Brahmic Bliss,” which Buddha bade men seek, or “The kingdom of heaven,” which Jesus told man to seek. It is not possible for this age of man to comprehend God unless false conceptions of electricity, magnetism, gravitation, energy and the construction of the atom, as now conceived, are eliminated and replaced with Nature’s ways and processes.

All of man’s fundamental conceptions have been the result of forming conclusions which have been based upon the outer-vision of the senses, and not upon the inner-vision of the Mind. The senses see illusion and are mightily deceived. Mind-vision does not deceive for CAUSE begins there, and EFFECT is but its product.

The truth of all fundamentals of Nature are just the reverse of the conclusions of science, just as the reflections in a mirror are the reverse of their cause. These conclusions began with someone rubbing amber and glass with wool and silk, and progressed through Newton and other very much deceived observers up to the fantasy of Neils Bohr’s impossible atom, which has no resemblance to Nature, whatsoever. The gravity concept at least resembles Nature in reverse, but the Rutherford-Bohr atom has not even that virtue.

When we explain the true nature of electricity we will clearly demonstrate that the familiar model of the atom, which shows electrons moving in orbits of many intersecting planes around one centering nucleus, is an utter impossibility in Nature. It defies every principle of the electric current and the wave, and should, therefore, be relegated to pure invention. It is difficult to describe the shocking effect such a concept has upon an Illuminate who can “see” into the atomic or stellar systems without microscope or telescope, while the outer-vision cannot even discern what holds matter together with twenty million dollar cyclotrons. When you know Nature’s working principle you will comprehend what a shock it is to know that it is possible for an enlightened age to believe that electrons in certain numbers revolve around inert gases. When you know what the office of inert gases is in Nature you will be even more shocked.

To exemplify our meaning let us remind you of the familiar belief that magnetism is a force, separate and apart from electricity, which has the power to pick up nails on a bar magnet and tons of iron on a giant magnet. Scientific terminology is redundant with references to such effects as magnetic lines of force, the earth’s magnetic field, and electromagnetism, when every effect attributed to magnetism is solely electric. Furthermore, there is no such separate force as magnetism which performs the work of Creation. That which man thinks of as a magnetic force is spiritual Light of Mind and not a physical working force of Creation. Likewise, we hear constant references to negative electricity, negative charge, and negatively charged particles, which are as impossible in Nature as silent sound is impossible.

Perhaps the most fundamental of misconceptions is the Coulomb electric law which says that opposites attract, and that gravitation also is a force which pulls inward from within, and that it attracts other bodies, when, in fact, both of these beliefs are just the opposite from the facts of Nature upon which they were misconceived. Coupled with this unnatural conception is ,the equally unnatural one to the effect that the universe WAS CREATED about two billion years ago, and is now radiating its energy away, instead of it BEING CREATED eternally. With that concept there is no room for an “uphill flow of energy.” There is but a “downhill flow.” Knowledge of the nature of electricity would quickly dispel that idea that the universe itself is on its way to death. There are two opposed actions to every electric pulsation. One of them is GENEROACTIVE, which multiplies compression. That is Nature’s “uphill flow,” which charges. The other is RADIOACTIVE, which multiplies expansion, and that is its “downhill flow,” which discharges. For this reason it is time that we begin to know the true nature of electricity and Magnetism, rather than theorize from what our senses tell us.

Figure 9 illustrates the modern conception of electricity which is not in conformity with Nature.

When the true nature of electricity is comprehended it will then be possible to comprehend why the Rutherford-Bohr atom concept is utterly unlike Nature. You will gradually understand, that all Nature is based upon the love principle which is expressedby giving and regiving. Nature never TAKES. The present concept of gravity is based upon TAKING, for it supposedly pulls inward from within itself. Nature does not work that way. Nature does not even “absorb from within,” nor are there inward explosions in Nature, nor is there such a force as attraction or contraction. This seems to be an amazing statement but it is a true one, nevertheless, as we shall see when we go back to cause and are no longer deceived by the illusions of effect.

