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The "International Institutes for Physics and Chemistry founded by Ernest Solvay", or "International Solvay Institutes" for short,  are an international research institute running research programs on "curiosity-driven" themes in physics, chemistry and related disciplines.

Solvay Conference 1911

Solvay Conference 1911

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Seated (L-R): Walther Nernst?, Marcel Brillouin?, Ernest Solvay?, Hendrik Lorentz, Emil Warburg?, Jean Baptiste Perrin?, Wilhelm Wien?, Marie Curie, and Henri Poincaré?.

Standing (L-R): Robert Goldschmidt?, Max Planck, Heinrich Rubens?, Arnold Sommerfeld?, Frederick Lindemann?, Maurice de Broglie?, Martin Knudsen?, Friedrich Hasenöhrl?, Georges Hostelet?, Edouard Herzen?, James Hopwood Jeans?, Ernest Rutherford, Heike Kamerlingh Onnes?, Albert Einstein, and Paul Langevin?.

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