21.0 - Introduction

21.0 - Introduction - It appears the GEET system embodies principles of Russell's science and philosophy as also that of John W. Keely. Specifically the Reactor Rod and surrounding Chambers appear to demonstrate the Locked Potentials system as it concentrates power to the 4++ position, intermittently. This paper will attempt to show the parallels between those systems. Paul Pantone says the GEET Reactor is a "plasma generator". Plasma as we know is a new label for the old ether. Such a realization reminds us of Keely's "Etheric Generator?" or "Liberator" and his motors and instruments that used those developed etheric vapors in diverse ways. His Liberator 'liberated' the imprisoned etheric vapor (quantum soup) from its atomic prison.


>> Nowadays we are using the term "plasma" in
>> place of "ether" because the term "ether" has earned a bad rap
>> over the years.

Naresh wrote:

> I respect your ideas and theories but please don't include me in the "we".

DP: That's OK with me, naresh, I meant nothing personal. I apologize if my words weren't clear and were misunderstood. I respect your ideas and opinions and your leadership in this forum (external link). You're doing a great job. When I said "we" I wasn't referring to you personally. But to those of us who are pushing the development of a universal and expanded paradigm (understanding) free and clear of preconceived notions and concepts. My main interest with the GEET is as a method of research into the deeper and finer aspects of etheric/plasmic physics (quantum mechanics and electrodynamics, etc.).

> As far as I'm concerned plasma is ionized gas, which is still made up of matter and not the same as aether.

DP: In the developing universal paradigm Aether is Pure Potential. Ether is differentiated Aether which means it is polarized (ionized) quanta either positively (contracting as in electricity/matter) or negatively (dispersing as in magnetism/vacuity). If you looked at the chart I've provided a link to you will see the Aether as neutral potential devolves into grosser and grosser forms of matter until it reaches carbon (according to Russell) and then begins to disperse (radio-activity) until it returns again to Aether having passed through successive stages of increasingly tenuous matter known? as plasmas or ethers. The chart even shows some of the currently recognized quanta centralizations (vortices/whirlpools) - there being no real hard-body particles. So there are two distinct types of ethers/plasmas as general categories of swirling entities: contracting centralizations (vortices) and dispersion centralizations (vortices). One spins clockwise and the other spins counterclockwise.
Please see Chart of Matter and Energy

These two states of matter and energy (plasma / ether) play a major role in GEET dynamics. As we on this forum and other forums move forward a great deal more insight will be brought to bear on this. The different kinds of plasma/ether, as defined by energy content and frequency, are shown here (external link).

> I think plasma could be considered aether only in as much as all types of particles of matter could be considered to be different types of whirlpools of aether that modern science calls a particle with a spin axis.

DP?: You are absolutely correct (IMHO) about the swirlings of quanta forming into larger bodies/atoms. Plasma is never "aether" but some kind of "ether" which exists as different types, states or conditions of spinning ionizations/polarizations*. So it doesn't matter which terms we or you chose to use they all point out to a dynamic view of energy and matter not entirely (yet) embraced by conventional science and other lay persons.

  • Polarization (ionization) is the CAUSE of rotation, contractive and dispersive swirlings or vortexings (whirlpools as you call it). In the GEET Reactor, for instance, there are sequential stages or degrees of contraction (ionizing/energizing) of the fuel vapor as it traverses the length of the rod. Upon encountering the end of the rod there exists a degree of vacuity (stable as also pulsating from the intake function of the motor). This new state of vacuity (actually dispersion) is where the molecular structure of the fuel vapor is converted (cavitated/imploded) into its constituent parts; i.e., atoms and diverse quanta - which is of course a mixture of atomic and plasma/ether gases and ultra-gases. I submit an additional proposition there also exists subdivisions of these also but not in any great quantity. There is so much we do not yet now about these atomic and quantum dynamics.

So the fuel vapor as it travels along the rod accumulates energy in the form of electrical polarization/charge until it reaches the concave end where this state is converted into a dispersive state as magnetic field dispersion thus giving us evidence of the electromagnetic phenomena so many of us are noticing and documenting. This is a manifestation of the matter/energy cycle Russell, Keely and Reich wrote so much about which unfolds in successive stages or steps.

Having studied for over twenty five years the ether as presented by Keely, Russell, Cayce, and a whole host of other scientists I can assure you what they were calling "ether" is what the science community is now calling plasma. The difference being noticed that the general misconception of the old "ether" is as a passive or neutral ultra-gas such as Michelson? tried to measure and failed - it not being possible to measure neutrality. This definition is of the Aether which is neutral and seemingly passive, neither positive nor negative. The active polarized/ionized ether on the other hand is quite dynamic just as polarized/ionized plasma is and in this energized (ionized) state is what Keely used in some of his machines to do some of the amazing things he did. We, as humanity, are just now beginning to crack open Pandora's Box on the whole ether/plasma physics. When we finally do push that door open vast new technologies will pour forth and hopefully humanity will be mature enough to wisely use these new developments for the betterment of all instead of the aggrandizement of a few.

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