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3. (Q) What is meant by the four angels bound in the river Euphrates in connection with the sounding of the 6th angel? (Gen. 2:14; Rev. 9:14; 16:12)
(A) As has been given, each reference in the Revelation is to some portion of the body as in its relative position to the emotions physical, mental, material; and their activities through portions of the system, as places that represent conditions in some phase of manifestation or development of the entity. Or the whole (to be put in another way and manner) is an experience of an entity (individual) through its relationships, its study, its application in the material world; and illustrated by influences or forces in the body and by places or conditions in the experience of man as known to those who were being spoken to by the writer.

Then we find, as in the beginning, the Euphrates - or THE GOOD RIVER (Frat), or THE RIVER of the fiat (covenant Gen. 15:18) - is being represented as being sounded now for the beginnings of the changes which have been affected by the activities of those who have preceded, who have acted upon the various influences or forces by the opening of centers and the emotions and the understandings and the conditions of the individual entity.

Hence it represents now, as it were, to the individual - that ye now begin to again to make practical or applicable, mentally, spiritually, materially, with that which has been thus far attained.

4. (Q) What are the four angels? that are bound in the river Euphrates?
(A) As has been indicated, the four influences that are as the Air, the Earth, the Fire, the Water; being influences now that are - as understood by the entity, the soul, the individual - as a portion of itself again. Cayce 281-32

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