Pure emerald green, particularly if it has a dash of blue, is the color of healing. It is helpful, strong, friendly. It is the color of doctors and nurses, who invariably have a lot of it in their auras. However, it is seldom a dominating color, usually being over-shadowed by one of its neighbors. As it tends toward blue it is more helpful and trustworthy. As it tends toward yellow it is weakened. A lemony green, with a lot of yellow, is deceitful. As a rule the deep, healing green is seen in small amounts, but it is good to have a little of it in your aura.

Saturn is the planet of this color, and fa is its musical note. In the early church? it symbolized youthfulness and the fertility of nature, taking this quite naturally from the sight of the fields in spring. (Auras - An Essay On The Meaning Of Colors; A.R.E. Press, 67th & Atlantic Ave., Virginia Beach, Va. 23451, 1972)

COLOR THERAPY Use green to alleviate: Heart troubles, blood-pressure, ulcers, cancer?, headaches, neuralgia?, influenza?, etc. (Roland Hunt; The 7 Rays of Healing; Edgar Cayce Foundation, 67th & Atlantic Ave., Virginia Beach, VA 23451)

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