Alphanon First "particle" or appearance of energy as form. The Universal One (external link), Page 92.

0 Alphanon (non-opposition - equilibrium)
0 Omeganon/Alphanon (non-opposition - equilibrium)

Alphanon is the beginning and end of the Octave scale of elements. It is an inert gas, and inert gases have an inherent structure that makes them the repository of the wave patterning of ideas. All of space is filled with alphanon and other undetectable elements in the first three octaves of Russell's Octave Periodic Charts. Is alphanon, alone, the conductor and organizing medium for the manifestation of human thinking? Chester Hatstat?

The Alphanon is the first polar centralization of syntropic force to form while the Omeganon is its opposite or last decentralization of entropic energy to disperse (become neutral or depolar). The Alphanon begins the polarized formation of matter while Omeganon ends the formation of matter.

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