"All motion is thought, and all force is mind force." Keely

"The physicist tells you that "you cannot make something out of nothing;" that "in the economy of nature profit and loss must balance;" that "no matter what the nature of the force may be, its production must necessarily be accompanied by a corresponding expenditure of force in some form or other," etc., etc. But, in the prodigality of nature, this energy flows, without measure and without price, from the great storehouse of the Infinite Will. From the sympathetic portion of the etheric field, all visible aggregations of matter emanate, and on the same order that molecular masses of all living organisms are vitalized by the sympathetic flow from the brain." [Bloomfield-Moore in Vibratory Sympathetic and Polar Flows]

Neutral Center is Source of Continuous Motion

"When this great scientific and religious truth has been made known, and established by demonstration, all controversy as to the source of energy will be for ever silenced. If I am the chosen instrument to develop this knowledge, and to make known the conditions which surround this pure truth, it is only that I may hand the key to those who will use it to enter the doorway that opens into the inaudible, and thus gain an insight into the now invisible region of the operation of Nature's most powerful governing forces, in the control over terrestrial matter by celestial mind." Keely in Keely and His Discoveries pg. 365-367

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Thought is of the compound interetheric subdivision and active within the interetheric subdivision.

Thoughts directed inward develop harmony and power (syntropy). Thoughts directed outward disperse harmony and power (entropy). So the science supports this in-looking process. The ultimate source of power is from within but only when one goes there. [Dale Pond see As A Man Thinketh]

"Electricity is the motivative force which projects the One Light of Mind two ways to create cycles of light waves for the purpose of expressing thought cycles." Russell, The Secret of Light (external link)

"Begin by accepting completely that you are the perfected thought of God. You may intellectually say that you understand this, but you do not believe it. How could you possibly say that you did believe it and then in the next breath say, "I am struggling to be Awake?." It is a matter of acceptance of what already is and that requires no struggle. It does require a sense of surrender with the sure Knowledge that you are surrendering to your Self..." A Dialogue on Awakening (external link)

"What then ye may ask, ARE the purposes for a soul manifesting in flesh in ANY individual entity? In the beginning, all souls that were as portions of the thought of God were given the opportunity for expression, as to be companions for the creative Force - or God." Cayce (2420-1)

"That builded by thought and deed becomes the active particles, atoms, that make up that soul body?, see?" Cayce (5756-4)

"We are what our thoughts have made us: so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far." Swami Vivekananda

"THOUGHTS ARE DEEDS, and are children of the relation reached between the mental and the soul, and has its relation to spirit and soul's plane of existence, as they do in the physical or earth plane. What one thinks continually, they become, what one cherishes in their heart and mind they make a part of the pulsation of their heart, through their own blood cells, and build in their own physical, that which its spirit and soul must feed upon, and that with which it will be possessed." Cayce (3744-4)

"The centering conscious Mind of man's Soul-will alone thinks by projecting desire for creative expression through the brain machine.

"Desire in Mind is electrically expressed. Electricity is the motivative force which projects the One Light of Mind two ways to create cycles of light waves for the purpose of expressing thought cycles.

"Desire is not in the brain. It is in the centering conscious self. Desire is the cause of motion." Russell, The Secret of Light (external link)

"Well that the entity, or all, know that the law of love, or love as law, is cause and effect; or each impulse has its own corresponding reaction in thought, life, mental, physical and material. Not understood by some! This: "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." (Galatians 6:7).

"Each thought, as things, has its seed, and if planted, or when sown in one or another grounds, brings its own fruit; for thoughts are things, and as their currents run must bring their own seed." Cayce (288-29)

"He that hateth his brother has committed as great a sin as he that slayeth a man" (1 John 3:15), for the deed is as of an accomplishment in the mental being, which is the builder for every entity." Cayce (243-10)

"There is a borderland of thought that stands between this world and Heaven. It is not a place, and when you reach it it is apart from time. Here is the meeting place where thoughts are brought together; where conflicting values meet and all illusions are laid down beside the truth, where they are judged to be untrue. This borderland is just beyond the gate of Heaven. Here is every thought made pure and wholly simple. Here is sin denied, and everything that (is) received instead.

"This is the journey's end. We have referred to it as the real world. And yet there is a contradiction here, in that the words imply a limited reality, a partial truth, a segment of the universe made true. This is because Knowledge makes no attack upon perception. They are brought together, and only one continues past the gate where Oneness is. Salvation? is a borderland where place and time and choice have meaning still, and yet it can be seen that they are temporary, out of place, and every choice has been already made.

