Campaigner Publications

Defunct organization of Lyndon LaRouche et al (external link).

Carol White; Energy Potential: Toward a New Electromagnetic Field Theory, (with essays by Bernhard Riemann trans. from German by J. J. Cleary, Jr.), Campaigner Publications, New York, 1977.

The Campaigner is published by Campaigner Publications, Inc. and is the English­ language journal of the National Caucus of Labor Committees. Current policies of the Labor Committees are stated in editorials; views expressed in signed articles are not necessarily those of either the Labor Committees or editorial board
Editor-in-Chief: Nancy Spannaus
Managing Editor: Kathy Shollenberger
Production Editors: Ginny Pasiencier and Laurie Kaplan
Cover: Ginny Pasiencier
Subscription Rates: 1 year (11 issues) U.S.A. $10.00; Europe (airmail) $18.00. Back issues at single copy price published for each issue (as available).
Correspondence: All correspondence to Campaigner Publications, Inc., 231 West 29 Street, New York, N.Y. 10001.

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