"Socialism is disgusted with society, and wants to build a temple of its own on the self-same foundation, and with the very materials it would demolish. The architect is the same, the design the same, but the painting outside and the veneering within, which the wear and tear of time would obliterate, are to be different. Civilization now demands a great upheaval, but, like the upturning that is annually given to the soil, the effect would be great without being lasting or the improvement permanent. The soil would yield more for the time, but, by a law of Nature, would become impoverished, and the end would be worse than the beginning. The honest Socialist is working out for himself and his country a snare and a delusion?. The remedy for human ills will be sought in vain in the mere demolition of society. Socialism and society are alike usurpers, even if they may be well-meaning ones. For society's whips socialism will provide scorpions. The intentions of both are good, but good results will never be accomplished, in the highest sense, by either as long as the foundations are rotten. Society gives its sympathy and its purse to the poor; Socialism, in its highest sense, will have no poor, and will provide old age with a pension. Both aims are noble in the highest degree, if attainable, but what real, lasting happiness does it bring to the unfinished thing, humanity, that remains full of hopes and fears alike unrealized? Enrich a miserable man and he is miserable still. The craving of the soul and intellect is untouched by the acquisition of wealth, for no aggrandisement of material riches can ever satisfy the spiritual part of man, and that is his supreme and dominant part. Rich men are more unhappy than the poor when the craving of the soul receives no nourishment." David Sinclair, Vera Vita the Philosophy of Sympathy part 2 of 2

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