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This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Va. Beach, Va., this 17th day of February, 1937, in accordance with request made by the Glad Helpers of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Florence & Edith Edmonds, Esther Wynne, Hannah Miller, Helen Ellington, Hugh Lynn Cayce, Noah Miller, Margaret Wilkins, Ruth Denney and Virginia Twiford.


Time of Reading 3:15 to 3:50 P. M.

1. GC: You will have before you the Glad Helpers of the Ass'n for Research & Enlightenment, Inc., members of which are present here; and their study of the Book of Revelation together with the information given them through this channel on Oct. 26, 1936 and Oct. 28, 1936, in connection with this study. You will answer the questions regarding this study which will be asked.

2. EC: Yes, we have the work of the Glad Helpers, together with their study of Revelation, and the information which has been given respecting same. In the beginning again we would give this, that it may be clarified in the minds of those who seek to have the interpretation of THE Revelation in their own experience:

3. Know first that the knowledge of God is a growing thing, for ye grow in grace, in knowledge, in understanding AS ye apply that ye KNOW. But remember, as has been given by Him, to know to do good and do it not is sin.

4. In the interpretation then of the Revelation as given by John in Patmos: This was John's revelation of HIS experience, and interpreted in the individual by the application of the body of self as a pattern with the attributes physically, mentally, spiritually, in their respective spheres for thine OWN revelation.

5. For this to be practical, to be applicable in the experience of each soul, it must be an individual experience; and the varied experiences or activities of an entity in its relationship to the study of self are planned, builded, workable in the pattern as John has given in the Revelation.

6. Each attribute of the body, whether organ or functioning or the expression of same, becomes then in the experience of each soul as a seeker first. Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you!

7. Then in thy study, for those who would become Glad Helpers, in the physical, in the moral, in the mental, in the spiritual life of each soul: Condemn no one. Love all. Do good. And ye may experience it all.

8. Ready for questions.

9. (Q) Please discuss more fully the relation of colors to the seven major glandular centers. Do the colors vary for each center with different individuals, or may definite colors be associated with each center?
(A) Both. For to each - remember, to study each of these in the light not only of what has just been given but that as is a practical experience in the material world; as is known, vibration is the essence or the basis of color. As color and vibration then become to the consciousness along the various centers in an individual's experience in meditation made aware, they come to mean definite experiences. Just as anger is red, or as something depressing is blue; yet in their shades, their tones, their activities, to each they begin with the use of same in the experience to mean those various stages. For instance, while red is anger, rosy to most souls means delight and joy - yet to others, as they are formed in their transmission from center to center, come to mean or to express what MANNER of joy; whether that as would arise from a material, a mental or a spiritual experience. Just as may be seen in the common interpretation of white, but with all manner of rays from same begins or comes to mean that above the aura of all in its vibration from the body and from the activity of the mental experience when the various centers are vibrating to color.

10. (Q) If so, give color for: (1) Gonads (2) Lyden (3) Solar Plexus (4) Thymus (5) Thyroid (6) Pineal (7) Pituitary.
(A) These come from the leaden, going on through to the highest - to that as is the halo. To each they become the various forces as active throughout, and will go in the regular order of the prism.

11. (Q) What is the significance of the color of the four horses associated with 4 lower centers; pale horse for Thymus; red for Solar Plexus; black for Lyden; white for Gonads?
(A) That comes as has just been given as the illustration of same from the EMOTIONS or physical forces that ride forth to their expression in the higher forces of the activity.

12. (Q) Please explain what was meant in Reading of Oct. 28, regarding the "relative" connection of Name in the Lord's Prayer with the Pineal gland?
(A) This might occupy a whole period of several hours, if the full conclusion were to be given; but each must reach this. There is a Name to each soul. For He hath called His

own BY NAME! What name? All the names that may have been as a material experience through an earthly sojourn, or all the names that may have been through the experience of an entity in that environ or those relative associations of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Sun, Moon, or what! Or a Name that is above EVERY name!

Then as has been indicated this becomes relative, as is signified in the indication as given to the number, which is of John's own. But as has been given, every influence - you see - is RELATIVE! Hence the name is relative to that which IS accomplished by the soul IN its sojourn throughout its whole experience; whether in those environs about this individual sphere or another - this individual sphere meaning thine own sun, thine own planets with all of their attributes (Does an earth mind comprehend such?) and it carried through with what is its RELATIVE force to that which has been or is the activity of the entity-soul (not a body now at all!) toward Constructive Force or God, or God's infinite force to that integral activity of the soul in its sojourn. Hence it becomes RELATIVE. And for the finite mind to say Jane, John, Joe, James or Jude would mean only as the VIBRATIONS of those bring the RELATIVE force or influence to which, through which an entity's sojourns have brought the concrete experience in any one given or definite period of activity!