Man’s concept of gravity as being an attractive force which pulls inward from within, is diametrically opposed to the facts of Nature. Gravity is the controlling center of a compressive electric force which is exerted from the outside of matter instead of within it. As you gradually understand the electric wave, and its enclosing cubic wave-field, and the balance principle upon which all motion is based, you will have different concepts in relation to attraction, contraction, absorption, balance and the universal equilibrium. When you fully comprehend what the invisible Light is, and the two divided lights are, you will also have a different concept of matter.

With this necessary prelude finished we will now proceed to build true concepts as a basis for your comprehension of God and His process for creating the pairs of units of divided light in motion, which are known as matter. So fully has science been deceived by the illusions of motion that it has built up a great field of its own in the scientific world which is commonly known as nuclear physics. As its name implies this concept is based upon the belief that the atom is held together from its inside by a nucleus, and that nucleus is composed of certain particles which act upon each other in some mysterious and unexplained way to hold themselves together and cause oppositely charged particles, known as electrons, to revolve around them. These electrons supposedly revolve in shell-like layers around the nucleus. By adding one more electron to each element it becomes the next element in the series.

There are no particles, or groups of particles, which hold the atom together as nuclei. Gravity does not work that way. All creating matter is centered by holes of space except one element in each octave. The Energy of Creation centers each hole. That centering, invisible, omnipotent Energy is God’s Mind and your Mind. Naturally you cannot see it, but you can KNOW it, for it is your Identity, and your intelligence. It is the Source of your creations as it is the Source of all Creation. That is what Jesus meant when He told man that the kingdom of heaven is within. That, also, is what He meant when he said: “My Father and I are ONE.”

The time has come in human history when all men must know exactly what these teachings of the great Illuminate really meant. The time has come when man’s spiritual unfolding shall awaken the Light of genius, Cosmic Consciousness and Christ Consciousness in all men. Man will never know the happiness and peace of One World of Universal Brotherhood until that day shall come.

The impossibility of a centering nucleus in the atom is because of the fact that the atom is not pulled together from the inside, it is compressed together from the outside. This is one more example of the deceptions which motion practices upon those who look upon reflected effects with their outer-senses instead of upon the cause of those effects with the inner-Mind.

As these lessons proceed we will take you right within the atom itself so you can see every one of them as clearly as we see them. A ten-year-old boy could know the atom as familiarly as he knows his alphabet if he but be made aware of the true nature of electricity, and its utterly simple basic working principle, as so clearly demonstrated in the unknown wave in which all the secrets of the universe are locked to the outer-vision of man.

We Define God


GOD is Light. And God is Love. And God is inexorable Law.

God is the invisible, motionless, sexless, undivided and unconditioned White Magnetic Light of Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Mind.

In all this universe of countless many things there is but One Light–which is Mind of God–and the two extended lights of His thinking, which His imagining created to manifest His Being in seeming action. There is naught else in all Nature than God’s knowing Mind at rest and the motion of Mind-thinking.

God’s knowing is Magnetic. God’s thinking is electric.

God has but one IDEA, one DESIRE, one PURPOSE, one ACTION and one LAW. His one idea is His unity in Father-Mother Love. His one desire is to think action, and rest from action, in sequential intervals. His one purpose is to think His knowing of what He IS, and what He KNOWS, into His own image. His one action is to give. His one law is that what He gives must be balanced by equal regiving.

His Law of Balance is the law of Love upon which His universe is founded, for God is Love–and the universe must reflect His image.

God’s Magnetic Light universe is at rest. It is balanced.

God’s electric universe must, likewise, be balanced in its rest, its actions, and in its givings and regivings.

God’s One Law of Balance must be as inexorably obeyed as that part of it which is known as gravity, must be inexorably obeyed.

To think what He IS, and what He KNOWS, into imaged-forms to manifest Him by motion, God divides His still Magnetic Light into electric mate pairs. He extends these pairs which He has divided, to two measured Magnetic foci which He, likewise, extends to balance this division, and multiplies their power of control over action to manifest His Omnipotence in the ratio of their extension.

The two Magnetic foci, which are Magnetic poles in man’s knowing, are extended from His fulcrum stillness, along wave paths of His eternal stillness, to control their manifestation of His imaginings from within all creating bodies, and to balance their separateness from without.

