Cosmic Consciousness


Highest of the three general levels of consciousness; body or animal, intellect or ego and Cosmic. Same as Christ Consciousness. It is believed this level of consciousness is the same as Keely's Compound Interetheric. Also known as Awakening, Satori, Christ, Enlightenment, Self Realization, Superconscious, Illumination

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All words read herein are from the various works of Walter and Lao Russell. This unit explains Divine Illumination and Cosmic Consciousness both spiritually and scientifically. Divine Illumination, the ultimate goal of all mankind, which when understood and practiced, will bring about a real and true "civilization" of world brotherhood and sisterhood between all mankind. The supreme mystics mentioned herein, are to give the example of what man can become through the knowledge and inspiration of the kingdom of heaven within himself. We do not endorse or support any single religion or belief system. We are simply stating that every man is as connected to the Creator as much as these supreme mystics of antiquity. To the degree that you desire the light of illumination is to the degree you may express that power in your own creations and in your very being. This is the spiritual light of mind which the "profane", may in no way approach or enter into. Be pure of heart. Seek, and you will find.

What is Cosmic Consciousness?

Cosmic Consciousness was coined by the Canadian psychologist Richard M. Bucke?, in his book "Cosmic Consciousness" 1902. He describes Cosmic Consciousness as a transpersonal mode of consciousness, an awareness of the universal mind and one's unity with it. Cosmic Consciousness prime characteristic is an awareness of the life and order in the universe.

An individual who attains the state of Cosmic Consciousness is often described as 'Enlightened' and such a person is also said to have a sense of immortality, not of attaining it but of already having it. Burke saw this state of consciousness as the next stage in human evolution, very much as spiritualists have always seen it.

Bucke argues that during the course of humanity's evolutionary development there are three forms of consciousness.

  • Simple Consciousness, our instinctual consciousness.
  • Self Consciousness, that self-awareness that allows a human to realize himself as a distinct entity.
  • Cosmic Consciousness, a new developing faculty at the pinnacle of our evolution.

Bucke outlines the evolutionary struggle on our planet which has produced self-consciousness and then describes the appearance of a new species that possesses Cosmic Consciousness, a consciousness that expands to become one with all. Bucke theorizes that, with increasing frequency, persons like Buddha, Christ, Mohammed?, Walt Whitman? and others are making their appearance on our planet and by their teaching are helping to transform life on this planet. This evolutionary process continues up until today. Bucke studied the lives of these persons that had attained Cosmic Consciousness and found common characteristics such as:

"The person who passes through this experience will learn in the few minutes, or even moments, of its continuance more than in months or years of study, and he will learn much that no study every taught or can teach. Especially does he obtain such a conception of "the whole"... Along with moral elevation and intellectual illumination comes what must be called, for want of a better term, a sense of immortality."

From his book he describes how those he interviewed had experienced the state:

"Like a flash there is presented to his consciousness a clear conception (a vision) in outline of the meaning and drift of the universe... He sees and knows that the cosmos... is in fact... in very truth a living presence. He sees that instead of men being, as it were, patches of life scattered through an infinite sea of non-living substance, they are in reality specks of relative death in an infinite ocean of life. He sees that the life which is in man is as immortal as God is; that the universe is so built and ordered that without any peradventure all things work together for the good of each and all; that the foundation principle of the world is what we call love, and that the happiness of every individual is in the long run absolutely certain."

Dialogue on Awakening
"There is no time and there is no space and I have no choice except to be with you because we are inseparable One. There is no special dimension which you at this moment are capable of conceiving. It is not vast, it is not small; it is. It cannot be known as a dimension because that would place a limitation upon it. It cannot be known as being so vast that you cannot conceive of yourself filling it up... these are games that will only entertain your mind. I suggest that you simply accept what I have said: there is no time, there is no space, there is no way for us to be apart because the Mind of God is whole and within that wholeness lies the Mind of His Son (Cosmic Consciousness) and neither are separate from each other or from any infinite aspect of Itself as It is expressed. Do not attempt to cenceptualize this in terms that your would relate to physical boundaries - it cannot be done. For the moment, allow yourself just the awareness of what I have said because it is." A Dialogue on Awakening (external link) page 143.

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