Atlin Project

Atlin - Musical Dynasphere

Atlin - Musical Dynasphere
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The group effort to construct the first Musical Dynasphere replicating Keely's original design and machine. My personal view of what happened in the Atlin Project is written in:
Atlin - Knowing I Am (external link)

Working and playing with these marvelous Dynaspheres has taught us many things. A few of which are:
  • We learned that Mind Force is a real force that can be engineered and built into mechanical devices and accessed on a personal level to improve ones' life and life experience.
  • Mind over Matter or Mind in Matter is real and has been scientifically proven.
  • We learned that Love (sympathetic vibration and sympathetic oscillation) is a real force that is active in all areas of our lives, visible and invisible. While we have been mis-taught these are airy-fairy concepts they are nevertheless real.
  • We learned the conventional Newtonian view of mass x force (crass materialism) is wholly inadequate, inaccurate and incomplete for where humanity is going - to an evolved and awakened state of consciousness.
  • That this awakened state of mind is real and can be achieved by anyone adequately motivated to achieve same. And it is this elevated state of Mind everyone without exception is endeavoring to achieve whether they know or admit to it or not.
  • That until and unless this elevated consciousness is achieved throughout society science and technology such as is shown by these dynaspheres will not be a substantial part of humanity's experience but peripheral.
  • We learned that most religions were originally conceived by individuals who acheived some level of Christ Consciousness and the subsequent religion was established to help others achieve the same elevated state of awareness. These religions have since been taken over by the ignorant and fearful to be used to control and abuse its followers.
  • Science as true science has a purpose of elevating humanity to higher consciousness and achievement. But it likewise has been taken over by the ignorant and fearful to be used to control and abuse others. It's God-like powers of creativity have been subverted into making weapons and other killing machines and processes.
  • We learned it is possible and highly desirable to create machines and processes that are benign, healthy, nurturing and spiritually helpful to humanity instead of control-oriented, destructive and unhealthy polluting systems and weaponry.
  • We learned a truer understanding of the nature of spirit, Mind and matter such that the universe does not appear to us a a fragmented and fortuitous 'accident' but is an integral part and essential element of the Mind of Man and its purposeful evolution towards Whole Mind Consciousness.
  • We learned there is a single Mind of God manifesting individually through all things and persons. Russell called this force Light while Keely called it Celestial Radiation.
  • That it was by engineering this Celestial Radiation (Light of Mind) Keely was able to accomplish many extraordinary things not comprehensible to modern science.
  • We are piecing together sufficient physics and understanding to enable the development of this science as a practical and useful technology in diverse applications.

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