Amount of a waveform's deviation from center. When used to describe sound, amplitude means volume. [Friend, David, Learning Music with Synthesizers]

The difference between 0 and maximum or minimum changes of polarity within a wave or cycle.

The magnitude of periodic dynamic motion (vibration). Amplitude is measured in terms of peak-to-peak?, zero-to-peak?, rms?, or average. [Field of Rotating Machinery Measurment, Monitoring and Analysis, Bentley Nevada Corporation]

Amplitude refers to the strength, or loudness, of a sound, or of the strength of an electrical signal representing sound. If the sound or signal is represented as a wave pattern on an oscilloscope or graph, the amplitude corresponds to the height of the wave (i.e., the magnitude of the swing in each cycle). [Fantel, Hans, The True Sound of Music - A Practical Guide to Sound Equipment for the Home]

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