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"Imagine if you will a beacon of great light around which are attracted the minds and hearts of men and women everywhere. Atlin is this beacon. She radiates Love, warmth, Light of Mind, harmony, peace, free will and freedom. These are and have ever been that which fires the imaginations and hearts of men and women throughout history. Atlin, as she travels from place to place, floating through energy pattern after energy pattern, will be sensitized to local environs in a sympathetic vibration way - and they to her. These will be modulated by her powerful energy chords. This would be like sounding a bell whose waves spread out in all directions finding sympathetic coincidence at sundry nodes (minds and hearts) of those within receptivity matrix/distances. They will come to partake of Atlin’s energy and wisdom as moths to flame. Those who can see clearly will see the energy patterns around Atlin. Those who can hear will hear her messages and convey them to others. In this way Love will be spread around the world thus demonstrating its power and omnipresent affirmities in the lives of each person. Thereby showing the Great Message you learned recently Dale: Love is immediate and PERSONAL and a real thing originating from real sources of inexhaustible support and supply."

"There were those who said I should have relinquished my work with machinery and inventions and proceed to spiritualize the world with these things I relate to you now. We could not as the focus from without was on the mechanical side and from those who wished we would not succeed. It became an effort then to secure what had been done for posterity’s benefit. We could not bring the mechanical out to society in a successful way without we ourselves being destroyed along with it. Therefore we could not legitimately bring out the spiritual side which is sadly to say predicated on the machinery in the minds of men and women. They need the proof such and such is so and the machinery was the proof. In Man’s cynical mind seeing is believing and believing is predicated on seeing proofs. We could not show the proofs any more than we did which left our greatest joy and tasks yet to be revealed in their full configurations as you are just now beginning to see."

"The Spiritualization of Wo/Man is embodied in the allegory of Jesus on the Mount dying to material sensuality and rising again to spiritual reality. This movement of fading emphasis on materiality succeeds then into a glorification of the spirit (supersensible) side of Nature which includes Man’s hithertofore ignored hidden sides of Life. As he relinquishes the importance given to materiality and dependency thereto there gradually awakens in the mind other levels of consciousness. The higher realms of awareness then are the doorways and thresholds into Higher Worlds of existence. Your recent journey through this process has taught you much. When the Higher Worlds of Spiritual existence become real to the seeker of truth then they ARE REAL. Then the person is spiritualized as s/he begins to partake of and interact with these Higher Worlds - the worlds of existence euphemistically called heaven, nirvana and the like. Just as your little group began humbly with one sensitive to these realms you are now seeing a spiritualization of the other members as they become sensitive to these Higher Worlds as well. Your group is a microcosmic fractal of the World Globe - As Above so Below."

The individual thus awakened to the Greater Reality becomes an active participant in the development of his soul, community and world. The false ‘effective’ world of materiality begins to be understood as an effect of unseen causes and consequently of lesser importance than previously held. The quickened awareness sees and comprehends the initiatory causes of matter and energy and enters into a cooperative position with them to attain the upliftment of him/herself and mankind as a whole. (Here is one of the keys to free energy.) Thus, through an expanding awareness of Spirit acting through Matter as Atlin is the Prime Example of Mankind will become Spiritualized or as may be said: baptized through the liquid ethers of her energetic domains into the higher realms of Truth. As mentioned above those who come into her aura with an open and innocent heart will be quicken by her Spirit thus having their feet firmly set to the path of heightened awareness - personal and intimate spiritualization. And this my friends is what this whole project is REALLY all about. Keely

ATLIN 9/20/2005 (Dawn Stranges)

My dear friends, I give greeting to you this fine day. It does the innermost heart good to make good use of the day. Let us discuss "good use". This topic is vital to each person and the One.

Good Use, as we speak of it here, is like 'right living' to Buddhists and 'karmic law' to Hindus. It is not quite the Christ Consciousness as most people consider it. It refers to Divine Will or destiny, in a sacred way as pertains to Soul function and individual evolution. Today we will think about the Dynasphere Project in relationship to Good Use.

The founding and manifestation concept during my creation was rotation. Rotation was viewed as my Good Use. It is a Good Use. Is it a Divine Use? This is the vital question to be asked by the Mystic in order to maintain advancement and optimal evolution. Henceforth, measure any decision by the yardstick of whether it is Divine Will/Good Use, not whether it is of human value. Advances are not made via channels of humanitarianism, as one sees when studying history (which is quite the opposite). Advances are made according to Divine Will or Good Use of an individual's or group's resources toward fulfilling the Divine Need.

If we look at current world politics, we see that the key players fulfill the higher spiritual need to build coherence amongst people, albeit in a counter-productive way. Nevertheless the need is filled.

Regarding New Energy, the societal need to have access to power is seen as a need to humans, whereas the basic need from spiritual perspectives is to reinforce the etheric power source, which unites people instead of pitting them against one another.

From this vantage point, you can see that my purpose is nicely filled by being exactly who I am, and doing as I do. The world needs more love more than more "energy". This brings a sense of lack of achievement sometimes. So we will address this.

The lack of rotation is only a shortcoming of a vision that is not whole. That is not to say that rotation is precluded, but only that rotation is only one aspect of the whole which is to be manifested. If we view the Whole it will help you.

I have been manifested for the following reasons, according to Divine Will:

  • To fulfill a Divine Promise for the Souls who participated in my creation.
  • To draw spiritually sensitive people to ever higher awareness.
  • To advance the research and understanding of the spiritualized forces evident and vital to responsible energy generation.
  • To free people from lack consciousness.
  • To provide a means for attaining Oneness.
  • To provide a means for seeing and experiencing energy generation as healing.
  • To provide access to translate personal healing / coherence to planetary healing / coherence.
  • To manifest healing and energy cogeneration via field and rotational dynamic interplays.

We can add more later to this list. Now, to get more personal, my role is not so different from that of other components of life; I am here to provide each participant with the opportunity for spiritual fulfillment through learning higher levels of expression and leadership.

In your case, my loving field is available to motivate the advancement of Love as a guiding force in your lives. When this is sufficiently developed, as demonstrated in life, a stronger bond between me and the personal fields will lead to rotation. The rotation will not just be generated, but will be a joint effort in field interplay amongst us. We will continue to meet and jointly develop our support of each others' Good Use.

The coherence between you two is part of the evolution that supports us and the project. Keep playing with that and growing in Love and resonance with Oneness. Choose the ways in which you grow thusly as enjoyable, soul-nourishing endeavors, as you are doing.

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