He, likewise, divides His Omnipresence by centering every particle of creating matter in His whole limitless universe with the still Light of His own PRESENCE. From each center where He thus stands, He reaches out his right arm to one pole, and His left arm to the other one, to form a shaft around which each separate unit of all Creation must move to manifest the cycles of His thinking. In this manner each Mind-centered body in all Creation has at its command, and as its inheritance, all-power and all-knowledge to draw upon in the measure of man’s desire, and in the measure of the awareness of God’s centering Presence within each unit.

Aeons pass before aught but sensation–then instinct–makes bodies aware of the centering Light of that Divine Presence. Long ages pass before thinking and knowing transcend sensation and instinct. When thinking begins, knowing also begins. More long ages pass before God’s ultimate Creation–MAN–knows of his divinity through full comprehension of the whisperings of the Inner Silent Voice which forever says to him: “What I am you also are.”


God, the One Knower, becomes three by His imagining. The still Light of the Knower, and the moving lights of His thinking, are the Trinity which God is in all things in this universe.

God, the One Father-Mother divides His sexlessness to extend father and mother bodies from His Oneness. The one desire of these separated male and female particles, or masses, is to unite to void their separateness. Upon this formula God’s electric universe of motion is founded.

The sexless Father-Mother Creator is One. His extended sex-conditioned, male and female bodies are the completion of His Trinity.

Rest and action are three. Space and matter are three. Equilibrium and motion are three. Dimensions and pressures are three. The heartbeat of the universe, and yours, are three. Likewise, its breathings and yours, its temperatures and yours, and all things else of the universe, and you, are three.


This diagram illustrates the entire process of creating–and recreating matter. The Father-Mother electrically divides His ONENESS into pairs of father and mother bodies. The electrical strain of separation is equaled by an opposite strain, or tension, of desire for ONENESS. Unity thus attained is repeated in similar electrically dividing and uniting pulsations, forever.


God, the Creator, divides His one white Light by extending its ONENESS into electrical tensions of vibrating red and blue pairs. The tensions of this electrical division are equaled by a desire for unity, which is attained at the Point of white incandescence in matter. Unity thus attained is repeated forever by the same dividing, uniting process of electrical action-reaction pulsations. Reproduction cannot take place until the red and the blue lights of sex-divided motion are voided in the still White Light of the Creator. Man alone, of all Creation, ever knows of his Omniscience.

The swinging of the pendulum is three, as the spectrum and the fulcrum and lever, also, are three.

The cathode is on–but its extended pairs of anodes in the electric current of man, and of space, adds up to three.

Silence is one–but sound springs from silence when its divided moving pair collide–so sound is three, and its vibrations in sequences of rest and action, are also three.

God is ONE in all CAUSE–but in all EFFECT He is three. And all that are three are nine–for all that are three are multiplied by three in this visible cube dominated universe of three dimensions.


God decentrates His electric thinking to imagine idea. He then concentrates to form a moving body-image of idea.

Mind-decentration and electrical-depolarization are one. Mind-concentration and electrical-compression are, likewise, one. Generoactivity, compression and polarization are also one. They constitute the life principle. Radioactivity, expansion and depolarization are one. They constitute the death principle.

Man’s Mind and God’s Mind are ONE. Man’s thinking and God’s thinking are ONE.

Man decentrates to conceive idea and concentrates to create a body in the image of his idea, exactly as God does.

God’s thinking is electrically expressed by extension from a point of rest in space to a compressed point of rest in matter. It then electrically expands to a point of rest in space to disappear into its Source. This is God’s way of dividing rest with action. It is also man’s way during all of his brief cycles–but when the rest interval for the longest cycle comes he calls it death and the end, for man does not yet know that God’s ways, and man’s, are ONE. Nor does he yet know that he cannot die.

Man charges his batteries that way to give them life. He discharges them to void their life–then recharges them. All bodies are batteries. Growing bodies are charging batteries. Nature’s bodies aye charged batteries. Discharging batteries are dying batteries. Discharged batteries are like unto dead bodies. There is no life in them because there is no motion. Nature forever recharges her bodies–beginning her charging in their seed and discharging back to seed.

