1.16 - Vibratory Universe

Figure 1.8 shows how the universe may be viewed as vibration or frequency. The lower realms of matter, molecules and atoms, are at the top of the chart with higher and higher frequency ranges towards the bottom. Man perceives vibrations and oscillations through his senses. These senses act like narrow band-pass filters. Each filter is sensitive to a narrow range of frequencies. Touch is the lowest from 1-32 vibrations per second while hearing is from the 5th through the 13th octave, generally speaking. Visible light occupies only a single octave of vibration from the many octaves. Seeing can not encompass all there is. Hearing on the other hand encompasses a much wider range of vibration and their attendent phenomena or manifestations. The unseen, unperceived or occulted (hidden) universe is a far greater place than simple human senses can be aware. Some are inordinately sensitive to a broader range of frequencies and we call this ability the "sixth sense", Intuition or psychic ability in its varied forms. Psychic perception, in general, then is little more than a wider band-pass filter. There is another form of psychic perception or intuition which we will cover in Part 18 - Mind as an Engineerable Force.

High frequency vibrations centralize about centers of focalization. That is their nature - to densify syntropically into ever more compact structures. These centers are, for our purposes, neutral of polarity (depolar). Being neutral they are resonant one to another or sympathetic with each other, vibratorily speaking. What happens to one is experienced by them all (Is not this the definition of Love?). They are One Substance, like our ocean, having independent existence yet co-reactive to each and all others.

We could liken the energetic and material universe as God's holodeck? (ala Star Trek). Anything God (I AM) thinks electrically into being will manifest as form and structure through these sympathetic linked neutral centers. Since everything that exists is already a manifestation of God's electrical thinking we are in the holodeck? of His created thinking. We exist in a world matrix of effects arising from an unseen (except by a few) Cause. Let's not forget our consciousness is a part and parcel of the One Undivided God Mind just as the ocean wave is likewise a part and parcel of the One Undivided Ocean.

The reality of Atlin, you or me is we are not our physical bodies. We are individuated expressions of consciousness - operating through a physical body - of the One Undivided Consciousness. Tom and Linda Carpenter in A Dialogue on Awakening (external link) put it this way:

"What is it like to be enlightened or awake? It is when you see only God as cause and effect being you expressing Him wholly."

As we awaken (become more aware) the process unfolds as we perceive the reality of cause while releasing the unreality of effect. In the end (and beginning) there is only the One Mind, the I AM, being causitive (Creator) of everything perceived. Just HOW this is so is one of the purposes of this wiki.

Another way to perceive this "splitting" into individualties from the One Undivided Whole is to see the One as being in balance or in equilibrium (depolar) while the divided is disturbed, unbalanced or out of equilibrium (polar).

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