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One feature which makes an enormous difference is the way in which power is supplied. There are no longer any fires anywhere, and therefore no heat, no grime, no smoke, and hardly any dust. The whole world has evolved by this time beyond the use of steam, or any other form of power which needs heat to generate it. There seems to have been an intermediate period when some method was discovered of transferring electrical power without loss for enormous distances, and at that time all the available water-power of the earth was collected and syndicated; falls in Central Africa and in all sorts of out-of-the-way places were made to contribute their share, and all this was gathered together at great central stations and internationally distributed. Tremendous as was the power available in that way, it has now been altogether transcended, and all that elaborate arrangement has been rendered useless by the discovery of the best method to utilise what the late Mr. Keely called dynaspheric force - the force concealed in every atom of physical matter.

It will be remembered that as long ago as 1907, Sir Oliver Lodge remarked that “the total output of a million-kilowatt station for thirty million years exists permanently and at present inaccessibly in every cubic millimetre of space. (Philosophical Magazine, April, 1907, p. 493.) At the period which we are now describing, this power is no longer inaccessible, and consequently unlimited power is supplied free to everyone all over the world. It is on tap, like gas or water, in every house and every factory in this community, as well as everywhere else where it is needed, and it can be utilised for all possible purposes to which power can be turned. Every kind of work all over the world is now done in this way. Heating and lighting are simply manifestations of it. For example, whenever heat is required, no one in any civilised country dreams of going through the clumsy and wasteful process of lighting a fire. He simply turns on the force and, by a tiny little instrument which can be carried in the pocket, converts it into heat at exactly the point required. A temperature of many thousands of degrees can be produced instantly wherever needed, even in an area as small as a pin's head.

By this power all the machines are running in the factory which we inspected, and one result of this is that all the workers emerge at the end of the day without having even soiled their hands. Another consequence is that the factory is no longer the ugly and barren horror to which in earlier ages we were painfully accustomed. It is beautifully decorated - all the pillars are carved and wreathed with intricate ornament, and there are statues standing all about, white and rose and purple - the last being made of porphyry beautifully polished. Like all the rest of the buildings, the factory has no walls, but only pillars. The girls wear flowers in their hair, and indeed flowers plentifully decorate the factory in all directions. It is quite as beautiful architecturally as a private house.

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