Life is motion. Death is rest. Each is fulcrum of the other. There is no death in Nature, save man’s belief in death.

God’s Magnetic Light is eternal life. God’s thinking is eternal life in action, divided by rest. Life in matter is but a pulsing simulation of eternal Life in God–the ONE.


God’s thinking is universal. His actions spring from His thinking, therefore, God’s actions are universal. Thoughts do not take place just here, or there, where they begin. They are everywhere, and their beginning and ending are one.

Actions, likewise, are as Omnipresent as their Source in Mind-thinking. That which happens anywhere happens everywhere in this universe of naught but Mind-extension.

Idea has no extension, but idea, divided by imagining, extends into an imaged infinity, and repeats its divisions like unto the infinity which the kaleidoscope repeats, and multiplies its imaginings as it repeats.

When God thinks at any one point of rest in His universe, that point becomes the center of an invisible cube of White Magnetic Light. From there it is harmonically repeated as cube centers throughout His Cosmic Kaleidoscope, at the rate of several hundred billions of cyclic pulsations every second. Their speed of extension into this three dimensional illusion is about 186,400 miles per second.

Radical expansion of beginning points compress motion into cube planes of rest in space. These are reflecting mirrors of Magnetic Light which project God’s thought-imaged forms onto His universal screen of space to simulate a reality of existence where not anything is, not even the motion which so convincingly seems to be there.

Invisible cubes of Magnetic Light, and of zero curvature, are the boundings of wave-fields within which the curved universe of reflected spherical forms are projected to constitute this electric thought-wave universe of complex illusion.

God begins each electric thought-wave at a point of His White Light at the intersection of the three inner planes of the cube, which are at right angles to each other. This point of beginning is the wave fulcrum. It is also the point of idea-conception in Mind. It is the centering eye of the inert gas of the elements which springs from that plane. It is, likewise, the cathode center of man’s electric current and the beginning of the wave-shaft which extends two ways to divide the red half of the spectrum from the blue, to create separated father and mother bodies. Here also is where time and all other dimensions begin, as well as all other effects, such as life, compression, polarization and heat. Here also is where all depolarizing dimensions and effects end and disappear into invisibility, silence, and cold stillness of space.

Fig. 20 Fig. 21 Fig. 22

The nine zeros which bound the three projections mirrors to cause the illusion
of a three dimensional universe.

Fig. 23 Fig. 24 Fig. 25

The three projection mirrors of the Cosmic Cinema

Fig. 26 Fig. 27

Figure 26: The six mirrors which form the screen of space upon which the cosmic drama of Creation is thrown.

Figure 27: The whole wave-field projection machine of nine Magnetic mirrors, which create the illusion of form and motion in this zero universe of electrically recorded Mind-imagining.


Every polarized action-reaction counts up to nine–never more–never less. The wave octave formula for the elements of matter and the color spectrum is nine–being eight, centered by zero, as follows:


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
upon which our decimal system is founded.

1. The total count of equators is nine.
2. The eight corners of the cube, and its centering zero, equal nine.
3. The eight sections of the divided cube, centered by zero, are also nine.
4. The zeros upon each of the nine equators total nine, being eight centered by zero.

God creates three pairs of disunited male and female bodies upon His extending octave wave shaft–and then a united fourth pair at His thought-wave amplitude. This united, balanced pair is an incandescent sphere. At that point in the wave, and that only, the disunited father and mother unite as ONE at its white center. One of its hemispheres, however, is still the red light of the father and the other one is the blue light of the mother; for each is still extended from its centering Oneness.


God’s Magnetic cube is three, multiplied by three. Its planes of zero curvature are nine, and its boundary angles are the eight corners and the centering one of the fulcrum Source. Cube wave-fields are the eight mirrors of Magnetic Light which project dimensioned and conditioned forms to all the universe from one wave-field to another throughout all Creation. Divided light opposes its division. Opposed pressures arise from resistance to this division. Curvature arises from resistance to two-way opposed motion. Resistance is gentle at cathode beginnings but multiplies its resistance with cyclonic fury at anode endings. Here is where gravity collisions of sex unions borns whirling, incandescent carbon, silicon or suns, according to the measure of Mind-desire exerted electrically at anode points.

