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As an aside, this new teleportation work is slowly validating the very novel work and long-suppressed invention of William "Bill" Fogal, who invented a new kind of semiconductor using such effects in a very practical manner. In short, Fogal demonstrated the direct (and instant) simultaneous communication between a given point in the lab (in the semiconductor) and other very distant points in the universe. One way to think of his patented semiconductor's operation is to visualize "multiply-connected space", where two or more widely separated (in normal space) points actually are superposed, so to speak, directly upon one another without any distance in between. In this way, one has "instant communication" of energy (information) between widely separated points, without the information having to travel through the "normal" intervening space. It simply enters one of the superposed points "here", and instantly emerges from the distant superposed points "there". Bearden (external link)

Fogal's Charge-Barrier Semiconductor (external link)

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