"Nothing that the Son of God believes can be destroyed. But what is truth to him must be brought to the last comparison that he will ever make; the last evaluation that will be possible, the final judgment upon this world. It is the judgment of truth upon illusion, of Knowledge on perception: "It has no meaning, and does not exist." This is not your decision. It is but a simple statement of a simple fact. But in this world there are no simple facts, because what is the same and what is different remain unclear. The one essential thing to make a choice at all is this distinction. And herein lies the difference between the worlds. In this one, choice is made impossible. In the real world is choosing simplified." A Course in Miracles Chapt. 26, p. 546

"Arguments gain little. The mental attitude and prayers gain much; for thoughts are things and their vibrations reach those in every sphere and walk of life as related to self and to others." Cayce (1438-2)

"The constant thought of hate, malice, jealousy - results - (in) warring conditions of nations... (and) physical disturbances in a body." Cayce (3246-2)

"God's Thoughts" refers to us. We are the Thoughts of God, and Creation is "the sum of all God's Thoughts," the sum total of all beings of all time.

"The Course makes an amazing assertion here: "God's Thoughts are given all the power that their Creator has." In the Bible it is recorded that Jesus said, toward the end of his life, "All power is given to me in heaven and in earth." The Course says all power is given to us as the Sonship, not just to Jesus. What this is saying is that, what God can do, we can do. We are simply His extensions. Therefore, as He creates, we create also.

"The reason God shares His power with us is that "He would add to Love by its extension." In other words, we have power in order to extend love. One short definition of creation might be the extension of love. But the form of love we share in this world is not Love's reality; it is only a reflection of Heaven's love. Our earthly experience of love is always in the context of separate beings exchanging love; in Heaven is only the awareness of perfect oneness. We can only imagine what love is like in that context. We can have glimpses of it in a holy instant, when the barriers between minds seem to disappear. In that moment, there is an awareness that the other person is you and you are the other person. You are the love in 'you' extending to them; you are the love in 'the other person' extending towards 'you;' and you are the love in yourself loving yourself. It can be a disorienting experience because you literally start to lose track of who you are, in the context of individuals, while simultaneously you become aware of something much larger and more all-inclusive that is what you really are. See Sympathy, Mind to Mind

"Those experiences are wonderful, and asking for them is not discouraged in the Course. But the main thing to realize here is that Creation, as the Course talks about it, is not an experience on earth; it is an experience in Heaven. It is something that is always going on, and our dream of separation has not interrupted Creation at all. Nothing has been lost or stopped by our illusion of separation. That is why the Course can tell us, as in last week's topic (Last Judgment), that the final judgment on this world is, "It is meaningless and does not exist."

"If Creation in Heaven means the extension of Love, what is its parallel in our earthly experience? The Course says that the parallel to the extension of Love is forgiveness. I think of it as recognizing creation, rather than actually creating." A Course in Miracles

Thought Force
"As far as my researches have gone, I find that there is but one condition approaching reliability, and that is in computing the intermittent periodic disturbances along a nodal vibratory transmitter - the nodes of gold, silver and platina - a fixed number placed at such different distances along its line, as to take up and equalize (by a certain order of vibratory transmissions) the chord masses of the nodal interferences between the triple metals of which the nodes are composed, and also the acoustic introductory impulse of whatever chord is set. This will determine the rate of their accelerated molecular oscillation, so induced beyond their normal standard, and give us some definite figures in the computing of vibration, thousands of billions of times more than those of light." Keely

"For mind is the builder and that which we think upon may become crimes or miracles. For thoughts are things and as their currents run through the environs of an entity's experience these become barriers or steppingstones, dependent upon the manner in which these are laid as it were. For as the mental dwells upon these thoughts, so does it give strength, power to things that do not appear. And thus does indeed there become that as is so oft given, that faith is the evidence of things not seen." [Cayce (906-3)]

"Light is induced by electromagnetic percussion emanating from the ether, and in its action represents the plane of magnetism. In fact, it is the plane of magnetism when under polarization. (Platina wires the thickness of a fine hair associated with each of the nine nodal beads, and concentrated towards a general center of focalization, attaching the other end of the wires to the focal center?, will determine, by the magnetic conduction, the number of corpuscular oscillations per second induced by a thought, either positive or negative, in the central centers. These are the only conditions - those of magnetic conduction - whereby the evolution of a thought can be computed in regard to its force under propagation, as against the amount of latent energy set free to act as induced by such thought on the physical organism.) Some scientific theories of the past have taught us that electricity and magnetism are one and the same thing. Sympathetic vibratory philosophy teaches that they are two distinct forces of one of the triune sympathetic family." [Keely, circa 1893, PHYSICAL VIBRATIONS]

