When used in SVP = Vibration Research Institute and Laboratories.

Historical: Vril refers to an energy not yet known to science.

January 10, 1996
Q: DALE: What is Vril Force?

A: KEELY: Vril Force is a real entity. I say entity instead of force because it has a consciousness more than most other forces and is very refined and can be powerful. Its appearance into the earth realm is not to become manifest for some time. However, it may be "entertained" as a hypothetical entity at times in history. At this time and with your present work, it is not advised that you pursue the venture of any more than a description about Vril Force. The accounting in previous times is quite apt. It is most definitely real, but its fine points are not to be common knowledge for a time yet. Rest assured that your query about it will be addressed at a later time in different circumstances. Do not perceive this answer as reflecting on your suitability or readiness; these are not at issue. I am sure you can understand the directives which are intended to guide evolution toward a more enlightened stance.

Q: DALE: How does it relate to SVP & Keely's work?

A: KEELY: There are vibrational explanations; indeed those conversant with my work or the study of vibrational physics would better understand Vril Force than the orthodox souls. The relationship between Vril and the Musical Sphere are not crucial, although there is some overlap, as always.

Q: DALE: Is there a technical word for it? How does it relate to Ether, Quarks & Gluons?

A: KEELY: More later.

Subject: Re: Sound and Levitation
Date: 18 Sep 1998 15:33:08 -0000
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Dear Dale:

Recently there were several interesting posts regarding sound and levitation.. and I have a few more questions I have been mulling over....

SHERRY (external link): First, Secret Doctrine, Vol. l. xxxv...states ..."Vril, or the rock-destroying force discovered by John W. Keely of Philadelphia.."......(? explain?)

Dale: Vril was also referenced in “Vril, The Power of the Coming Race (external link)” by Bulwer-Lytton? as a force developed by a race of entities living below ground. This force was able to heal or kill depending on the intent of the person administering it. An instrument called a Vril Stick? or Wand was held in the hand much as a flashlight and emitted this powerful vibratory force. The device was triggered by thought of the operator much as Keely triggered his machines into operation. Not much is known technically about this Vril force. Nikola Tesla was said to have developed a “death ray” of similar effect but I’ve never heard anyone hoping about using Tesla’s Death Ray for healing purposes. We are coming out of the Piscean Age - the age of fear, dread, hate, war, control and power seeking. Until we move further along into the Aquarian Age? of Light, Life and Love we will not see these types of technologies more fully developed. Today there is a laser? called an excimer laser? which dissociates the target material instead of burning it like other lasers. A laser? is light. Light is a vibration. We have ultrasonic humidifiers which dissociate water. Ultrasonic energy is sound energy. Ultraviolet light dissociates certain plastics. Powerful sonar (sound) dissociates aluminum?. All mechanical engineers are trained in the destructive nature of vibration. They are now learning about and developing some of its constructive uses. We are getting close to replicating some of what Keely did over 100 years ago.

SHERRY (external link): Secret Doctrine goes further to state: (pg 563).. ".that which he (Keely) unconsciously discovered is the terrible sideral Force, known to, and named by the Atlanteans Mash-Mak? and by the Aryan rishis in their Astra-Vidya? by a name that we do not like to give" "...... (the name of that something we call "God", perhaps?..my words)...

Dale: Keely developed a number of different forces according to the sketchy literature available. It is difficult to pinpoint just which one HPB is referring to in this sentence. I think it was closely allied to the Vril force which, when activated, dissociates atoms into plasma (the atoms' constituent parts). This would be something like the Phasors used in Star Trek? to disintegrate an adversary. My God! Where would we be today in today’s murderous society if Phasors could be purchased and used? Where would Waco, Iraq, Haiti, Afghanistan be with such powerful weaponry? Vaporized? I don’t think society is quite ready for anything like this technology. Until we learn to be in love with life and all it contains thereby becoming harmless (ala ACIM) will this sort of occulted knowledge be allowed development.

SHERRY (external link): Further..Blavatsky states: "What Keely has already done is grand and wonderful in the extreme; there is enough work before him in the demonstration of his new system to "humble the pride of those scientists who are materialistic, by revealing those mysteries which lie behind the world of matter, without revealing it nolens volens to all"......

Dale: Keely worked to discover the CAUSES of matter and energy. He was not satisfied to experiment with results or effects of causes. One finds numerous mentions of Causative Forces peppered throughout the Cayce readings - a source of spiritual enlightment?. These causative forces are sometimes confused with angelic or spiritual forces as they are primal and easily interpreted as such to those not in the loop. One of his achievements was the control over inertia which led to true acoustic levitation (anti-gravity? by sound) and machines having virtually infinite torque?. He discovered and claimed that all force manifests as vortex motion. With the insights afforded him by this perspective he could achieve seemingly impossible feats but which were in fact the only true way they could be done. Any sufficiently advanced science appears as miracles to the less informed. Materialistic science (no offensive meant to anyone reading this) can only deal with effects. Matter is an effect of energy motivated by intelligence (MIND). To understand Mind, Love, creative force and engineer with these is to work with Cause. And what is the cause of all? Some call it God. God is Love (sympathy) and Mind, as we interpret it but a magnificent voided field of pure neutralized energy to vibratory physics. The philosophers out there might have some things to say on this. Comment is welcome.

