seven Spirits

THEOSOPHY interprets the often-quoted Scripture passage of "the seven Spirits which are before His throne", as the cosmical, creative, sustaining, and world-governing potencies, the principles of which God avails himself as his instruments, organs and media. This is what the Kabbala implies with its seven "Sephiroth", what Schelling? means by the "potencies", or principles in the inner life of God; and it is by their emergence, separation and tension that they become cosmical potencies. If we stop short at these general considerations, this is precisely the idea of Theosophy. When it is asked what special activities are to be ascribed to each of the seven Spirits, striving to apprehend more closely the uncreated potencies through which the Deity works in its manifestation, and to which Scripture itself makes unmistakable allusion, revelation is silent, intimating only by veiled suggestions. It is here that Theosophy leads the way to the open Book of Nature: the title-page of which we have only begun to turn. Wisdom in Mystery - Keelys Progress - Part 1

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