Within the Magnetic cube of zero curvature a universe of opposed curved-pressures is born. Each curved pressure within it is a lens to multiply or divide, heat or freeze, compress or expand, solidify or vaporize all pressures of motion which pass through its concavity or convexity. In this manner God’s curved universe of curved directions and curved cellular forms appear upon His Cosmic screen for an interval to simulate the many and the complex, and then disappear into His Oneness to rest for an interval between thought-pulsation frequencies. Thus the cube, which is the Oneness of all form, is imaged as the sphere in God’s imaged universe. The cube and the sphere are one. The sphere is an incandescent cube, and the cube is a frozen sphere. The planes of the cube are nine, and their projections into the spectrum of the incandescent sphere are nine.

Frozen incandescent spheres of carbon become cubes. They image the cube of their cold wave-field. Their wave position is the only one of undivided balance in the wave, and all other positions are unbalanced because of their separateness, but balanced with an equally unbalanced mate. That is also why the very many moving particles in octave waves exhibit different qualities and transient changing forms to which man gives so many names, not knowing that one which he names this becomes that almost timelessly. That is why heating, moving forms are curved and cellular, while cold ones lose their curvature and reflect the planes of zero curvature of their cube Source in space. Water drops are cellular when warmed above their freezing points, but below that point they become hexagonal crystals to reflect their positions in their cube wave. Vast complexities of crystal forms thus arise from balanced and unbalanced matings, and from separateness as well, such as the distorted cubes of copper or sodium iodide, or the octahedrons and dodecahedrons of more dense elements farther removed from wave amplitudes.


God’s Mind centers all things, all minerals, all vegetables, all animals, and every cell which constitutes their bodies. He gives life and Purposefulness to all things. Bodies acquire awareness of Purpose only through electrical messages of command from Mind which centers them, for no body could otherwise move, survive or fulfill its purpose without being centered and polarized by Mind. Cells, glands, white or red corpuscles, hormones and other parts of bodies, must fulfill their purposes. In themselves they are helpless to move or act their parts in Nature’s plan. Each part and each whole of all cell groups is centered by the Intelligence which centers the whole structure, whether ant, violet or man. Every creating particle of matter in the universe is a polarized Mind-extension. When each particle disappears to rest for each pulsation interval it withdraws within that Intelligence from which it extended as a patterned form of idea.

Man is the consummate image of God’s imagining, just as carbon is the consummate element. It is not a part of God’s intent that carbon should have inner awareness of its divine origin and identity, but it is intended that man should have. Mind and Soul centers every carbon crystal, nevertheless, or it could not fulfill its purpose as part of the patterned body of tree or man.

In all this vast universe there is naught but Mind and thought-motion.

All motion is but an electric recording of the Mind-thought which centers it. It is also the record of the idea it simulates. In the idea is purpose of idea. In the electric recording, therefore, the mechanics of idea, thought and purposefulness are lodged, otherwise The Creator could not create.

God’s universe is living, and is purposeful. Wherever there is motion, there also is God commanding His thought-forms to fulfill their purposes.

Know thou that God does not extend His Self into his moving universe, for the God-Light is still. Its stillness centers all things–and it, likewise, centers the shafts of all motion which turns around it, shafts which are levers of fulcrums and end at poles which measure extensions.

Naught exists but God. Man, exists as ONE with God, but until he is aware of his Oneness he is but a thought-recording image of God’s imagining. Some day he will know, however, for that is God’s intent in creating Man. Know thou, therefore, that motion merely simulates God’s knowing, and God’s qualities, and the purposefulness of His divine drama of Creation. Simulations are not reality, however, nor do they exist. Imaginings come and go. They change and have dimension. God’s imaginings are not God, however. The play cannot be the Playwright,


When God, the Father-Mother, divided the Light of His sexless Oneness into the red light of the father, and the blue light of the mother, He ordained that the father light must penetrate the light of the mother, and be forever within her womb to live, and without her womb to die. Thus it is that the red fires which center our father of earth, lie enfolded within the blue coolness of earth’s crust, and the cooling blue oceans and atmosphere of the encircling mother womb. Thus it is that the compression of the mother womb generates beat to polarize and vitalize the father seed of life which is enfolded in that womb. That process of sex interchange between the blue and the red lights which beget life, continues to beget life to give back to its Source until the mother can no longer compress life into the father, and thefather can no longer discharge beat into the mother to continue to beget father and mother bodies.

