John W Keely's Air-Ship

John W Keely's Air-Ship

The Propellor of Keely's Air-ship Described


The space which the propeller of the air-ship occupies in Keely's laboratory comes within a radius of six feet square. A small space for so powerful a medium - distributing over one thousand horse-power, as tested by experiment.

It consists of more than two thousand pieces, the principal parts of which are:

1. Positive graduating Chladna?; guiding by polar action toward the north and reversing by depolar action.

2. Sympathetic polar negative transmitter?; for operating and controlling the action of the machinery in producing polar and depolar power: liberating the latent sympathetic power? in twenty-seven sensitized discs.

3. Polar and depolar intermittent accumulator, carrying eight focalizing discs? for receiving and distributing the sympathetic polar negative flow?. This device takes the energy sympathetically from the polar negative stream on the same order that a dynamo registers electricity from the earth to be distributed and redistributed: running the machine sympathetically.

4. Positive ring? suspended on a small shaft with three points, the object of which is to preserve the integrity of the neutral center of the machine. (see Appendix I)

5. Two resonating drums?: one positive, one negative, which multiply the intensity of the sympathetic flow.

6. Twenty-seven depolar triple groupings?, nine in each grouping, consisting of three vitalized discs with resonators?. These reply sympathetically to polar and depolar action.

7. Large polar ring?. This ring is associated with the central resonators by nine resonating polar discs? placed at equal distances. This is the medium for distributing the polar flow?.

8. Small negative ring?, which is the governor? of the propeller, associated with a polar bar? that oscillates from the polar field? to the depolar field?, somewhat on the order of a magnetic needle, governing the action of the machine to any given number of revolutions. The sympathetic rotation? that exists in the resonating centre of this ring holds the neutral centre in subservience to celestial radiation, whereby a certain order of sympathetic disturbances? gives the sympathetic radiation the requisite power to draw it to itself, accomplishing what is called atmospheric suspension on the same principle as that of sympathetic suspension?.

The condition of the mechanical requirements necessary to conduct successfully the line of research which Keely has been pursuing will be properly appreciated, now that be is able to demonstrate the simplicity and beauty of his system, under perfect control for commercial use.

Modern materialistic science is altogether unprepared for the revelation given in sympathetic vibratory physics; a revelation foreshadowed in this passage from the writings of de Maistre?.

"Religion and science, in virtue of their natural affinity, will meet in the brain of some one man of genius, and the world will get what it needs and cries for – not a new religion, but the fuller revelation of revelation."

In the same prophetic spirit Oliver Lodge, in his paper on “The Interstellar Ether," writes:

“I feel as if it would be no merely material prospect that will be opening on our view, but some glimpse into a region of the universe which science has never yet entered, which has been sought from afar, and perhaps blindly apprehended by painter or poet, by philosopher or saint?." [Newton of the Mind]

Does the following sentence reference an additional air-ship made by Keely and sold to a "California gentleman"? Would this time period (6/7/1885) relate to early sightings of mysterious flying craft in California?

"Keely said the inclosure contained a secret device he had invented for a California gentleman to lift heavy weights." [Keelys Red Letter Day]

"In demonstrating the overcoming of gravity, Keely used an air-ship model weighing about eight pounds. When the differential wire of silver and platinum (Bixar) was attached, thereby establishing communication with the sympathetic transmitter, it rose, descended or remained stationery midway in the air, floating as gently as thistledown on the air." [MECHANICAL INVENTIONS AND INSTRUMENTS]

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