Acoustic Levitation

Counteracting force of gravity with sound or suspending an object with sound pressure.

References NASA's work with Acoustic Levitation
Acoustic Levitation Methods and Apparatus (external link)
Acoustic Levitation System (external link)
Acoustic Levitation with Less Equipment (external link)
Acoustic Levitation with One Driver (external link)
Acoustic Levitation with One Transducer (external link)
Acoustic Levitator Maintains Resonance (external link)
Acoustic Translation of an Acoustically Levitated Sample (external link)
Applying Uniform Polymer Coatings to Microspheres (external link)
Blowing Polymer Bubbles in an Acoustic Levitator (external link)
Bubble-Free Containers for Liquids in Microgravity (external link)
Classifying Particles by Acoustic Levitation (external link)
Conductor-Backed Superconductive Coplanar-Waveguide Resonators (external link)
Contactless Calorimetry for Levitated Samples (external link)
Controlling Sample Rotating in Acoustic Levitation (external link)
Counteracting Gravitation In Dielectric Liquids (external link)
Digital Controller for Acoustic Levitation (external link)
Electrostatic Levitator with Feedback Control (external link)
Electrostatic Liquid-Drop Levitation System (external link)
Equipment for Microgravity Research (external link)
Experiments on Rotating, Charged Liquid Drops (external link)
Field Resonance Propulsion Concept (external link)
High-Temperature Electrostatic Levitator (external link)
Hybrid Contactless Heating and Levitation (external link)
Hybrid Electrostatic Acoustic Levitator (external link)
Improved Acoustic Levitation (external link)
Magnetic Compensation For Gravitational Pressure Gradient (external link)
Matching Impedances and Modes in Acoustic Levitation (external link)
Microwave Dielectrophoretic Levitation In Microgravity (external link)
Microwave Levitation of Small Objects (external link)
Orienting Acoustically Levitated Aspherical Objects (external link)
Precision Fabrication of Electromagnetic-Levitation Coils (external link)
Producing Metallic Glasses with Acoustic Levitation (external link)
Rotation Control in a Cylindrical Acoustic Levitator (external link)
Stabilized Acoustic Levitation of Dense Materials Using High-Powered Siren (external link)
Stable and Oscillating Acoustic Levitation (external link)
The Theory of ElectroGravitation Fields part 1 of 2 (external link)
The Theory of ElectroGravitation Fields part 2 of 2 (external link)
Viscous Torques on a Levitating Body (external link)

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