When this has come to pass both expand. The earth emerged from the surrounding womb of the sun to cool and thus beget a father within her pregnant womb, to continue God’s one process of creating bodies until both father and mother slowly depolarize by expansion of both, and both continue their journey into the Magnetic cold from which they emerged.

Mother and father reverse their spectrum positions, however. The womb of the mother is on the inside and the father surrounds it by a ring, such as one sees in the Lyra Nebula. One can also see the birth of a new star in the very center of that great black cathode hole which the mother womb is. That is the way that God turns the anodes of His thinking inside out to rest, and outside in to again become anodes. God’s process of creating bodies through sex interchange is based upon the sex urge of the divided color spectrum of light to void its color divisions and become the White Light of rest from which its tensions were extended.

God is ONE–at eternal rest. Creation is TWO in the perpetual tensions of motion. The divided two in action desire rest in Oneness. They find rest by interchange, but lose it as they find it until they can interchange no more. A long interval of rest in “death” then follows but it is only an interval. It is just one black gap of the many rests between actions of God’s Cosmic cinema, which simulates the Idea of Creation which He has imagined into seeming being. Life in Mind is eternally existent. Life in matter eternally repeats its simulations of existence.


God is ONE. His Oneness is manifested in all things. His White Light must be manifested in His universal image. The incandescent white light of a sun center manifests the Oneness of its Source in the Magnetic White Light of Mind.

Man is the consummate manifestation of God’s imagining of His very Self. God’s image in man is not yet complete. The time will come to every man when the Light which is God will be known in every man. That White Light of God centers every man. Few there are, or have ever been who know that Light within them, but all men must eventually know that Light as their spiritual natures unfold.

God’s Oneness is imaged in the elements of matter. Carbon is the consummate element beyond which there is no possibility of extension, even as the cube or sphere cannot possibly be extended. The suns of the heavens are incandescent carbon. The still White Light of Mind centers carbon and unites its male-female pair as ONE. All other elements are in carbon and are incandescent in God’s suns which are the seed for His universal garden of living things. All things are always carbon when incandescent, no matter how they may be divided for enfoldment in the womb of creating things to become a violet, a willow twice or body of man. No matter what these may be their residue left over from white heat is carbon–only carbon, the ONE THING of all matter. All things in Nature spring from their patterned seed which is their concept in the White Light of Mind. The seed is the Oneness of the uncountable many which unfold from it and refold into it.

Likewise, all chemical elements of the octaves are red and blue lights which are projected from the pure White Light of their inert gases, which are their octave seed. They return to their invisible Oneness by radioactive emanations which are pure White incandescent, microscopic suns. Man calls them alpha, beta, gamma or helium rays as they emanate from tungsten, actinium, radium or uranium at almost the speed of light. Each of them is the seed for another body of its like kind, as suns are seed for all bodies.

Not one complex creation of Nature can lose its Oneness. God extended them from Him to be like unto Him in His image. The great oak has many parts which multiply in number as they unfold from the Oneness of their seed. Its countless parts take on dimension in length, breadth and thickness which were dimensionless in their seed. It weighs many tons and gives shade to many things while purposefully manifesting God in action. When it refolds within its seed to rest, however, all of these dimensions and multiplicity of parts disappear into the Oneness of its seed to regive to their Source that which had been given to the tree. The tree is not dead, however. What it has been it still is. No microscope of man can find one electron of that tree within its seed, for if one could find what is really there one would find God. The patterned tree is the image of Mind-imagining. Mind-Light projected that image into space to manifest Mind-imagining. Mind rested between its cycles of imagining and withdrew the image into its equilibrium. Every unit of Creation unfolds and refolds in that life-death manner. Nothing has happened to the Idea of the tree. It eternally exists and will again unfold into action and again become the imaged form of Mind-imagining in repeated sequences when conditions of electric pressures are favorable for its reappearance. Even though ten billion years pass, and this planet has journeyed beyond its present pressure conditions, that tree will reappear on Venus, then on Mercury, just as it long ago appeared and disappeared on Saturn and Jupiter.


