Keely Still Promising Wonders


PHILADELPHIA, March 26.- A test was made today by Mr. Keely before a committee of scientists and mechanical engineers from New York, and a pressure of 2,700 ponds to the square inch was obtained by the use of one pint of water. More water was added, and the pressure was almost doubled. Mr. Keely claims that the etheric force by which these results were obtained will be utilized to the fullest possible extent in the 25,000-horse power engine on which he is now working. "This engine," said Secretary Schulermann?, "will perhaps be finished early next month, and it will then be fully covered by patents, and made known to the public, who will be more dumbfounded than the committee who just came here skeptics and went away convinced. When this engine is done the long labors of Mr. Keely will be over, and the world will know more about the molecular and atomic divisions of matter than ever before. Mr. Keely has long been master of this subtle etheric force, and it will soon be the world's secret. Mr. Keely is engaged on the new engine at his shop at Twentieth and Master streets. The long delay in making the practical application of this force a public matter has been because Mr. Keely desired to perfect this invention before disclosing it to the world." (The New York Times) 3/26/1886

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