The Akashic Record may be said to be Destiny in the entrance of a soul into materiality. Cayce (903-23)

"An Eastern term. Living primordial substance, corresponding to the conception of some form of cosmic ether pervading the solar system. Everything visible is, so to say, condensed A'kasa, having become visible by changing its supra-ethereal state into a concentrated and tangible form, and everything in nature may be resolved again into A'kasa, and be made invisible, by changing the attractive power that held its atoms together into repulsion; but there is a tendency in the atoms that have once constituted a form, to rush together again in the previous order, and reproduce the same form; and a form may therefore, be making use of this law, be apparently destroyed and then reproduced. This tendency rests in the character of the form preserved in the Astral Light?." Hartmann, Franz; (The Life of Philippus Theophrastus, Bombast of Hohenheim, Known by the name of Paracelsus and The Substance of His Teachings)

Akasa: pronounced 'Akasha?', 'Akashic', the 'a' sounding like the 'o' in 'hot' or 'not' or the 'ahh' of (Amen): (Sanskrit) The word means "brilliant," "shining," "luminous." The fifth cosmic element, the fifth essence or "quintessence," called Aether. In the Brahmanical scriptures Akasa is used for what the northern Buddhists call Swabhavat?, more mystically Adi-Buddhi - "primeval buddhi"; it is also Mulaprakritic? (primal-substance), the cosmical spirit - substance, the reservoir of Being and of beings. The Hebrew Old Testament? refers to it as the cosmic "Waters." It is universal substantial Space; also mystically Alaya? (or Laya).

What does this mean? It means that what we, or rather science calls "spacetime" is a "stuff" not a "void". In fact the Aether of science is a "lower" element of the mystical Akasha?. It is the "stuff" which being so very rare as to density is 'moved' by the Will and begets light as result of the friction caused by such movement. It is the 'movement' of the Will of the Divine upon the Ethers that is the Old Testament? "And the spirit of God brooded over the waters". This is the self-differentiation of the NUN of Heliopolis and all such "divisions" of the Primordial One into multiplicity that form the basis of every "creation" myth which then becomes allegorized into metaphor, symbol, and glyph in order to inculcate a highly Divine 'event' which speaks directly to the archetypal mind of 'Man' wherein he/she 'intuits' the beauty of the Divine 'movement'. It is NOT a physical substance but physical substances exist due to a 'densification' of Ether; it having been 'moved' upon.

Akasa is so rarefied that thought makes an "impression" upon it like sound does to sand spread upon a sheet of paper stretched across a speaker. EVERY idle thought of each sentient entity is "recorded" therein in quality and character. It may be 'accessed' through the MIND of 'man'. It's 'gradation called Ether is what every "Mystic", Saint", "Shaman", and "Sage" used to perform "miracles". For the Will of the individual can become so totally united in purpose with the Divine that "Power" is given to him/her to call forth whatsoever he/she Wills into being.

The Hall of Records? is strictly a physical place which serves as a third dimensional LIVING metaphor for the true Hall of Records? or Akasa wherein ALL the deeds of mankind are "recorded". (source unknown)

"That done and that thought, becomes as a living record... in whatever sphere of consciousness this activity may be." Cayce (1292-1)

These records are not as pictures on a screen, not as written words, but are as active forces in the life of an entity, and are often - as may be surmised - indescribable in words... The attempt is made, which makes often an inadequate way of expressing or signifying that that is intended to be transmited to the entity or individual seeking such information. Nevertheless, it be correct - but do not make the mistake, as has often been given through these channels, of attempting to discern spiritual interpretations with a material mind, nor material interpretations with the spiritual mind, unless same is signified by that of the incident, accident, or state of being is emblematical, or of any activity that is of the nature that represents a condition - see?!" Cayce (288-27)

The Akashic Records are as these:

Activity of any nature, as of the voice, as of a light made, produced in the natural forces those of a motion - which pass on, or are upon, the record of that as time. As may be illustrated in the atomic vibration as set in motion for those in that called audition, or the radio in its activity. It passes even faster than time itself. Hence, light forces pass much faster, but the records are upon the esoteric, or etheric, or Akashic forces, as they go along upon the wheels of time, the wings of time, or in whatever dimension we may signify as a matter of its momentum or movement. Hence, as the forces that are attuned to those various incidents, periods, times, places, may be accorded to the record, the contact as of the needle upon the record, how perfect an attunement of the instrument used as the reproducer of same is attuned to those keepers - as may be termed - of those records. What would be indicated by the keepers? That as just given, that they are the records upon the wings or the wheel of time itself. Time, as that as of Space - as inter-between. That inter-between, that which is, that of which, that from one object to another when in matter is of the same nature, or what that is is what the other is, only changed in its vibration to produce that element, or that force, as is termed in man's terminology as dimensions of Space, or dimensions that give it, whatever may be the solid, gas, or what its form or dimension. Cayce (364-6)

"This film (between time and space) is the difference between the movement of the atomic force about its center and the impression that is made upon those passing between light and heat, not darkness, for darkness may not exist where light has found its way. Though you may not be conscious or aware of its existence, its rays from the very records of time and Space turn their emanations to give to a finite mind the dimensions themselves." Cayce (490-1)

Q- Explain from what sources this information may be obtained?

A- Conditions, thoughts, activities of men in every clime are things as thoughts are things. They make their impressions upon the skein of time and space... They become as records that may be read by those in accord or attuned to such a condition. Cayce (3976-16)

How well the record may be given depends upon how well that which has been made may be interpreted by one who may read such records. As to how true the interpretation is depends upon how strong the desire of such a soul is, or how well those responsible for such an activity of a soul may be in accord or attuned to those realms of experience. Cayce (559-7)

Whether the messages presented through such a channel as this are worthy of consideration - and by what standard ye shall judge.

For what was the judgment, what is the judgment, what will ever by the judgment? They that deny that He hath come in the flesh are not worthy of acceptation. They that give thee that which is not helpful, hopeful, and patient and humble, and not condemning any, are not worthy.

Q- Is the source of this information a group source, an individual source, or a recorded source?

A- As has so often been given, this is rather of the universal. That which is recorded may be read. That which is written may be interpreted. That which is individual may be had. But it is also a constructive source, so only gives that which is helpful if it will be applied.

When an individual seeks for personal or bodily aid, it is part and parcel of that individual and is read by and through the real desire of the seeker. When it is the Life Source, it is recorded upon Space and time... Hence all may be touched, all may be drawn upon. Cayce (254-95)

The light moves on in time, in Space, and upon that skein between same are the records written by each soul in its activity through eternity; through its awareness... not only in matter but in thought. Cayce (815-2)

Q- Akashic Records are recorded on the ether. Then, cannot an instrument be invented to induct ether and thus tap in on the Akashic Records?

A- This may be done - eventually will be! Cayce (443-5)

The Book Of Life

Q- The Book of Life is?

A- The record that the individual entity itself writes upon the skein of time and Space, through patience - and is opened when self has attuned to the infinite, to that consciousness.

Q- The Book of God Remembrances is?

A- This is the Book of Life.

Q- The Akashic Records are?

A- Those made by the individual, as just indicated. Cayce (2533-8)

The purposes for each soul's experience in materiality are that the Book of Remembrance may be opened that the soul may know its relationship to its Maker. Cayce (1215-4)

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