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Mr. WILLIAM BOEKEL, the Philadelphia machinist who was selected by Mr. Keely as a proper person to study his mysterious motor and satisfy the doubts of the stockholders of the Keely Motor Company, has been pursuing his studies now for about three months without learning anything tangible in regard to the wonderful engine. When the stockholders met and determined to demand some proof from the inventor that the stock for which they had expended their money really represented something that existed beyond the limits of the alleged inventor's imagination. Keely, after some dignified resentment, finally offered to explain the mysteries of his discovery to one person, and Boekel was the man chosen. At the weeks have passed and Boekel has learned nothing that he did not know before the stockholders are again becoming suspicious. The Philadelphia Times? says that as Boekel had been employed to manufacture certain parts of the marvelous machine, some of the stockholders objected to him from the first, and declared that his selection was prearranged. Meanwhile Boekel visits Keely's factory daily, and the people dwelling in the neighborhood are frequently startled by the sounds of terrific explosions in the building. The enemies of the inventor say that he explodes large quantities of gunpowder there for the sake of effect, and they have determined, if Boekel has not told them something to satisfy them by Tuesday of next week, that they will console themselves with a monster mass-meeting for the purpose of expressing indignation. Mr. Keely, however, does not appear to be alarmed, and complacently speeds his new trotting horse over the drives in Fairmount Park on pleasant afternoons.

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