Was one named John by chance? Was one named Joe or Llewellyn by chance? No; they are relative! While it may be truly in the material plane relative because you have a rich aunt by that name, or relative because an uncle might be named that - but these carry then the vibrations of same; and in the end the name is the sum total of what the soul-entity in all of its vibratory forces has borne toward the Creative Force itself.

Hence each soul has a definite influence upon the experiences through which it may be passing. This ye have illustrated in thine own secret organizations, in thy papal activities in the religious associations, and in each vibration. For when ye have set a vibration by the activity of thy SOUL'S force, ye are then either in parallel, in direct accord, or in opposition to constructive force - whatever may be the position or activity of the soul in infinity. For ye ARE gods! But you are becoming devils or real gods!

13. (Q) What was meant in the Reading of Oct. 28, in connection with 144,000 who were sealed as being spiritualized cellular structure of the 12 major divisions of the body, when the Reading gave, "Correct, and this is as of a man, and the name of same." Please explain.
(A) Just as has been illustrated or given, as to the relative force of the vibratory forces of the individual; which is shown in an individual soul or entity by its name

and its activity in all the influences or environs through which it passes in that which is a shadow in man (active, living) to those influences that are relative to the infinitive position of a soul's activity in a universe.

14. (Q) In connection with the symbols of Revelation, what are the 12 major divisions of the body? See 281-63 Reports.
(A) Those that are of the general construction and those that are of the keeping alive physical, and those that are in keeping with the influences to the mental, to the material, to the spiritual; and the illustrations are shown in the bodily forces that are opened for those activities in a material plane.

15. (Q) What is meant by the symbol of the angel with the golden censer and the incense described in Rev. 8:3--5?
(A) As the influence is visualized in the experience of each soul by the name as implied in "angel," or the good that goes out from the individual soul in its relationships to the influences or forces about same, so is it called or given as the angel with the censer of the activities that emanate from each individual. And as has been given in other illustrations, that ye ARE - that of good - rises ever as an incense, sweet before the throne of mercy. Or to take the back track, as it were, and take the angel with the censer, with the incense that is before the image of a soul seeking to become one with the Creative Forces or God - that which has been kind, gentle, patient, merciful, longsuffering in self's experience during a day, rises before the throne of the mercy seat within self to that of an incense of satisfaction. Why? Hate, unkindness, harshness, all such become as base in thine own experience, and as usual one condemns self by saying, "Why can't I do this or that?" And, "What is the use?" Well - and the censer is broken!

16. (Q) Do the 7 angels described in Rev. 8-9 represent spiritual forces governing the various dimensional planes through which souls pass between incarnations on the earth? Please explain.
(A) This is a very good interpretation. Yes. While this explanation becomes a portion of another group's study and activity in the lesson just being approached on HAPPINESS, it may be best explained in this; as to how this must indeed be interpreted in the experience of each soul, whether considered in a material plane in which there is found the real essence of happiness or that in the interim when ye are looked over, or when the promises become more and more as has been interpreted from that given by others - to be absent from the body-physical is to be present in the grace and glory and presence of divinity; or to be those influences that make for an activity in an influence without self. Now ye are studying yourself! Do not confuse the interpretation with that outside of thyself, by Happiness is

love of something outside of self! It may never be obtained, may never be known by loving only things within self or self's own domain!

Then the expression that has been given by an entity in a sojourn in the earth becomes as a portion of that activity as has been given, "He hath given His angels charge concerning thee, least at any time ye dash thy foot against a stone."

Hence we find that in the expression then of those interims where there are the guiding influences of that we have loved, we have love - for this becomes then very definite.

If ye have loved self-glory, if ye have loved the honor of the people more than those thoughts of the mental and spiritual and moral welfare, what manner of angels will direct thee between thy interims?

Think on the study then of SELF, in thy body - but let it all become as has been SO OFT given:

Study to show thyself approved unto God, the God in self, the God in thine own consciousness - that IS creative in its essence; rightly divining and dividing the words of truth and light; keeping self unspotted from the world. And ye become lights to those that sit in darkness, to those that wander.

Though ye may be reviled, revile not again. Though ye may be spoken of harshly, smile - SMILE! For it is upon the river of Life that smiles are made. Not grins! No Cheshire cat activities bring other than those that are of the earth, of such natures that create in the minds and the experiences those things that becomes repulsive. But the smile of understanding cheers on the hearts of those who are discouraged, who are disheartened.

It costs so little! It does thee so much good, and lifts the burdens of so many!

17. We are through for the present.

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