"In Scientology it has been discovered that mental energy is simply a finer, higher level physical energy. The test of this is conclusive in that a thetan "mocking up" (creating) mental image pictures and thrusting them into the body can increase the body mass and by casting them away again can decrease the body mass. This test has actually been made and an increase as much as thirty pounds, actually measured on scales, has been added to, and subtracted from, a body by creating "mental energy". Energy is energy. Matter is condensed energy." [Hubbard, (Understanding the E-Meter, page 50) (underline added)]

"The empiricist rejects Leibniz?'s notion, because he accepts Aristotle?'s doctrine that "physics concerns only objects of sense", whereas Plato?, Nicholas of Cusa, Leibniz? and Riemann? emphasized, physics concerns objects of thought. These thought-objects, or "Geistesmassen" as Riemann? called them, refer to the universal principles which (cause) the objects of sense to behave the way they are perceived to behave. Not being directly accessible to the senses, such principles appear to come from "outside" the visible world. However, a great mistake is made if one concludes from this, as the sophists do, that these principles come from outside the universe itself. In fact, these principles, being universal, are acting everywhere, at all times, and in every "infinitesimal" interval of action, osculating the objects of sense as if tangent to the visible domain." Riemann for Anti-Dummies (external link) Part 59 Think Infinitesimal by Bruce Director

"If the universe is a universe of thought, then its creation must have been an act of thought. Indeed the finiteness of time and space almost compel us, of themselves, to picture the creation as an act of thought; the determination of the constants such as the radius of the universe and the number of electrons it contained imply thought, whose richness is measured by the immensity of these quantities. Time and space, which form the setting for the thought, must have come into being as part of this act." — [Sir James Jeans?, The Mysterious Universe]

"Thought, like the blossom of the rose or tree, contains all the elements of the tree or rose. Now as the law of vegetation governs the tree or rose, so the law of mind acts upon the idea or spiritual tree, known by the name of good or evil. Now although this tree differs from all other trees in the garden of man, it cannot be detected except by its fruits, and as the fruits appear pleasant to the eye of the mind and are supposed to make men happy, it is cultivated without knowing the peculiar properties it contains.

"Now as this tree grows it sends forth its thoughts like blossoms, and as it is looked upon as a fruit much desired to make one well, it is received with joy and cultivated in the garden of our minds. Now in the beginning of the creation of man this tree was a tree that differed from all others in men and was very like the tree of life. The fruits of this tree have been the foundation of all the philosophy of man ever since man was created.

"Now as man's natural body contains the soil for this tree to grow, as the earth is the soil for the rest of the trees and herbs and creeping things that have life, it is the duty of man to investigate this tree and see what its fruits contain. The tree is to be known by its fruits. This tree is an idea like all other ideas in man, but differing in one peculiarity, happiness and misery. All the rest of the trees of knowledge contain right and wrong without any regard to happiness or misery. This is the difference between the trees.

"Now as this tree can bear the fruits of other trees, it is another reason for its being cultivated, but to understand the tree or idea is to understand its fruits or thoughts.

"I shall now call this tree an idea which contains happiness or misery and also truth and error. Now as error, like the serpent, is more subtle than any other idea in man, it acts upon the weaker portion of our thoughts and ideas and engrafts them into the idea of happiness and misery. Now as this idea grows and sends forth its fruit, it is conveyed by error to other trees or ideas in others, and thus spring up false theories, false doctrines, etc. Now as this tree or idea sends forth such a variety of thoughts or fruit, it is like Joseph's coat of many colors, hard to tell what was the original color or idea. This throws man into darkness and doubt and he wanders about, like a sheep without a shepherd, running after false ideas. Being blind, he is not capable of judging for himself and suffers himself to be led by the blind.

"Now as the tree of knowledge of good and evil was an idea of happiness and misery, it is easy to detect its fruits. All other ideas are spiritual, and the fruits or thoughts are spiritual and are not perceived till they come within our senses. We are very apt to get deceived by them, for they come like a thief in the night when man is off his guard. Now as health and happiness is the greatest blessing that can be bestowed on man, and this was the original fruit of the tree, it can be very easily detected from the grafted fruit or ideas. The original fruit is spiritual and cannot be detected by the eye, for it does not contain even spiritual matter. Its qualities are sympathy, harmony and peace; the fruit of evil contains matter, and has form and can be seen and felt." [Quimby]

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