SHERRY (external link): Further...(pg. 564). "What Mr. Keely says of Sound and Color is also correct from the Occult standpoint. Hear him talk as though he were the nursling of the 'Gods-revealers' and had gazed all his life into the depths of Father- Mother Aether....

Dale: Here Blavatsky is referring to his masterly insights and understandings of the true inner workings of nature. From my studies into Mind and consciousness I can affirm with conviction John Keely was an awakened being. In this awakened state ALL knowledge is available and usable. From his high spiritual perspective of Cosmic or Christ Consciousness he could view as a God everything from the inner knowing that comes with this “closer walk with God” as Cayce would have put it and often did. A key to understanding Keely is to know the Law of Correspondence. Many use this already and to great advantage. This law is about the same as syllogistic logic. The mystics called it "As above so below." When certain basic principles of natural law are known many of nature's secrets are readily discernible to the awake and aware.

SHERRY (external link): (pg.565)... "This "New Force" or whatever Science may call it, the effects of which are undeniable-.. what is it? is it a "mode of motion", also, "in vacuo", since there is no matter to generate it except Sound - another "mode of Motion", no doubt a sensation caused like color by vibrations? Blavatsky answers this question: (same page)

Dale: Dynaspheric Force is the third leg of a three legged stool. In some technical circles it is called a Raleigh wave which is rotary in its action. This is the curling part of the ocean wave that crashes onto the beach. It rotates naturally. (In ocean waves the water does not move laterally but each molecule of water actually rotates. It is the momentum of this rotation that causes the wave to crash unto the beach.) In vibration physics there are known to be three different primary modes of motion in all vibrations. The first is the longitudinal wave (moves back and forth in straight lines) and the second is the transverse which moves side to side. The Raleigh wave is responsible (IMHO) for hurricanes, tornados and all rotary motions from a spinning subatomic particle to the largest whirling galaxy. The dynasphere takes in vibratory energy from the earth's vibrations and rotates according to the amplitude and power of the Rayleigh wave? motion properly choreographed. This motion is vibratory in its own essence and therefore a vibration from without can effect it. High pitched vibrations from the Sun play a vast role on earth. Heat is liberated from atoms and molecules and many chemical processes are nurtured along. Color in all of nature comes from the sun as a refracted aspect of the One Undifferentiated White Light streaming to the earth. Sound is technically speaking a compression wave. It can therefore exist wherever there are particles sufficient to compress and rarefy. In the tenuous domain of space these vibrations would have to be on the order of electron sized waves and higher. They would therefore have a high frequency and velocity of transmission.

We redeveloped one of Keely's dynaspheres at considerable cost solely to demonstrate these theories about dynaspheric force and allied vibratory phenomena.

Several months ago I was visiting the local fish pond one quiet and still morning before sunrise. There was not a hint of wind or air motion. As the sun came up its beams filtered through the trees and bright spots were illumined on the water's surface scattering about the pond. Because of a slight temperature differential there was a thin film of white vapor lazily drifting upon the water's surface. Then, magic happened! I could hardly believe my eyes!!! The white vapor began to move more rapidly where it was touched by the light. Within minutes the vapor began to organize in swirling motions all over the pond. Then dozens of little twisting pipes 4-8 feet tall formed spinning like miniature tornados dancing all over that pond!!! What a sight!!! I'll never forget it... Their diameters varied from 3-4 inches to maybe 8-9 inches. The sight was like something out of Fantasia and lasted for maybe an hour.

SHERRY (external link): "In this case the American "Substantialists" are not wrong though too anthropomorphic and material in their views to be accepted by the Occultists) when arguing through Mrs. M.S. Organ, M.D. that there "must be positive entitative properties in objects which have a constitutional relations to nerves of animal sensations, or there can be no perception. No impression of any kind can be made upon brain, nerve, or mind - no stimulus to action - unless there is an actual and direct communication of a substantial force. ("Substantial" as far as it appears, in the usual sense of the word, in this universe of illusion and Maya, of course; not so in reality) That force may be the most refined and sublimated immaterial Entity (?). Yet it must exist; for no sense, element, or faculty of the human being can have a perception, or be stimulated into action, without some substantial force coming in contact with it. This is the fundamental law pervading the whole organic and mental world. In the true philosophical sense there is no such thing as independent action: for every force or substance is correlated to some other force or substance. We can with just as much truth and reason assert that no substance possesses any inherent gustatory property or any olfactory property - that taste? and odor are simply sensations caused by vibrations; and hence mere illusions of animal perceptions..."