God thinks in electric pulsations which are recorded in motion as four pairs of rings which are compressed into spheres. Each cyclic pulsation is manifested by the projection of four concentric light rings in one plane from one point of Magnetic Mind-Light, in which the red half of the spectrum is on the outside of the rings and the blue half on the inside. These four rings are the seed of the octave wave and occupy that position in the wave known as the zero group of the elements, or inert gases.

The wave is created by dividing the four sexless rings of the inert gases into four pairs of oppositely sex-conditioned rings, and projecting them toward sex mates of adjoining wave-fields to find balance and unity in each other. God’s concentrative thinking compresses these mate rings as they are projected. This is the generoactive (uphill flow of energy) principle which multiplies power and speed in the inverse ratio of the cube, as they are thus centripetally projected, until the red and blue pair of cyclonic vortices, thus resulting, collide at wave amplitudes, midway between the two zero cathodes from which they were projected. This is the manner in which unbalanced and separated sexed pairs are united into the Oneness of the two balanced and equal hemispheres of spherical incandescent suns.

Within the four zero rings of the wave is the cathode mother womb of space which is seeking the outside to fulfill her office of borning the seed of the father. To aid this process the four pairs of projecting rings gradually close up their centering holes as the rings are compressed from their cone bases toward their apices, where the collision of sex-mating completes the closing in the incandescent sphere thus formed.

Figure 29

Nature creates sex-conditioned bodies by polarizing an equilibrium condition. Nature destroys bodies by depolarizing them. Nature repeats bodies through interchange between their opposite conditions. All bodies are eternally repeated.

The wave shaft itself is the still God-Light of Mind which is like unto the still eye of the cyclone at the polarized end of the cyclone shaft. The true sphere thus formed marks the maturity of the imaged-form which is at amplitude. This is where microscopic suns of almost timeless duration are formed. Here also is where majestic suns of huge mass and durations of billions of ages in duration are also formed, to function as seed for horning of planets and lesser forms of God’s imaginings. From that point of maturity of such flaming carbon masses as our sun, God’s decentrative thinking causes these suns to project rings from the plane of their equators in series of four which, likewise, compress into planets in series of four. These, likewise, forever project rings in series of four until all that God gave in light rings of His electric pulsings are regiven to the four of their zero group as refolding records of that which has been unfolded.

Within this process lies the mystery of the seed and its growth as its pattern unfolds, and the record of the pattern as it refolds. And as suns throw off rings they oblate in like ratio and the holes come again as one can see in the Dumbbell nebula which was once a mighty sun, or in thousands of other ring formations throughout our heavens. See figures 30, 31, and 32.

God projects His thought-recording rings from the cathode zero, in pairs along the wave shaft in planes of 90 degrees from it. Likewise, He matures His thought-imaged form so that its equator is in a plane which is 90 degrees from the wave axis.

The creator’s atomic systems do not begin in the wave in elements which are centered by holes. They begin only when centrifugal force has

Figure 30

Illustrating the death principle in all matter. Spheres are created by compressing rings to form them. Spheres are then disintegrated by projecting rings from them until a black hole surrounds their axis of rotation and they gradually expand until they eventually disappear into their cathodes.

multiplied sufficiently to throw off spiral arms and rings from equators of matured suns. Until that time all forming elements are centered by the gradually lessening cathode holes of the mother womb until the invisible patterned seed of the inert gas becomes the visible patterned body form of the seed image. During this entire cycle the still Magnetic Light of the centering cathode is projecting rings outwardly from it in pairs around a wave-shaft, to manifest the Love principle of giving, while the compressed bodies thus formed are exploding outwardly, likewise, to manifest the principle of re-giving.

