Belief in chance or victimhood wherein one is not in control of events. Such beliefs nullifies the doctrine of Free Will.

▸ noun: an opportunity for you to do something, especially something that you want to do
▸ noun: the possibility that something will happen
▸ noun: the way things happen without being planned or expected
▸ verb: to do something even though you know it involves a risk
▸ verb: to do something in a way that is not planned
▸ adjective: not planned or expected
▸ adjective: a risk involving danger ("You take a chance when you let her drive")
▸ adjective: a measure of how likely it is that some event will occur ("We have a good chance of winning")
▸ adjective: a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances ("Now is your chance")
▸ adjective: an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another

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