Dale: Our scientific research is correlating directly with our philosophical research when we deal in vibrations. From the vibratory standpoint there is no difference between the spiritualist's view than the materialists' view. They can be brought together by means of sound, vibration and music. There is no THING but there are only vibrations in all phenomena. And it is the vibrations that impact our ears, our noses and our tongues which in turn send more vibrations to the brain / mind which in its turn IS vibration of consciousness. These vibratory chords of energy then travel throughout the cerebrospinal system activating and energizing the body - all through vibration and through no other method of energy transfer or communication. Everything is vibration and on this the two seemingly opposing spirit and material are firmly and irrevocably reconciled.

The idea is that if there is only vibration then perhaps we ought to pay some attention to them as vibrations. Vibration physics is the study of causes as opposed to the study of effects when one studies matter. When we add the Sympathetic part (love) we contemplate the Ultimate Cause of it all.

SHERRY (external link): I have been interested, in light of the scientific postings the last few days, to try to understand how science bridges the spiritual consciousness with their findings....., and my belief is that reality is spiritual energy is what animates the whole world of form... behind form is only the cause of the spiritual energies at work....

Dale: This is correct. In general it is held spiritual energies are held to be some nebulous and wispy knowledge base hanging around the ethers or clouds. This is not true. There is only Mind energy and its subproducts. Eveything is made of Mind. Everything cycles back to mind when its evolution is complete. The Mind force when animated is the spirit of a thing. It is intelligent, conscious, aware and creative. Spiritual energy therefore is, like everything else, a range of vibratory phenomena. This is like radio? is a range of vibrations operating within the electromagnetic scale?. Sound is another range of vibratory motion within the same electromagnetic scale. Light is yet another range of vibratory motion in the same scale. Everything that is, including spirit energy, is a range within this scale of vibratory motions - and nothing more exists. Spirit and spirit energy are of the Interetheric and Compound Interetheric subdivisions of matter and energy. See Etheric Elements

Electromagnetic Scale in Octaves

(numbers and placement of octaves is general)

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Image a dry sponge. It is all sponge. Now image it filled with water. Now you see a perfect sponge and you also see a body of water coherent to some small degree as a contiguous body of water. You have in essence two bodies more or less occupying the same space/volume. Image your physical body. It is more or less the same as the sponge. Now image the spiritual body permeating the fine pores of your body. You now have two bodys of distinctly different vibratory ranges within the same space/volume. If you can visualize that then go another step and visualize all your bodies, the emotional, water, material, mental, etc. interpenetrating each other yet remaining contiguous unto themselves. This is the bridge between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They all exist all the time together as ONE body having multiple dimensionality that is quantifiable and engineerable.

SHERRY (external link): What I cannot pull together, since I have trouble with deep scientific material... is how the work you do, and others... ties in with the spiritual uplifting of humanity... is it trying to make available energy for all of humanity cheaper, cleaner... or is it healing?... I am a little confused... so I would hope you could explain...

Dale: Both and more. The energies we are working with have been and are being applied in a variety of healing situations. We have witnessed spontaneous healings on the physical, emotion, mental and spiritual bodies. Some are instant while others take some time. What is the only true healing energy? Love. We are actually learning how to incorporate love into our engineering and building of devices. And as a byproduct we aim to offer energy to power homes, businesses, farms, industry and transportation economically and pollution free. Imagine a free energy source that not only fueled your home and moved your car but was incredibly healing to be around. So what is true healing? To be in a full state of complete Love. Imagine a source of undiminished Love and what that would mean in terms of people, families and society. This is doable and will be our experience in the future. I predict dynaspheric force will be accessible to many in the next few years. "Harmony is health and discord is disease", Keely once said. This new technology is the personification of pure harmony in metal, mind and spirit. Many who have worked with this technology over time have expanded their levels of spirituality some more some less but all grew. What kind of technology is this that blesses everyone who comes in contact with it?

SHERRY (external link): Also.... I don't know what Vril is... and actually... how did Keely "discover" it..

Dale: Actually no one knows what it is exactly. While developing the dynasphere we had a unique opportunity to consult with the spirit of John Keely himself (and a few others of equal interest). We were thereby enabled to ask a variety of questions including about vril. He said wo/mankind was not yet ready to delve into this energy as it is far too powerful for our time. That some time in the future we would be at an awareness level to handle it safely. What more damage could Hussein have done with such awesome powers? What more retaliation could Bush have done? With what he had there were over 100,000 Iraqs left dead in the desert - over nothing other than greed for more power, more money and more polluting technology. As we learn to build with love all this can be no more.... This old Piscean mentality of fear is passing away as the new age of Love is dawning upon the world. I'll leave this rather lengthy post with words from Jesus about this aspect of knowingness?. His message was delivered during the construction phase of the dynasphere:

"S/he who transmutes the lead of fear into the gold of love within self will command dynamics of free energy and alchemy?." Jesus

Blessings to you SHERRY (external link).

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