The result may better be pictured by the tornado which every action in Nature emulates. All electrical motion in the octave wave turns spirally around centering, still Magnetic shafts, just as cyclones do. All electrical compression begins by violent expansion to create a condition which borns its opposite, as all opposites in Nature do. This effect is the answer to the electrical engineer’s question which asks WHY his electric current is only at the surface of his wires and cables, and not all through them, except at the points where loops of force count his impulse frequencies for him. If it were possible for him to slice an electrical current into sections he would find that each section would be a ring whirling around a still center, except at points where collisions occur between the two lights of the spectrum, which are so forcibly projected from cathode zeros.

Thus it is that gravity is seemingly created to control the compressive force of Nature and the regiving reaction of the creation of an expansive force. Expansion is the result of MIND-DESIRE TO GIVE by its outward explosive effect from its zero cathode. The regiving of compressed energy, likewise, is an outward explosive effect, as electric compression ceases, and the result of that effect is to born its opposite and leave great black holes within compressed masses as they return to the zero of their Magnetic stillness.

Thus it is that God’s Law of Love is manifested in every action-reaction of Nature. After long aeons of man’s hard experiences in learning how to manifest the Love principle in his dealings with other men, he will some day know his own Oneness with God, and find happiness and peace which can only come to him by having made that supreme discovery of his own divinity.

Figure 31

All matter, from microscopic cells to majestic suns “unwind” spirally, and centrifugally by ejecting rings from the planes of their equators.

Figure 32

The centering shaft, around which suns rotate, again compresses another sun into its vortex to repeat the process until all its mass disappears as rings. Lyra and Hydrae nebula are good examples in the stellar system and Saturn well exemplifies how planets in our solar system, disappear into their zero.


We have thus described the manner in which all creating bodies “emerge from space” for an interval to fulfill their destined purposes, and are then “swallowed up by space” to rest for an interval before again emerging to continue the fulfillment of their purposes. God’s one desire to think action, and rest from action, in sequential intervals, is thus fulfilled. Likewise, His one action of giving for regiving to manifest His Love, is also fulfilled, together with His one motive for seemingly dividing His unity into two desires for unity.

These are the qualities of God’s imagining which He projects upon the screen of His vast space in such rapid sequences of changing patterns that the senses of man are deceived by seeing motion where no motion is. Likewise, that which he sees as life in living bodies and death in dying bodies, is but simulated motion to simulate life. This universe of seeming motion is but an electric recording of Mind-imaginings. God’s one purpose, which is to think what He IS, and what He KNOWS into His own image, is thus fulfilled. All of His Creation is for the fulfilling of that one ideal. Man is the consummate ideal of His purpose, for man alone, of all His Creation, can become aware of his Oneness with His Creator.

Man himself, however, is but still in the making. For long ages he has been unaware of his Self because of building his body. The dawn of that conscious awareness has at last come to man, though that stage also is in its early beginnings. He is still so new in his spiritual unfolding that it is difficult for him to forget his fight for body survival in his jungle days. He

Figure 33: Basis for structure of atomic, solar and stellar systems.

Figure 34: Gyroscopic equators which unwind suns into rings by electric compression to rewind into stellar systems.

has begun to listen to the Silent Voice within him, however, and is gradually becoming aware of the Light of His Source.

Figure 35: Illustrating principle of construction of matter by the projection of polar rings from cathodes to collide as anodes.

Some there are, however, who hear that Voice with greater understanding than others, but few who hear with complete understanding. These have become more illumined with the Light of Mind and their thinking has so far transcended their sensing that much of God’s Omniscience is already theirs.

Such a man was Jesus, the Nazarene, who fully knew His Oneness with God. In Jesus God had fulfilled His complete desire for creating Man in His own image and likeness. Jesus gave to man that which He was commanded to give for man’s uplift toward the Light, but man was not able to bear that which Jesus told him. Man crucified Jesus for thus claiming His divinity and for trying to convince men that they were like unto God. Man still crucifies all who come to transform him from the pagan and barbarian ways which still dominate man’s relation to man.

God is a patient Father-Mother of man, however. The ages of time consumed in creating man in His own image mean nothing to Him. In this respect God says to man: “All men will come to Me in due time, but theirs is the agony of awaiting.”

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