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A belief is an idea that constitutes your reality within your own consciousness none of which has to be true - indeed most is not true. A Belief System is the constructed matrix of those beliefs.

Belief Systems - History and Morphology

by Ben Iverson, 11/16/97

The BS (Belief System) of most individuals is the main thing which is holding them back from enjoying the world as it was meant to be enjoyed. Also because of the wide disparity between various Belief Systems, and the complete takeover by our society, our world is literally falling apart.

The reason for this is that every Belief System consists primarily of taboos and restrictions limitation. One thing which one misses in reading the U.S. Constitution is that nowhere does it restrict the legitimate rights of an individual. On the other hand, it severely restricts the rights of the Federal Government, and there is some restriction on State Governments, such as "No law shall be made which relates to religion," - any religion. These individual rights give us freedom to improve our lives and that is the reason for the greatness of the U.S.

There is serious restriction and taboo on the individual in religious matters in the Belief System (BS) of virtually all persons. But a person's Belief System serves no purpose in court (before fact and science).

It is different for every individual. It is very much a personal thing. Once it is in place it is nearly impossible to dislodge or modify. Every religion has one common dictate and that can be spelled out in one word, "LOVE". Often it is all we can salvage from religions.

In additon to Love, most churches teach Fear and hate. They create the devil to Fear and hate, in the beginning. But the devil is only a thing in a person's mind and Belief System. Another negative in the churches and more so in the society as a whole is the question, "Where can we get money?" and the emotion of greed and avarice rear their ugly head to hold back the average individual. These, - Fear, hate, greed, ego, intolerance, lust for power, competition, and devotion to power, are found throughout our society and even in churches - all churches in our world. The following is my Belief System.

Yes they all teach Love, Compassion and Charity?, but hate, Fear and greed expand across the line and negate the first three. The negative emotions cast a pall over the positive thing which the churches claim that they do teach. It is all controlled by taboo. These taboos form the Belief System of the members. It is estimated that 98% of the people of the world have a negative Belief System built for them, when they should be learning about Unconditional Love?, - even for one's potential enemies. The churches put conditions on the Love, and really do not know what Unconditional Love? is. They install demons and teach hate and Fear for them. These demons are found only in the Belief System and do not have any part of reality. They do serve the purpose of instilling Fear and thus keep the congregations under control through hate and Fear, - Fear of going to Hell.

One must first understand the probable heirarchy of the various components of each living thing, including humans. When a child is born it is born with a Soul, a spirit, a mind, and a body. These four parts are in communication for all living things, (In fact all created things) plants, animal, birds, and fish, at birth. There is a division in humans in which this intercommunication is cut, at some time after birth, and the body, mind, spirit and Soul no longer have contact because of the taboos which they have drummed into them.

All other living things retain their communication. Anyone who has seen a flock of birds turning all in unison. Each is in contact with its four parts and they also have instantaneous psychic contact with all others in the flock. Fish do the same when in a school of fish of a given specie. Who has not had a pet which seems to read the mind of their master? Yes! A cat or dog, or horse can read the mind of their master, and if their master tries, s/he can also communicate with the pet psychically. But these people are only a part of the remaining 2% at most.

To digress a moment but still stay with my Belief System: All of our senses are based on being able to read rates of vibratory energy frequencies. We hear music, entirely as vibratory frequencies, with our ears. We see with our eyes by reading the higher vibratory frequencies of the light energy. Between these, our sense of smell is tuned to reading the vibratory frequencies of the elements and compounds, very much as a scientist reads the resonances. But now there is a sixth sense which is killed off when the false Belief System is installed in the child. This sense originally reads a vibratory rate of energy, but it is much higher than is read by the ears, nose, or eyes. All plants and animals have this sixth sense but we have eliminated it in our own species. There are a very few which regain it later.

