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T1528-001 M
25. "Well that there be carried on the person the sardonyx stone (that is, in its semi-precious state); either in statuettes, pins, buttons, or a piece of same carried. Not as a protection but rather for the vibratory forces that influence the choices made by the mental forces of the entity itself. Statuettes, frames or the like are well. Much of the same vibrations may be obtained from using those combinations of stone made from the soya bean; that may act in much the same capacity. Figures made of same are well to have about the entity's SLEEPING quarters or abode."

T1714-001 F
15. "In the one before this we find in that land known as the Egyptian, during that period when there were the rebuilding of many of those places that were known as the records of the peoples, following that of the building up of the school, of all the various forces as had to do with the relationships of individuals with individuals, of individuals with the higher forces, of the teachings first of those peoples, did the entity GAIN through these experiences; losing only in the misapplication of those that had to do, or dealt WITH those of the temple worship. Then in the name Isa-Li. In this experience, in the portion the entity gained in the abilities to give to others that understanding as attained from the builders and from those who wrought in fine metals, those who had the understandings of precious stones and their settings, and their colors, and their vibrations, as gave for the influences in peoples. In this the entity gained, and the stones the entity should have about same, is the sardius - for this gives for an influence as may be best made in the entity's influence to understand those laws as apply to man's relationships to the higher forces."

R1528-001 M
"Dealers in semi-precious stones should be able to secure the sardonyx stones for him. It is a form of onyx. A look at some of the collections in the Museum of Natural History would show him what to look for. There have been some interesting developments of products produced with soya beans in the middle west. Ford has made extensive studies along this line. A good librarian should be able to secure some information for you through the Reader's Guide to Periodicals."

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