So many people realize only that they have a body. They have no notion of the mind, spirit or Soul. They are very feaful of death, but death is only the second step upward in the circle of life. One becomes a discarnate, and because a person died without knowing of the other stages, it is only the mind and spirit. They end up in an area called the astral world. In ancient times this was called "Perdition." Recently it has been given other names. This discarnate never really knows that s/he has died, because the astral world is exactly like the world they have left. It is only different in that the ether of which they are constructed is less dense. In this condition they can walk through walls or other physical objects.

How do I know this? In the past two years I have encountered hundreds of them. I look specifically for those who attach themselves to living bodies in order to experience the joys of the individual. To some extent they control this body if they are allowed to do so by the victim.

A person who I know quite well had serious personality changes. I suspected a spirit attachment was causing this change. Remember the story a few years ago about the "Eight Lives of Mrs. Black". That did really happen as I now find out. Using dowsing techniques, I inquired if this friend of mine was being bothered by spirit attachments. The answer was "YES". I asked how many spirts and the dowsing said there were 27.

I called these spirits to me and asked the 27 if they had died and had no physical body. They were discarnates in the astral world and I described their world. I next told them that they were not in heaven, and their first move after death was to have gone to the portal, (the tunnel) and present themselves to the Christ Light. I then said, "I suggest you go there now." They hesitated a moment. I said "Immediately", and they vanished completely, just that fast.

Their victim was a complete athiest, and had been writhing in pain, and anger. The victim returned to normalcy within twenty minutes. I didn't beat the devils out of this victim. I treated the discarnates with Love and Compassion. The victim was not told of my action and was unaware that anything had happened to the twenty seven discarnates. By the action of ignoring the spiritual side, the victim was subconsciously inviting their invasion. The victim would not have believed me anyway. (I did ask God's permission)

In the next six months the condition would return and a new group of discarnates would attach themselves to this same victim. Over this six month I had kept count and there were more than 125 Discarnates which I had escorted through the portal and on their way from this one victim, to the true Spirit Heaven, over that six month period.

At this time I told the victim what was happening and was repeating with new attachments. Of course I was not believed. I knew better because of the drastic change in their outlook each time, and over time there was considerable change in the pains which the doctors, diagnosed as arthritis so long as I removed any new spirits. The victim swore that the pain killers were working better than ever. I knew better.

Now in the past six months the victim had a change for the worse in my presence. I showed this victim exactly what I was doing in facing the wayward spirits. This victim's Belief System was still complete disbelief in spirits or their presence. The spirits were actually being encouraged by this victim, but the numbers of them had dwindled until there were usually less than five spirits in each case, and most recently there has been only one, at a time.

In checking some of the Discarnates, I found that some of them had been in the astral world for many years and even many decades, since their death. The reason that I was able to remove them so easily was because, I, like all other living humans, have Divine Will? and have learned how to use it with Unconditional Love?. There is no Fear and there is no hate, or ego. Discarnates on having died lose their power of Divine Will?. They will not get it back until they have passed through Perdition, into Heaven and finally through the next birth process.

After the birth the Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul, are ONE. We start out trying to build a false Belief System and usually by the time the baby is 4-years old, we have usually succeeded in separating the body from the mind, the Spirit and the Soul. It is during this process that a mother will experience the "Terrible Twos" in the child because the separation is starting and the Mind, Spirit, and Soul are trying to prevent it. That is the meaning of the Biblical admonishment, saying, "Listen to the Chidren".

I really do not expect this information is going to change anyone's Belief System, but there may be a few who will begin to understand that humanity is not perfect.

It is a tremendous project for an individual, through introspection, to look inward and find those vestiges of hate, Fear, greed, ego, and whatever negative feelings are there in themselves. I have been working on this for many years and am just recently beginning to reconnect to my Spirit. The payoff is tremendous.

There is at least one group already in the Spirit World, which is seriously concerned, about teaching us Unconditional Love. The Spirit World will be the subject of another article. And my Belief System continues on. Ben Iverson

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